Pixie’s Astounding Lenormand

Pixie's Astounding Lenormand

Today, I wanted to share with you all a review of one of my Lenormand card decks. The deck which I am going to focus on today is the Pixie’s Astounding Lenormand Deck. This Lenormand card deck was created by Edmund Zebrowski and published by U.S. Games. I’m excited to share this deck! I am sure that Tarot readers will love it as much as I do. 

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I believe that the Pixie’s Astounding Lenormand is the best Lenormand deck for Tarot readers. You can grab your copy here

Pixies Astounding Lenormand Review - examples of some cards
As you can see, the artwork on the Pixie’s Astounding Lenormand deck is detailed but not too ‘busy’ for a Lenormand card deck.

The art featured in this Lenormand deck is based on artwork created by Pamela (Pixie) Colman Smith. Smith is the artist behind the Rider Waite Smith Tarot. I think that this concept behind the deck is extraordinarily cleaver. If you love your Rider Waite Smith Tarot deck, you may want to add this deck to your Lenormand collection.

The card stock of this deck is rather good. In fact, it is superior to most Lenormand decks. I am not usually a weirdo when it comes to card stock. However, even I noticed that the stock of his deck is rather exceptional. This is especially true when compared to other decks.

The deck which I got comes in a tin. I am not too fond of this to be honest. This is my first ‘tin’ deck. I usually prefer my decks to come in a box. However, I understand that this is a personal preference. There is a little bit of room in the tin so if you like to put herbs or other small objects in your tin you can, especially if you remove the book which comes with the deck.

Pixie’s Astounding Lenormand: Great For Tarot Readers

A lot of the artwork in the Pixie’s Astounding Lenormand is very similar to the Rider Waite Smith Tarot deck. The artwork will be familiar to Tarot readers. The deck is fun to look at because you can start to play a game of, “What card did that come from?” For example, we have the same Sun from the Rider Waite Smith Sun card on the Lenormand Sun.

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For some cards, I do not think that the addition of similar symbols between the two decks was a good idea. But, I see why the deck creator made these choices. For example the star on the Rider Waite Smith Star card is the same as the star on the Stars card – this may give the wrong impression to people who are coming from Tarot to Lenormand. Despite this, I would still say that this was a excellent beginner’s deck.

Pixies Astounding Lenormand Review - Cards in the deck
As you can see, the elements between the Pixie’s Astounding Lenormand deck and the Rider Waite Smith Tarot deck are very similar on some cards. (Pictured is the Centennial edition of the Rider Waite Smith Tarot which has softer colors and lines when compared to the usual versions of this deck).

One thing which I hate, is when Lenormand cards are marketed as beginners decks but are not the traditional ‘Lenormand’ size – this is not the case with Pixie’s Astounding Lenormand. I then have to spend a lot of time explaining to people that poker size is the traditional Lenormand size! These cards are the right size for a Lenormand deck, so that is a plus in my book!

Also, the deck does not include any extra cards which (again) makes it a very good deck for beginners. Extra cards can often cause confusion among newbies – Pixie’s Astounding Lenormand contains none which is good. Obviously, if you like additional cards this may put you off.

Another thing which makes me think that this is a beginner’s deck, is the fact that it contains playing card inserts, but they are not obvious. In fact, I had been using the deck for weeks before I noticed them! Playing card inserts are not often used by beginners. Although I am an experienced Lenormand card reader, I do not use playing card inserts so this does not bother me but it might bother you if you like to use them.

The artwork chosen for the deck is clear enough that you know exactly what each card is suppose to represent – this is a major concern not just for beginners but for experienced readers also. The deck is interesting without being too busy.

My only criticism with the artwork, is the Letter card (pictured below). I understand that the creator only had Smith’s artwork to work with, but I really wish that there was not a person on the Letter card (when I first observed this card I thought it was the Lady). However, that is my only real criticism of the deck, everything else from the card stock to the images and even the book are all well done.

There is a little book which comes with the deck and it is more of a small book as opposed to the little white books which you get inside Tarot decks.

Pixies Astounding Lenormand Review - Letter Card
As you can see, Pixie’s Astounding Lenormand comes in a tin and includes a small, well-written guidebook. Also photographed is the Letter card from the deck.

From reading the book, I get the feeling that the author had a lot more to say than he had space for, which is a shame! The book is large enough that he properly explain the card meanings but not large enough that he can properly explain the Grand Tableau. For this reason, I wish the book was larger.

I also wish the book was larger because he gives good tips for what it means when a card is next to another card. He only does this for some of the cards, such as the Mountain, which although interesting may be confusing for some beginners.

So, in some ways the deck is good for newbies but the guidebook makes more sense if you already have experience in Lenormand. Some of the things he said in the book were quite interesting and (I do not say this often) but he should really write a full Lenormand book. I got the impression that he really knows what he is talking about when it comes to Lenormand – this deck was more than a ‘money-making’ project for the creator. 

Finally, I got a good reaction to the deck when I posted pictures of it to my Instagram and Facebook accounts. So, if you often share your readings online you can rest assure that this deck will be a hit!

That is my review of Pixie’s Astounding Oracle deck! You can purchase this deck here and the Waite Smith Tarot (Centennial edition) here.

Or, you can download a free Lenormand for Beginners PDF guide. It is fun, free and instantly downloadable on mobile, tablet or computer. Grab it here. 

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Methods Of Fortune-Telling With Cards

What are all of the different methods of fortune-telling using cards? Would you like to know how you can use cards for divination? What are all of the similarities and differences between all of both common and uncommon methods of cartomancy?

As you probably already know, the correct name for fortune-telling using cards is cartomancy. Cartomancy is divination using cards. If you’re new to cartomancy, you may not have decided yet which method of cartomancy is right for you. Alternatively, if you want to learn another way of card reading, you might be looking for options. 

Below you can discover more about the different types of cartomancy. I hope this list helps you to make an informed choice about which method of reading is right for you. 

Methods of fortune telling with cards - Tarot Cards


Tarot is one of the most popular methods of fortune-telling with cards. It is pretty easy to purchase Tarot cards as they are available in most book stores and new age shops. Therefore, Tarot is often where most diviners begin their cartomancy journey as it is pretty easy to get started with Tarot reading.

There are seventy-eight cards in a Tarot deck; twenty-two of which are what are known as the Major Arcana and these include cards such as: The Fool, The Magician, The High Priestess, The Empress, The Emperor, The Hierophant, The Lovers, The Chariot, Strength, The Hermit, The Wheel of Fortune, Justice, The Hanged Man, Death, Temperance, The Tower, The Devil, The Star, The Moon, The Sun, Judgement, and The World

Other than The Major Arcana, the other fifty-six cards of Tarot are known as The Minor Arcana. The Minor Arcana are further divided into four suits (Wands, Cups, Swords, and Pentacles). Each of the four suits has cards numbered Ace to Ten and four Court cards. For example, the suit of Pentacles has cards numbered from Ace to Ten plus a Page of Pentacles, Knight of Pentacles, Queen of Pentacles, and King of Pentacles. 

Tarot is an excellent divination system for answering specific questions. Diviners read cards in spreads, and you can adapt a spread to serve pretty much any purpose. You can ask Tarot questions about your career, business, friendships, love life, the sky is the limit. 

If you’re just getting started with cartomancy, then Tarot is an excellent place to start because it is an accessible system and there is lots of information available on Tarot. However, because there are lots of Tarot card meanings to learn, it can take some people years to master the system. 

Methods of fortune telling with cards - Playing Cards Cartomancy

Playing Cards

You can use regular playing cards for divination. You do not require any special decks to divine with playing cards; just a regular deck will do. Sometimes, fortune tellers refer to playing card divination as just ‘cartomancy.’ 

As with Tarot, many diviners begin their cartomancy journey learning how to read playing cards. Reading fortunes with playing cards used to be a rather prevalent form a card reading, but it has fallen out of favor in recent years, possibly because of other systems (Tarot, Lenormand, and oracle cards) have more visually appealing decks. However, there are some pretty fine looking playing card decks currently on the market (such as the Alice in Wonderland one pictured).

Oracle Cards

Oracle Cards

In some countries, oracle card divination surpasses Tarot for popularity. As with Tarot, oracle cards are readily available for purchase in mainstream bookstores (such as Barnes and Noble or WHSmith). The vast majority of people who have an interest in spirituality have dabbled in oracle card reading. 

Unlike other methods of cartomancy, there is not a standard system for interpreting oracle cards because all oracle card decks are different. For example, one deck may include a card called Love Yourself and another deck might contain a card named after the planet Mercury. 

Oracle cards are typically used by diviners to answer self-help styled questions. For example, instead of asking your oracle cards a predictive question such as, “When is John coming back”? You would ask, “What steps can I take to get over John”?

Because they are easy to buy, a lot of diviners start with oracle cards, but they do pose their challenges. Every time you purchase an oracle deck, you have to start again with a new system; this can be off-putting, and many people do not delve too far into serious oracle card study. 

Kipper Cards

Kipper Cards

A lesser-known (and not very popular) method of cartomancy is Kipper divination. In some countries (such as Germany) it is easier to purchase a Kipper deck than it is in others. 

In recent years, there was an effort by the cartomancy communities to boost the public awareness of Kipper and bring it into the mainstream. New Kipper decks were designed and published by Tarot artists, and publishers translated books into English. 

Sadly, however, Kipper does not appear to have ‘caught on’ as a popular method of cartomancy. I am unsure why this is, but from what I can gather it is because the number of available decks, books, and instruction is off-putting to many diviners. Also, the system does not really provide anything which other card systems do not – if diviners want advice, they turn to their oracle cards, if they have specific questions, they turn to Tarot, and if they want to make predictions they start reading Lenormand cards.  

Lenormand Cards


Lenormand is another lesser-known, but a brilliant methods of fortune-telling with cards. While it is rare to find Lenormand cards for sale in bookstores or mind, body, spirit shops, sometimes you can get lucky. The vast majority of Lenormand readers purchase their decks online. 

A Lenormand card deck has thirty-six cards which are named after everyday objects such as mice, scythe, clouds, man, and woman. Each of these cards has a meaning which is parallel to its symbolism. For example, in Western culture, snakes are symbolic of enemies and temptation – this is also the interpretation for the Snake Lenormand card. Therefore, if you are already familiar with symbolism Lenormand will be easy for you to master. 

Lenormand is the ideal system for reading predictive styled readings. It is very, very easy to perform general readings with Lenormand, and most readings are done using a Grand Tableau spread. Each position of the Grand Tableau looks at different areas of your life, including everything from letters you will receive to who you’re going to fall in love with next. 

That’s all for the methods of fortune-telling with cards! You can discover how to read Lenormand cards on this website. In fact, you can learn the basics of Lenormand card reading by grabbing my free Lenormand for Beginner’s guide here

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What are all of the different methods of fortune-telling using cards? Would you like to know how you can use cards for divination?
Illustration What are all of the different methods of fortune-telling using cards? Would you like to know how you can use cards for divination?

Tarot and Lenormand

What are the similarities and differences between Lenormand and Tarot cards? Which cards are there in both Lenormand and Tarot? How are the Tower, Star, Sun, Moon, and significator cards all the same? This article is going to highlight how these Lenormand cards differ from Tarot cards! 

When you first start learning how to read Lenormand, you will notice that there are a lot of Lenormand cards that look like Tarot cards. While they may have similar names, try not to fall into the trap of assuming that these are the same cards with the same meanings. While a couple of these Lenormand cards could be like their Tarot cousins, they have their differences. 

Similarities And Differences

Below is a list of the Lenormand cards which are often confused with Tarot cards. Here, I discuss their similarities and differences. 

The Tarot Tower Vs. The Lenormand Tower

Of all of the Lenormand cards with the same name, the Lenormand Tower and the Tarot Tower have the most differences. In fact, other than sharing the same name, they are nothing alike. 

The Tower of the Tarot world predicts a sudden shock or major life-changing event, such as a divorce, bankruptcy or even prison time. In Tarot, The Tower is a very negative card and most Tarot readers dread it appearing in their readings. 

By contrast, the Lenormand Tower is mostly neutral. In Lenormand, the Tower card represents the government, organizations, buildings, and offices. 

Like all Lenormand cards, there will be times when the Lenormand Tower is negative. For example, in some readings, it can represent isolation. However, it can also be a card of independence, standing your ground and sticking up for yourself. Therefore any negativity gleaned from the Lenormand Tower pales in comparison to the Tarot Tower. 

The Tarot Star Vs. Lenormand Stars

The Tarot Star and Lenormand’s Stars card are quite similar. Both cards are positive and symbolize hope for the future. Also, both represent optimism and feeling good about the prospects of a situation. 

However, the Lenormand Stars seems more real than the Star card of Tarot. Fame, fortune, and a good outcome are likelier to happen with the Lenormand Stars. Also, with the Tarot Stars you will usually get what you want, but not what you expect. By contrast, the Lenormand Stars is a card of achieving your desires.  

Another difference between The Star and the Lenormand Stars card is the fact that Lenormand’s Stars can be literal. For example, in some combinations, Stars can predict a trip outdoors at night, a star-shaped charm, a zodiac sign, or a shooting star; these interpretations are not a common occurrence in Tarot reading but often appear in Lenormand. 

The Tarot Sun Vs. Lenormand Sun

Of all of the Lenormand and Tarot cards with the same name, The Sun and Sun are the most similar in interpretation. Both are cards that predict success, vitality, triumph and, even, holidays. However, because the Lenormand Sun can be interpreted literally, it is slightly different from the Tarot Sun card. 

In Tarot, it is rather unlikely that The Sun card will represent warmth, heat, temperature, sunlight, or the actual sun. However, because Lenormand cards can be read literally, this is a rather standard interpretation for the Lenormand Sun. Therefore, this is the main difference between the two.  

The Tarot Moon Vs. Lenormand Moon

The Moon in Tarot is a card that can have rather negative connections. In Tarot, The Moon is a card that symbolizes the unknown, deception, secrets, and sometimes even trickery (a card meaning which is more fitting to the Lenormand Fox card). Although many Tarot readers do like The Moon card, it is generally not a very good card to receive in most types of readings. 

By contrast, the Lenormand Moon is a neutral, even, positive card to receive in a Lenormand reading. The Lenormand Moon illuminates your life during times of confusion. It is also a card that represents a ‘spotlight’ being on you and is concerned with your reputation and how you are perceived by the world. In Lenormand, The Moon and Stars combined can predict fame. 

Also, the Lenormand Moon can predict things which happen in cycles (for example, the menstrual cycle, or a billing cycle). There are no such associations in Tarot. However, when it comes to timing both cards can represent a 28-day period. 

Although they are different, there are some similarities between the Lenormand Moon and Tarot Moon. Both cards can represent emotions and intuition. Sometimes, both cards can also be associated with females and women. 

The Tarot Courts Vs. The Man & The Woman Cards

Finally, you may be tempted to read the Lenormand significators (Man and Woman) in the same way which you would read the Tarot Court cards. However, just like the other similar -sounding cards, they are different! 

In Tarot, it is often not clear who or what the Court cards represent. Sometimes, they could be the seeker, but other times they could be other people. In fact, they can also represent situations, emotions, energies, motives, and time! However, in Lenormand, you can be certain who and what the Man and Woman card are. 

The Man and Woman cards always represent the person who is getting the reading (the seeker) and their lover, spouse or future lover or spouse. These cards never represent people other than the seeker and their partner. Unlike with Tarot reading, there is no question about the identity of the significator cards in Lenormand. 

There you have it! 

So, there you have it! You now know the main similarities and differences between Lenormand and similar-sounding Tarot cards. When you’re learning how to read Lenormand cards, remember, you’re not reading Tarot cards; Lenormand cards have their own magic and should be respected as such. 

That’s all for the main similarities and differences between Tarot and Lenormand cards that sound similar. If you enjoyed this post, you can download a free Lenormand for Beginner’s guide here.

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Illustration The similarities and differences between Lenormand and Tarot cards. Which cards are there in both Lenormand and Tarot? Are Tower, Star, Sun, Moon the same?

Combine Lenormand And Oracle Cards

Are you wondering how I combine Lenormand and Oracle cards? Should you combine Lenormand and Oracle cards? Is it possible that your personal (and professional) readings will be more accurate if you use Lenormand and Oracle cards together? Today, I am going to answer these questions, and give you a sneak peek exactly how I combine Lenormand and Oracle cards! 

I previously talked about how I combine Lenormand and Tarot for readings. Essentially, I use my Lenormand Grand Tableau to make predictions about my life, and then I use my Tarot cards to get more detail on my areas of concern. 

Personally, I combine my Lenormand and Oracle cards when I want predictions and a bit of holistic healing. My Lenormand cards let me predict the future, and my Oracle cards calm my nerves or give me reassurance while I wait for tomorrow to come. 

Why Should You Combine Lenormand And Oracle Cards?

Lenormand and Oracle cards serve two similar but different purposes, and this is why I like to combine them. Why you choose to combine Lenormand and Oracle cards will depend on what you use Lenormand and Oracle cards for in your readings. 

I use Lenormand cards for general readings. General readings do not require a question, they predict the future of a particular life area, such as love, business, money, mail, and more; Lenormand looks at all of these places and that is why I like to use them. 

When it comes to Oracle cards, I use them to communicate with the spirits which are around me. I ask the spirits what (if any) guidance they have for me at a particular time or for a particular matter, then I pull a card and interpret their advice. 

You may not use Oracle cards to communicate with spirits. If you use Oracle cards for holistic, healing reasons, or even if you use them to talk to angels you will still benefit by combining them with Lenormand cards. 

As you can see, because I use my Lenormand and Tarot cards for very different purposes, it is not difficult for me to combine them together. Oracle cards add a new layer to my Lenormand card readings. 

Should You Combine Lenormand And Oracle Cards? 

Yes! As long as you are using your Lenormand and Oracle cards for different purposes you can combine them. What I mean by this, is that you must make sure that you are using your Lenormand cards for one thing and your Oracle cards for another. 

For example, I will ask my spirits to assist me in my Lenormand card readings, but I will only ask for my general fortune. Then, when it is time to perform my Oracle card readings, I will ask my spirits for guidance or for encouraging words that help me feel better. Using my cards for different things ensures that I am not just fishing for an answer from different divination systems! 

How Do You Combine Card Systems?

For my readings, I always start off my petitioning my ancestors to assist me. It doesn’t matter if I am reading myself or someone else, I am always right in there asking my spirits for guidance! I spend a minute doing this and then I light some incense. 

For some reason, if the matter is super important I always re-order my Lenormand cards back into their original order (RiderCross) and then re-shuffle them. While I am shuffling I think of my question and then I lay my Grand Tableau. 

If you are curious, I never re-order my Oracle card decks back into the order which they originally were in. I don’t know why this is, I think I am just this way because I know that Oracle cards never really have an order! 

I save my Oracle cards for the end of my reading. My Oracle cards are my spirits talking directly to me, so I like to keep them special. Usually, the Oracle card which I pull will give me advice or reassurance about something in my Lenormand reading which has been stressing me out (health problems, relationship confusion, etc). 

Also, because my Grand Tableaus are such massive readings I don’t do them too often for myself. However, I do find myself pulling my Oracle cards throughout the day when I am feeling anxious, as the added guidance calms me down. I find that Oracle cards are easier than other card systems to interpret if you’re reading yourself, which is another reason why I often rely on them more for ‘holistic’ readings than I do with Tarot or Lenormand. 

So, that’s It! There you have it, my process of combining my Oracle and Lenormand cards for a more meaningful reading! On this site, I also have a free Lenormand for Beginners Guide. You can download that guide here

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Illustration Do you want to know how you can combine Lenormand and Oracle cards? Here is how you can combine these systems into one psychic reading successfully!

Combine Lenormand And Tarot

How do you combine Lenormand and Tarot cards? Should you combine Lenormand and Tarot cards? Is it possible that your personal (and professional) readings will be more accurate if you use Lenormand and Tarot cards together? Today, I am going to answer these questions! 

Ever since I started to learn Lenormand, I have been combining it with Tarot cards. I am going to show you how to combine Lenormand and Tarot, because it can add to your divination practice. 

Why Combine Lenormand With Tarot?

You may want to combine Lenormand with Tarot cards if you use each of the systems for reading different areas. For example, I use Lenormand cards for general readings and use Tarot cards for specific questions. Other readers I know use Lenormand cards to make predictions because they struggle to predict with Tarot, and they use their Tarot cards to give advice. 

How you combine Lenormand and Tarot cards is completely up to you. However, I do recommend that you try your hand at combining these systems because both offer their own strengths and weaknesses. 

Lenormand cards can represent literal things; the Stork card can be a real stork or the House and Boat combined can symbolize a houseboat. Being able to read the cards literally is a strength that Lenormand offers which Tarot does not. 

By contrast, it is much easier to get a straight answer with Tarot cards than it is with Lenormand cards. This is especially true if you’re reading yourself or are emotionally invested in the situation. If you’re not just looking for your general life but want to read on a specific issue then Tarot is your tool. 

Should You Combine Tarot and Lenormand Cards?

In short, yes. BUT I should warn you that you will need to brace yourself for doing so. 

Many diviners fall into the trap of using diverse methods of divination and fortune-telling as a backhanded way of getting a different answer from the same question. Do not make this mistake!

To avoid asking the same question twice, before you even sit down to conduct your reading make sure that you have a set purpose for your Tarot cards and a set purpose for your Lenormand cards. If you know your strengths and weaknesses of using Lenormand cards and your strengths and weaknesses of Tarot cards, then you should be fine. 

If you have a ritual that you go through performing readings, it is much easier to combine Lenormand and Tarot cards while avoiding asking the same question twice. I have one, which I describe below. 

How Do You Combine Card Systems?

I have a ritual that I go through when I am performing readings. In a nutshell, I grab my Lenormand and Tarot cards, I light my incense, invoke my ancestors, and sit down to do the actual reading. 

When it comes to the actual reading, I always start with a Lenormand Grand Tableau first. The Grand Tableau does not require a question (and it is best if you do not ask one). The Grand Tableau has 36 positions that deal with pretty much every life area; love, career, money, business, home, children, health, mail, commitments, everything. 

I begin with a Grand Tableau because I do not have to ask my Lenormand cards a question. I read my Lenormand cards and that is pretty much it. My Grand Tableau reveals what is going to happen in the future within the time frame which I am reading; it doesn’t give an opinion or advice on a course of action. The Grand Tableau is there to reveal tomorrow as it is, without any padding or filler. 

It is important that you record anything which jumps out at you during your Grand Tableau reading. I recommend that you keep a journal so that you can later look back on your readings, remember them, and measure their accuracy, especially if you’re the type of person who easily forgets your readings.

Once I have read my Grand Tableau, I will perform a Tarot card reading. I only use my Tarot cards for specific questions. The spreads I use for my Tarot readings is a Horseshoe spread which is a semi-circle shaped spread of seven cards which tell me: the past of the situation; the present of the situation; positives in the situation; negatives in the situation; attitudes of other people; what to do; the outcome. 

I perform my Tarot reading after using Lenormand because my Tarot can tell me more specifics about my Lenormand reading. If something appears as an issue in my Lenormand reading, I can work through how to fix it or make it better using my Tarot cards. 

For example, one day I might perform a Lenormand Grand Tableau. I have a particular interest in my business, so even though I read all of the houses which jump out at me, I will give the ‘business’ houses (Fox, Moon, Star, Sun, Fish, etc.) my special attention, and perhaps a bit more time during the interpretation process. 

If during my glance at the business houses I see something wrong – such as a rouge employee – I will take note of it. Then, I will finish up my Grand Tableau and perform my Horseshoe Tarot Spread on me and my employee’s relationship, in the hope that it will reveal any tension between us, what is on my employee’s mind, and tell me what I should do to strengthen our relationship. 

Also, I should note that I also use Oracle cards, but I draw Oracle cards for the present. So, if I am waiting on a result (for example, progress in my business) but feeling anxious, I will pull an Oracle card because they make me feel better and give me reassurance. Therefore, in the example of my business my reading will look something like this: 

Step One: I perform a Lenormand reading which reveals my employee will go MIA in the future. 

Step Two: I perform a Tarot reading which gives me more detail on myself and my employee’s relationship. 

Step Three: I pull an Oracle card at the end of the reading which says something like, “All is as it should be in this situation” or something similar. 

Step Four: I journal my readings so that I can measure the accuracy of my predictions. 

So, That’s It! 

There you have it, my process of combining my Tarot and Lenormand cards for a more meaningful reading! On this site, I also have a free Lenormand for Beginners Guide. You can download that guide here

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Illustration Do you want to know how you can combine Lenormand and Tarot cards? Here is how you can combine these systems into one psychic reading successfully!

Why Your Tarot Stopped Working

Why have your Tarot cards stopped working? How can your Tarot just magically not work for you anymore? Are your Tarot cards not accurate, or do they not make any sense? Are you struggling to make detailed predictions with your Tarot cards? Then this post is for you! 

Despite the fact I have practiced Tarot nearly my entire life, I haven’t always been good at it. Divination is a skill that you must constantly level up and improve on; otherwise, you can fall short. The expert or would-be expert diviner must always be adapting, always pushing to do better.

Unlike other types of skills, the ability to divine is something that can come and go for no obvious reason. There have been times when I have ‘lost’ my ability to practice Tarot. Seemly overnight my cards have stopped working for me, and I have found it hard to make predictions or give readings.

About four years ago, after 15 years of practice, I randomly lost my ability to read Tarot. The worst part was, I realized while I was at a paying client’s house performing a reading. I knew the meanings of the card, but they stopped speaking to me, and I couldn’t nail the reading. 

It was a nightmare

At the time, I didn’t know what it was which caused me to lose my Tarot reading capability, but it scared the shit out of me. Not only was I freaked out but I lived with both the fear and shame of having lost my abilities. It just did not make sense. 

If you have been reading for a long time, or you’re a professional, you may not want to go posting around Facebook groups for help. Or if you’re brand new, you might not understand why your Tarot cards aren’t gelling with you and not know where you can turn for help.

Don’t fear; I have some tips for what you can do if a method of divination isn’t working for you. Get divining and give these a bash!

Why your Tarot cards have stopped working - Rider Waite Smith deck
Although you may love Tarot, it may have stopped working because it is not right for you.

Tarot Stopped Working Because It Is Not Right For You

Sorry to break it to you, but you’re not going to be able to practice every method of divination. There will be some types of fortune-telling you will rock and others which will not even let you get your foot in the door; Tarot may be one of them.

If you’re a newbie to a type of reading and feel blocked every time you sit at your reading table, then it could be a sign that the type of divination you’re trying to master isn’t right for you.

I truly believe that everyone can perform divination. However, because we all think differently, have separate talents and abilities, not everyone can do every type of  fortune-telling. You may find you’re practically amazing at Lenormand but suck at Tarot.

So, what should you do? In these situations, I recommend you stick with your chosen method for a little while. However, if you’re finding you’re not making progress, then it may be time to move on to another method more fitting for your personal talents. Don’t worry; there are literally hundreds of methods of divination, you’re sure to find a good half dozen you’re killer at.  

Lenormand is a card reading method which is similar to Tarot, but there are not as many cards to remember (Lenormand only has 36). Plus, if you’re into symbolism, can easily put things together and consider yourself quite an intuitive person, Lenormand may be more fitting to you than Tarot. 

Your Tarot Stopped Working Because It’s Time To Move On

Believe it or not, this is what happened to me. I truly believe my Tarot stopped working because I was destined to learn Lenormand.     

Not long after the incident where I forgot how to read Tarot, I was scheduled for a job interview at a psychic shop. Part of the interview involved reading the owner. I. Was. Shitting. Myself.

Knowing fine well I couldn’t read Tarot anymore, I mentally began to go through the other methods of divination I knew but, to be honest, I felt kind of blocked with them as well. So here I was, about to be tested and had no clue what the hell I was doing.

Two days before the interview, I hit Google. I was on Wikipedia looking up methods of divination I could quickly learn and perform for the meeting. Sacrificing goats for their liver or setting bonfires was out of the question. One by one, I crossed each method off my list. Time slipped away.

As luck would have it, I was addicted to Facebook groups at the time. Trying to escape my problems, I was in some spiritual development group where a couple of German-born American readers were talking about Lenormand. Up until this point, I never heard of Lenormand; it didn’t even appear on my extensive Wikipedia search (which was a big thing because, back then, Wikipedia was life).

Seeing the crazy amounts of detail which readers could get from Lenormand influenced me enough to learn before the interview. Believe it or not, the method clicked into place so easily for me; I mastered the system in 2 days. AND I got the job. Not long after this incident, my ability to read with Tarot magically came back.

If almost overnight, you begin to struggle with a method of divination, you could be in a similar situation to the one I was in back when my Tarot reading didn’t make sense. Perhaps your spirits, the universe, etc. are pushing you towards mastering a new type of reading. Therefore, experiment with different fortune-telling systems and see if that makes a difference to your reading ability.

You Don’t Know The Meanings

When I teach divination, I have three pillars I like to work on. If a student is struggling with a method of divination, usually it is because one of those pillars is off balance and needs to be worked on. The first pillar is the meanings pillar.

Let’s be honest, most types of divination are made up of meanings and interpretations. If you don’t know the meanings and interpretations, then you’re going to struggle with the method of reading. You have to get the foundations down.

Struggling with an interpretation or two (or 10) can put a block on your ability to practice a method of divination. If you’re praying to God that this card doesn’t come up, or that thing isn’t mentioned, it adds too much-unneeded stress to an already stressful situation. You could essentially be putting your intuition on lockdown.

Why your Tarot cards have stopped working - Lenormand deck
Lenormand has many symbols that you can find in your day-to-day life such as the sun, children and storks.

Everyone has that one Tarot card meaning they struggle with interpreting. That symbol which fills them with dread. Those two Tarot cards which they struggle telling apart. It is human nature to stumble when trying to digest tonnes of information. Swallowing thousands of year’s worth of interpretations is never easy and the more detailed the system you’re trying to conquer, the harder it gets. (If you’re curious, Justice was my ‘problem’ card, I always confuse Jupiter and Saturn and am forever struggling to interpret the meaning of ducks and yet, duck dreams seem to always come up for me, unbelievable).

 If there are meanings you just don’t get, then one of the reasons why could be because the meanings you’re trying to learn just aren’t gelling for you. Also, in Tarot, there are lots of cards to remember (78!), so learning can take years for some people, making predictions difficult. 

Your Techniques Are Lacking

Another ‘pillar’ which I teach, is techniques. In most methods of divination, how you read and get more detail is just as important as how you interpret.

If your issue is that you can perform a method of divination, BUT you feel as though you have hit a wall, then your reading techniques may need to be worked on. For example, in Tarot, you can use significators to get more details in your Tarot reading as opposed to wasting your life googling more and more interpretations. Therefore, if you’re struggling with the level of detail in your reading, work on your reading ability.

Your Spiritual Development Needs Work

A lack of good and proper spiritual development is probably the number one reason why most diviners struggle with their divination, that is why spiritual development is pillar number three I am about to discuss.

Divination is not a stand-alone practice.  If you want to be a good diviner, the development of your precognitive, psychic, intuitive and spiritual abilities are essential; otherwise, you’ll be like a headless chicken continually wondering what the hell you’re doing.

If Tarot has stopped working for you, it could be because your psychic abilities are blocked in some way.

One thing you can do to remedy this is to pray to an ancestral spirit to assist you in your divination. It doesn’t have to be a spirit you remember meeting, and you don’t even need to feel like you have had a relationship with them. The first spirit who pops into your head, even if you thought of the words “great-grandma” will do. Pray to them for help with your readings, and see what happens. 

Tarot Stopped Working Because It Is Not Right For The Job

A lot of readers cannot make predictions with Tarot cards; their readings are confusing, inaccurate and do not make sense.  If you fall into this category, the reason why could be because you are trying to achieve things which you personally just cannot with Tarot. 

It is a sad fact, but many Tarot cards limit their Tarot abilities from early on in their journey. It is possible that you have conditioned yourself to not predict with Tarot, especially if you have become accustomed to holistic readings. Some readers just cannot help but fall into the self-help trap. 

If you try a new method of card divination, such as Lenormand, you can teach yourself to break out of your Tarot healing rut. Lenormand focuses heavily on giving predictions for love, business, money, family, health – a total of at least 36 life areas. In fact, Lenormand is mainly concerned with giving predictions and detail orientated, accurate readings. 

So, What Can You Do?

Learn Lenormand! Learning Lenormand is super easy, fun and stress-free if you get the right guidance from the beginning. You can cruise this site and start reading Lenormand today! 

So, that is why your Tarot stopped working! If you want Lenormand reading tips directly in your inbox, feel free to sign up below for weekly advice, guidance and Lenormand how-tos (and you’ll be reading Lenormand in no time!). PLUS, as a super special subscriber, you’ll get the free beginner, 16-page Starting with Lenormand PDF which is downloadable on mobile, tablet and computer! Grab your copy here.

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Why Your Tarot Cards Have Stopped working