The Lenormand Pyramid Spread

Do you want a Lenormand card spread which you can use for readings where the seeker does not reveal their question? Maybe you usually use a Grand Tableau but you do not have enough space or time to perform this massive reading? BUT you seeker is just sitting there not saying anything? That is what the Lenormand Pyramid Spread is for!

The Pyramid Spread is a ten-card spread that reveals any issues that are on your seeker’s mind. Not only will this spread reveal what your seeker is thinking, but it will also give them some advice and predictions for the future. So, let’s get to it!

Let’s pretend that we are reading an imaginary seeker Diageo at a psychic fair. Diageo has come to our table for a reading, but he is sitting there not saying anything. We only have ten minutes to wow Diageo, so we decide to perform a Pyramid Spread.

Example of a Lenormand Pyramid Spread

First of all, we would ask our ancestors to help us perform the best reading possible for Diageo. We would also make sure to ask them to make sure that our reading is not completely shit! Then, we would shuffle our cards as normal and lay them out in a Pyramid Spread as shown:

Example of a spread
Cards are Fox; Fish & Home; Stork & Birds & Tower; Ship & Crossroads & Sun & Anchor.

The first card on the top of our Pyramid shows the main life area which causes Diageo concern. The second section of cards (the two cards) gives Diageo advice on how to proceed. The third row of cards (the three cards) tells Diageo about any outside or unknown factors which he may or may not consciously be aware of. And, finally, the base of the Pyramid reveals the future of the matter).

So, let’s form our interpretation!

Diageo’s main area of concern is his work, as shown by the Fox card. According to this reading, he needs to look for employment which makes him more financially comfortable (Fish + Home). He does not know this yet, but changes are taking place due to talks between officials at his place of employment (Stork + Birds + Tower). In the future, he will move in an alternate direction and find something more stable (Ship + Crossroads + Sun + Anchor).

Therefore, we can predict that Diageo is going to leave his current place of employment. One of the reasons why is because changes are going to happen at his work which he does not yet know about, but they are coming from ‘high up’ so he will have no control over them. However, his current job does not offer him the financial security which his future job will so he will be happier with his new place of employment.

That is it for how to perform a reading using the Lenormand Pyramid Spread. If you perform this reading for yourself, let me know how you get on through social media:

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Want a Lenormand card spread you can use for readings with or without a question? That is what the Lenormand Pyramid Spread is for! Here is how to read one!

Gain Confidence As A Psychic Reader

How can you gain confidence as a psychic reader? Having anxiety before giving a psychic reading is perfectly normal. In fact, I would be worried if you weren’t anxious. Fear shows that you are excited, nervous, and eager to go in and do a good job. You want to please your clients; you pray that their reading fills them with hope for the future and happiness. Experiencing nerves before a reading is a positive sign. 

Sometimes, however, your nerves can be crippling. You may suffer from imposter syndrome and, ironically, dread doing what you love. In that case, I have compiled a list of tips for things you can try if self-doubt has frozen you into inaction. 

Relate To Others

I have been reading most of my life and for over 20 years. I am a Gypsy; my family are famous fortune tellers, and my gifts were encouraged when I was growing up. I have read celebrities, politicians, sportspeople, and had seekers from all over the world. At 24, I won an international award, Young Tarosophist of the Year, and I have been on the radio, in magazines, and on TV. 

I also shit myself before every reading. 

Yes, some would say that I have everything going for me. Most readers believe that I should be rolling in self-assurance. The reality is, that I still get that niggle of anxiety before every reading. Pretty certificates hanging on my wall do not shield me from self-doubt. At one point, I too struggle horribly and didn’t know how to gain confidence as a psychic reader.

I welcome my anxiety because I know it is a sign that I care about what I do, that I am connecting with my seeker, with spirit, etc. However, my anxiety has reduced with time, experience, and knowledge because I know that other readers have the same feelings I do. 

One way to ease your anxiety is to talk about it with other readers; I guarantee that they will relate and make you feel better.  Hearing the stories of other psychics, mediums and fortune tellers can help not just beginners but more advanced readers with their confidence. 

Realize That You Care

“Do not fear that you are doing a bad job. If you were doing a bad job, you would not care enough to worry about it. Anyone who does do a bad job usually always thinks that they are amazing. Anyone who is great at this often thinks that they are shit.”

Early in my career, these words were said to me by a fantastic Scottish medium. The medium, Gordon, explained that readers who stress about their readings are the types of readers who care about satisfying their clients. If you’re getting nervous, it means that you’re passionate about what you do and should be in this industry. 

Know Yourself To Gain Confidence As a Psychic Reader

When I was younger, I had a lot of reader anxiety, which (I now know) stemmed from the fact that I didn’t know who I was, what type of reader I was, or anything. Being unaware of my strengths and weaknesses caused me to feel chaotic because I didn’t know what to expect from a reading, how to advertise myself, and how I managed to ‘perform.’ I literally just went in there, connected to something, and began reading. 

As I got older, I pinpointed my reading style and worked out which spirits I connected with during readings. I increased my spiritual awareness by forming a personal relationship with spirit and mastered a form of divination, which was perfect for predictive, spirit-driven readings (Lenormand). 

If you do not know yourself, then it’s hard to read someone else. Part of you senses that something is ‘off’ in a way, and this causes anxiety. Define your style and work on that, your strengths, and your weaknesses, and this will increase your confidence and bring your readings under control. 

Meet Yourself To Gain Confidence As a Psychic Reader

A lot of reader anxiety comes from self-doubt. You may have ‘performed’ well a million times, but that doesn’t stop you from telling yourself that this time, you will fail. Every reading feels like a new reading and you’re stuck because you do not know how to gain confidence as a psychic reader.

In essence, this is a pretty flawed way to think. As a reader, you probably know this but just cannot break the habit of thinking this way. I recently read something, however, which gave me something to consider.

The book theorized that there are three layers of the self. There is your outer layer which you project to others, your inner fears and self-doubt (which is a result of criticisms) and your core, which is your true self, which is deep inside of you. 

The true self is said to be where all of your strengths and positives lie and which you can utilize. When applied to psychic readings, there is an interesting question which you can ask yourself to discover your true reading skill level:

“What kind of reader are you when nobody is watching and judging you?”

Probably a good one! You’ve had psychic experiences. You live for Lenormand Tarot, astrology, mediumship, etc., not just when reading but when in the shower and after dropping the kids off at school or while walking to the shops. You may have a Tarot journal and enjoy making entries. You have many books and most likely have purchased your fair share of decks. You love spirituality. 

Once you align your true self with your everyday self and get rid of any self-doubt, nothing is stopping you from being this confident reader constantly. In fact, nothing is stopping you from being amazing; deep down, you are already amazing! You just need tools to help you increase in confidence. Here is a visualization for aligning with your true, confident self:

1. Imagine what your true self is like. They are a confident, knowledgeable reader who can handle any situation which is thrown at them.

2. Imagine your true self is in front of you. Sense their calm and lack of reader anxiety.

3. Step into your true self. Become them. Feel their confidence, their self-belief, and any other positives that they display so naturally.

Try this visualization every day until you feel that you have truly become your true self.

Know That You Love What You Do

In the book “Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother,” the author (Amy Chua) makes the interesting point that no one likes anything until they are not good at it. I don’t necessarily believe this in all cases, but I do believe this point:

“No one loves anything which they are terrible at.”

Do you love reading? I mean, do you love it? You do, or you wouldn’t put so much pressure on yourself to do well. Therefore, you must have some ability; otherwise, why would you love doing something you were terrible at executing? 

Give Yourself Credit 

In the spiritual industry, there seems to be an air of negativity attached to thinking that you are good at something. It is more fashionable to point out your weaknesses than your strengths. The need to be overtly humble traps readers into feeling guilty about taking any pleasure from being praised. 

Don’t worry; you’re not going to turn into a raving narcissist by acknowledging you’re a half-decent reader. After all, people who have an inflamed self-image do not worry about having one. Those who do not see fault in themselves are not self-critical; if you’re worried about becoming big-headed, that’s a sign that you’re not! 

It is entirely fine for positive feedback to build your confidence. When you do something right, give yourself a pat on the back. Tell people about the excellent review you got, advertise yourself. Let others praise you for your hard work. 

Note Your Achievements 

You should keep a diary or notebook to remind yourself of all of the good things you have achieved. Got a great review? Write that down. Does someone makes a great comment? Write that down. Did you overcome your fears, and it wasn’t that bad? Take note of that. 

Anytime you find yourself falling into the trap of worrying about giving a reading, take out your Achievement Folder and remind yourself of all of the positive things you have done and praise you have got. Even if they are just little comments someone makes, they can mean a lot when your confidence is at a low and you’re reading in 10 minutes. Reminding yourself of your strengths will help you to gain confidence as a psychic reader.

Control Your Empathy To Gain Confidence As a Psychic Reader

Many readers consider themselves in tune with other people’s emotions but do not consider that they may be picking up on the seeker’s anxiety. Have you ever thought that some of the anxiety which you feel is coming from the person receiving the reading as opposed to your own feelings? 

I notice that when I travel to some places, my anxiety increases unexplainably. I live in West Lothian (Scotland) but also extremely close to the capital of Edinburgh. It is relatively uncommon in Edinburgh to let a reader into your home, many people who live there visit the reader’s homes or centers. 

Those who have never had a reader come into their home are more anxious about letting a reader into their personal space for various reasons; one of the reasons being safety. I have realized that in these cases, my anxiety increases because I have empathized with the seeker.

It is, therefore, a good idea to try some blocking exercises before you meet a seeker. If you’re an empath, try to block their energy until the actual reading begins; it helps to elevate a lot of the stress associated with giving readings to strangers.

It also can be comforting to know that they are just afraid of you as you are of them! Remind yourself of this if you start to become self-critical. 

That is how you can gain confidence as a psychic reader. It is important to note that reader anxiety does elevate with experience. I wish the best of luck to anyone who tries any of these strategies.

If you’re interested, I also have a free Lenormand for Beginners Guide. You can download that guide here

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Illustration How can you gain confidence as a psychic reader? Having anxiety before giving a psychic reading is perfectly norma, but here is how to move past the fear.
How can you gain confidence as a psychic reader? Having anxiety before giving a psychic reading is perfectly norma, but here is how to move past the fear.

Honour Your Ancestors Through Spirituality

For us diviners, our ancestors are constantly on our minds. If being a diviner is part of your lifestyle, every day you will be conscious of the spirits of your ancestors and the role which they play in your psychic readings and spirituality in general. Here is how to honour your ancestors through spirituality. 

As a diviner (someone who practices divination) I am constantly aware of my ancestor’s spirits. They send me signs in my waking life and visit me in my dreams. I petition my spirits before every reading and they make sure that my divination is on point, my precognition is working and I give the best possible psychic reading every time.

So, today, I wanted to give some quick tips for things which you can do to ensure a connection with your ancestors, not just for your psychic readings, but for your spirituality in general. Here are my top tips for how to honour your ancestors through spirituality:

Step One: Notice The Signs Which They Send You

Your passed relatives will talk to you through signs, especially if you’re scared of ‘ghosts’ or apprehensive about working with spirit. One thing which I teach in my Psychic Course is how to work with signs and stop being scared of spirit.

The signs which your relatives will send you be something which you’re likely to notice. For example, if you keep on noticing a certain bird or animal outside your home, these could be signs from spirits.

A common misconception among newbies to spirituality is that signs and symbols are the same things, which they are not. The symbolic meaning of your sign does not matter. All that matters is that you are receiving signs and sprits are trying to make contact with you.

Noticing these signs is one way in which you can honour your ancestors because doing so means that you acknowledge their presence in your life. If you ignore the signs they send you, it is kind of like telling them you do not want to speak to them! So, to honour them you must appreciate the fact that they are initiating conversation.

Believe it or not, you can actually decide which sign you want your ancestors to send. However, ideally, it would be a sign which you would connect to them. For example, before my grandad died he made me hold a handful of bees so I connect bees with him; bees are our sign. You can ask spirit to send you a specific sign which you would associate with one of your relatives.

Step Two: Have Them Around

If you want to honour your ancestors, place their pictures or things which remind you of them around your house. I am a Romany Gypsy so I have lots of depictions of wagons around my home. I know a lot of people of Scottish descent who have thistle around their home.

I am lucky enough to have known many of my ancestors, such as my great grandparents and my grandparents personally. I have photographs of them around my house and I make a conscious effort to stop, pause and reflect everyday. Having images or things that remind me of them around the home keeps them as a part of my life, my daughter’s life and the other kids who come to the home.

Step Three: Ask Them For Dreams

Not only can you ask your ancestors for signs but you can also ask them for dreams. Before you go to bed, ask your spirits if they will make contact with you. You can ask for guidance or you can ask them how you can better honour them.

A few weeks ago, I asked my ancestors for guidance before I went to bed. I did not even know particularly what I was needing I just knew that I need some spiritual help. One of my relatives appeared to me in the guise of a teacher. He told me some things connected to my business which I had completely forgotten about. My business is now going in a totally new direction because of the guidance from that dream.

If you usually do not dream, try writing down whatever you can remember in the morning, even if it is only a small thing, a color or a word. Recording what you can remember trains your consciousness to remember even tiny little details.

Step Four: Talk About Them 

People must think I am insane, but I talk about my dead relatives all of the time. I am always sharing stories about my granddad, or telling people about things that happened when certain relatives were alive. I make sure that the younger generations know that my past relatives are a big part of how they got here.

Today, I want you to make a conscious effort to talk about your ancestors. Do not just think about doing so but get out your phone now and set a reminder to converse with someone about your relatives. Or, post your favourite story on Facebook or Instagram. You can honour your ancestors through spirituality, by spreading your love of them in real life.

Step Five: Perform A Reading

Next, I want you to try this exercise with either your Lenormand or Tarot cards. This is a good way to see if your ancestors have any guidance for you (and you can honour them by taking their advice!)

Grab your preferred deck. I want you to say out loud, “Ancestors, what are you trying to tell me?” And I want you to shuffle your cards while you say these words. When you feel intuitively ready, go through your deck and look for:

The High Priestess if using a Tarot deck.

The Lily card if using a Lenormand deck.

The cards which lay on the top and the bottom of these cards will be your message from your ancestors. I got the Child and the Tower card, which I would interpret as, “Stand out and have fun” which is just the type of attitude my family has towards everything!

So, that is all for how you can honour your ancestors through spirituality! If you try any of the tips from this post and you post about them on Instagram, be sure to tag us and we will share you in our Instagram stories!

I also have a free Lenormand for Beginners Guide. You can download that guide here

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Here is how to honor your ancestors through spirituality. Communicate with your ancestors for psychic development, divination and psychic reading.
Illustration Here is how to honor your ancestors through spirituality. Communicate with your ancestors for psychic development, divination and psychic reading.

How To Develop Your Psychic Abilities

As a full-time divination and fortune-telling teacher, I often get asked, “What is the best way to develop my psychic abilities?” Psychic development is a hot topic and lots of people want to know how they can develop whether that be their clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience or claircognizance abilities. 

Today, I am going to tell you how you can develop all of your psychic abilities using Lenormand cards. By using Lenormand, you can tap into all of your ‘clairs’ and encourage their growth. So, let’s get started!

What Are Lenormand Cards?

Lenormand cards are thirty-six cards that have symbols on them which you would see in your everyday life (such as a tree or a man) or cards that are more symbolic (such as a heart). You can use the Lenormand cards to predict events and using them will help to develop your psychic abilities. 

Anyone at any point in their development journey can use Lenormand cards – and the sooner you start using them, the better. You can download a free absolute beginner’s guide here

Usually, you would use Lenormand cards to perform readings as you would with crystal balls or Tarot cards. However, today we are going to use Lenormand cards to help us develop our psychic abilities!


Clairvoyance is the ability to see things that other people cannot. For example, people who can see spirit have clairvoyance abilities. Clairvoyance is one of the most desirable and well-known psychic senses. 

One way in which you can develop clairvoyance is by observing signs. I go over how to work with signs in my Ancestral Work 101 Course (which comes as a free bonus with my Lenormand Course) but essentially you will observe the signs which spirits send you. 

Observing signs signals to spirt that you are not afraid and are open to contact. If you keep observing physical signs and strengthening your clairvoyance this way, eventually spirit will manifest to you. 

Exercise: Here is an exercise which you can try. Get your Lenormand card deck and shuffle them. While shuffling ask your spirits, “Which sign would you like me to observe”? Then pull a card. Whichever card you receive, whether it is the Lily, the Clover, etc. try to be aware and look for that sign during the day. 

You can see your signs in different forms, so always be aware. For example, if you got the Lily card you might see the actual flowers or see lilies on a painting. All that matters is that you physically see your sign. 


Clairaudience is the ability to hear spirit. People who have strong clairaudience will hear things which spirit tells them. Clairaudient people can hear things that other people cannot. 

There is another phenomenon linked to clairaudience which is known as cledonism, which means divination through sound. Just as you would through observing signs, you can develop your psychic abilities using cledonism. 

Exercise: After you have your ‘sign’ from the Lenormand exercise which we did in the clairvoyance section, it is time to go out looking for this sign. However, you are not going to just look for the sign with your eyes, you are going to look for the sign with your ears!

So, if you got the Lily card in the first exercise, you are now going to try to hear the word, Lily. It does not matter how you hear it. Someone could speak the word ‘lily’, someone could shout the name Lily, or you might even hear someone talk about lily flowers on the TV. However you hear it, you are trying to hear your sign. 


Clairsentience is the ability to feel things without being told. For example, you might sense that someone in your family is in destress despite being millions of miles away. 

One night last year I got taken to hospital with a kidney infection and my twin sister woke up from her sleep because she knew something was wrong. We are both Romany Gypsy fortune tellers so we have a strong psychic awareness, but even people who have never worked on their psychic development may have had similar experiences, especially if they are gifted in this area. 

You can develop your clairsentience abilities by trying to ‘feel’ what someone else is feeling or by gauging what they are doing. 

Exercise: For this exercise, you will need a volunteer! Sit across from each other and ask your volunteer to hold the Lenormand cards. As they observe the card, ask them to try to tune into an emotion from that card (without giving you any clues). So, if they get the Heart card they will think about love and try to feel love. Your job is to try and gauge which card they have based on the emotions which they are projecting. Practice this exercise over the coming weeks and see if your ability to pick up the card improves. 


Claircognizance means, ‘clear-knowing’. People who have strong claircognizance know things without being told and can easily predict events. Claircognizants often have very strong pre-cognition and can predict events either through their dreams or through the use of divination, such as Lenormand cards, Tarot cards, or even things in nature (such as the shape of clouds). 

Personally, I have very strong claircognizance and precognitive abilities because I have been practicing divination and fortune-telling since I was seven. I use my abilities every day, not just in my readings but also in my business. I even now teach psychic development courses. I believe that claircognizance ability is the most useful psychic skill as you can apply it to everyday life. 

Anyone can develop claircognizance abilities and one way to do so is to practice divination. I recommend that you try your hand at reading Lenormand cards. As I said earlier, I have a free guide for absolute beginners here

Exercise: Once you purchase your Lenormand cards, you can strengthen your claircognizance abilities by pulling ‘cards of the day’. At the start of each day, you can pull two cards and try to predict the events of that day. Be sure to photograph your cards with your iPhone, share them on Instagram or write them in your psychic journal so that you remember them. 

That is all for how you can develop your psychic abilities! If you’re interested in reading Lenormand, be sure to check out my How to Read Lenormand post or download my free Lenormand for Beginner’s guide here.

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How to develop your psychic abilities. Here is how you can grow your clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience or claircognizance reading skills.
Illustration: How to develop your psychic abilities. Here is how you can grow your clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience or claircognizance reading skills.

Improve Your Lenormand Predictions

Are you wondering how you can improve your precognitive abilities through reading Lenormand? Do you want to improve your Lenormand predictions? Do you want to improve your psychic development so that you can give more accurate Lenormand card readings? If this sounds like you do not worry, I have you covered and this is something which we are going to be looking at today!

The idea of prediction is something that many psychic readers today seem to shy away from yet, at the same time, it is exactly what draws so many newbies into the world of cartomancy. Being able to peer into the future has been humanity’s life-long dream and the 21st-century person is no less inclined to give it a try than their counterpart in Ancient Egypt, three millennia ago. So, I am going to show you, in this post, how you can improve your Lenormand predictions.

Enter Lenormand

In a time when the study of Tarot appears to be shifting away from prediction and into the realm of self-help and spiritual development, another system has entered the picture to fill in the void. A pack of 36 cards Lenormand promises to allow us to tap into our innate talent for precognition and give us precise, accurate answers to all our burning questions. The only thing we have to do is activate our intuitive potential.

The Elusive Idea of Intuition 

Intuition is best described as an ability to know a fact without the use of logical reasoning. It bypasses the conscious mind and goes directly into the parts of our mind we have little control of. For some, dipping into the deep waters of intuition will be easy. For others, it may appear impossibly difficult. In fact, many will be led to believe that they simply do not possess it and that their logical mind is meant to rule their entire personality. This, however, isn’t true. The talent is available to everyone.

Develop Your Intuitive Potential With Lenormand

Lenormand is perhaps one of the most effective ways to unlock your potential for precognition. It is not only a tool for prediction but also a method you can use to open up your spiritual synapses in such a way so that all other paths of divination you decide to take will bring drastically better results. While not exactly a science, fortune-telling is an art that can be mastered.

Read It Like A Sentence 

At first, your rational mind is likely to stand in the way, prompting you to overanalyze the pictures on the cards. You need to remember that the individual images are nothing but keywords, simple tools to trigger your innate intuitive potential. The method is simple. Lenormand relies on a semantic structure, taking advantage of the left side of your brain to access your talents. Reading a string of Lenormand cards is like reading a sentence. Each image is a word, each series of images a phrase, each Grand Tableau a story.

Be Quick To Improve Your Lenormand Predictions

The first trick to get your precognition going is to be as quick as possible. Do not think too much. If you want to improve your Lenormand predictions, do not hold back. Simply say whatever comes to your mind first. Do not allow yourself the time to hesitate. Be bold and be blunt. The sheer speed of your delivery will prevent your rational mind from interfering and allow you to tap into the intuitive. The flurry of words will come out faster than you can filter them. They will be natural and emerge directly from your subconscious mind. More often than not, you will get it right – even the first few times you give it a try.

Be Funny

You might also want to try being ridiculous. Yes, keeping it silly and playful is perhaps one of the most potent keys to unlocking your intuitive potential. It helps you relax and take things as they come. Sometimes the most literate, the most mundane, the most hilarious predictions are the most accurate ones. The Bouquet can stand for the flowers in your garden, the Mountain a rock in your shoe, and the House coupled with Mice may be hinting at the fact that you have a rodent problem. No shame in admitting it.

Retain Your Innocence To Improve Your Lenormand Predictions

This sort of innocence and enthusiasm for fortune-telling is what keeps the best in the business going. It unlocks potential for precognition you never dreamed existed and makes every prediction you make not only more accurate but more fun to utter. There is no point in playing with the cards if you’re not enjoying it. Make it fun.

Practice Word Association 

This very down-to-earth, non-occult exercise can help you tremendously in becoming a better fortune-teller. Word association is a fun game involving an exchange of words. It is best played with a partner but you can also do it on your own, putting together endless strings of words that have something in common. Use your Lenormand cards as starting points. This will push you to expand your vocabulary and enable you to use a more diverse range of keywords in your readings. The better you can express your ideas, the more accurate your prediction is likely to be.

Guess The Card To Improve Your Lenormand Predictions

Another fun game you can play with your cards is trying to guess which one you’re holding. Turn them face down, shuffle them thoroughly, and pick one (or a few) without turning them over. Say the name of the first card that comes to your mind aloud. At first, you are likely to fail. Over time, with practice, you will begin to be pleasantly surprised at how often you will get it right.

Start a Psychic Journal 

Tracking your progress is important. Keeping a psychic journal can be an excellent way to do this. Write down the details of each reading you do. Then, after some time has passed, compare and see how much of your prediction has come true. It is a very scientific method – one that will allow you to measure the level of your accuracy and, eventually, take your precognition to the next level.

Take It Easy To Improve Your Lenormand Predictions

Always remember not to take yourself too seriously. Lenormand did, after all, start as a mere parlor game. It was and still is supposed to be fun and enjoyable. Being able to peer into the future and take full advantage of your precognition is a beautiful gift, one that should be indulged in with joy – and shared with others. Never push yourself too hard. Approach divination with ease and you will have much higher chances of succeeding.

That is all for how to improve your Lenormand predictions! I also have a free Lenormand for Beginners Guide. You can download that guide here

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Are you wondering how you can improve your precognitive psychic abilities through reading Lenormand? Do you to improve your Lenormand predictions?
Illustration Are you wondering how you can improve your precognitive psychic abilities through reading Lenormand? Do you to improve your Lenormand predictions?

What Should A Grand Tableau Look Like?

You’re a budding Lenormand card reader, but you have an issue; you do not know what your Grand Tableau should look like! Sometimes you see a Grand Tableau look like a rectangle, but other times the Grand Tableau looks more square with four cards along the bottom. So, how should you lay out your Grand Tableau? 

There are actually two ways to layout a Grand Tableau reading; one method involves laying the cards out in four lines of nine, and the other method involves laying out four lines of eight with four extra cards on the bottom. The fact that there are two methods of laying out your Grand Tableau is why sometimes you see Grand Tableaus looking different. 

For the purpose of this post, I am going to refer to the long, 9×4 method of laying out Lenormand cards as the ‘Rectangle Method’, and the method of laying cards in 8×4+4 as the ‘Square Method’. 

Before we begin, I should point out that all positions of the Grand Tableau have the same Grand Tableau house meanings no matter which method you use.. 

So, what are the benefits and the drawbacks of each method, and which ones should you use? 

The Square Method

Again, when you lay out the Square Method of the Grand Tableau, you must lay out four lines of eight with four cards along the bottom of the Grand Tableau. You’ll see this method used on Instagram a lot because the cards in this method are easier to fit into a square image!

Diviners who read with the Square Method typically (but not always) assign special meaning to the four cards which line the bottom of the square. These cards reflect what is really important for the seeker and reveal the things which the seeker should pay attention to. 

Although advocates of this method love that they can assign special meaning to the bottom four cards, one must ask what happens to the original meanings of those houses. For example, the House of Fish is all about money and finances, but it also counts as one of the ‘special four’. Why is the financial house more special than, say the House of Heart?

Also, it is more confusing to mirror with The Square Method than it is with The Rectangle Method. With The Rectangle Method, the mirroring is much easier and even than it is with The Square Method. 

The Rectangle Method

With the Rectangle Method, you must lay your Grand Tableau out in four lines of nine. This way, your Grand Tableau looks more like a rectangle. 

I recommend to my students that they lay their Grand Tableau’s out in four lines of nine. If you lay your cards out in this way, it is easier to mirror, knight and use diagonals. Also, not House gets special treatment; all spread positions are read as they are. 

Diviners who read with the Square Method like the fact that they can read the four cards which line the bottom of the spread as something which is important. However, in the Rectangle Method you can read the House of Key as something which is important or which needs to be paid attention to, so the Square Method doesn’t really provide anything the Rectangle Method doesn’t. 

So, that’s it for a your Grand Tableau should look like! On this site, I also have a free Lenormand for Beginners Guide. You can download that guide here

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What should a Grand Tableau look like? Is the Lenormand Grand Tableau Spread a rectangle or do four cards go along the bottom of the spread?
Illustration: What should a Grand Tableau look like? Is the Lenormand Grand Tableau Spread a rectangle or do four cards go along the bottom of the spread?

Cards In Their Own House Of A Grand Tableau

Are you curious as to what it means when you receive cards in their own house of a Grand Tableau? Is there any special significance to getting a Lenormand card in its own spread position? If you have ever wondered these things you’re in luck because today I am going to answer these questions! 

Below, I am going to give you three ways of interpreting what a Lenormand card means when it lands in its own Grand Tableau House (for example, a Heart card in The House of Heart). My favourite is number three BUT I like to give my audience a variety of options so that they can pick the way which works for them, and I suggest you do the same. 

I also recommend that once you find the method which calls you, try to stick to it in all of your readings even if you do not always like the interpretation you get. Sticking to one method of these three methods will limit your confusion and prevent you from being put on the spot. 

With all of that being said, here is what means when you receive a Lenormand card in its own Grand Tableau House: 

Nothing Of Significance 

Some diviners do say that receiving a card in its own House means that nothing of significance is going to happen in that area of your life. For example, if the Coffin card appears in The House of Coffin, this means that there will be no slow endings, serious illnesses or deaths in your near future. 

In these cases, the reason why the card appears in its own House is because it is ‘resting’ there; the card is just hanging out in its own position due to the fact that it has nothing to say in other areas of the spread.  

Information About A Date

There will be times when the positions of a Grand Tableau spread represent a time frame. If the Houses represent a time frame or date, then the card in that House symbolizes something which is going to happen during that time of year. 

I am rather fond of this interpretation for interpreting a card in its own House because it makes sense, especially with some Houses. Here are some examples with interpreting a Lenormand card in its own house using timing: 

The Rider card in The House of Rider: Can predict that there will be a message for you in around one month’s time. 

The Stork card in The House of Stork: Can predict a pregnancy during the change of seasons. 

The Lily card in The House of Lily: Can predict peace during the Wintertime. 

(For more information on timing, be sure to check out the Lenormand Time Frames and Dates post, and the Timing with Lenormand post on this website). 

Cards In Their Own House Of A Grand Tableau Amplifies The Card Meaning

This is my favorite way to interpret a Lenormand card in its own Grand Tableau House. Personally, when a card lands in its own House, I take this to mean that you are going to receive lots of the things which the card discusses.

If you’re interpreting a card in its own House as symbolizing that card amplified, then the meaning you assign to that card matters. Obviously, some cards have two meanings so the one you use the most is how you will interpret that House. 

For example, if the Book card appears in The Book House, I would take this to mean that you are going to have a lot of secrets during this time. Alternatively, the Book card in the House of Book can mean that you’re going to be learning many new things. How you interpret it, depends on how you interpret the Book. 

So, that is all for cards in their own house of a Grand Tableau! On this site, I also have a free Lenormand for Beginners Guide. You can download that guide here

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Illustration What it means when you recieve Lenormand cards in their own House of a Grand Tableau. Is there any special significance to getting a card in its own house?

Lenormand Combinations For Pregnancy

Are you a Lenormand card reader who would like to know which are the best Lenormand card combinations to indicate pregnancy? What are the best cards for conception? Which Lenormand cards predict you’re having a baby? Well, if so you’re in luck because this is what I am going to cover today!

When I was performing lots of professional readings I got to see pregnancy in the cards a lot, so this is something which I know quite a lot about. Also, with Lenormand, there are some combinations that obviously indicate pregnancy and I have listed them below.

Before I begin, I would just like to point out that you should try to pull as little cards possible if you are asking a question that is highly emotionally charged. Pulling as little cards as possible will not only negate a lot of your confusion, but it makes it more likely that the two or three cards you will pull are indicators of pregnancy. After all, if you’re pulling five or more cards you’re a lot more likely to get one of the following combinations!

Combinations For Pregnancy

With that in mind, here are my top Lenormand combinations which predict pregnancy: 

Stork And Child

The most obvious pregnancy combination is that of the Stork and Child. Stork indicates pregnancy or major changes. When Stork is combined with Child it predicts ‘pregnant with a child’ or ‘changes because of a child’. 

With that being said, sometimes Stork and Child together can predict the birth of a new idea, so keep this in mind when forming your interpretation. If you have new projects in the works, it is possible that Stork and Child could represent this and not an actual pregnancy. 

Stork And Anchor

Stork and Anchor is another typical pregnancy combination, especially if your pregnancy is going to be stable and risk-free. In these cases, Anchor and Stork in a Lenormand reading would indicate a ‘stable pregnancy’ or a ‘lasting pregnancy’. 

I also take the Stork and Anchor in combination to symbolize a pregnancy because one of the Stork’s meanings is ‘change’ but Anchor represents ‘consistency’. Therefore, an Anchor nearby the Stork often chancels out interpretation of ‘change’ and makes a pregnancy interpretation more possible. 

Child And Tree

Tree is a card with two meanings. On the one hand, it represents health. On the other, it can symbolize family. Whether the card represents health or extended family, if it is combined with the Child card it can indicate that pregnancy and conception will be a possibility. 

When Tree symbolizes Child it indicates that ‘health will be impacted due to child’ or it can predict that ‘the health of a child’ is somehow important. If you do not already have children, then this makes it more likely that the child you will be concerned about is an unborn one. 

If your Tree card represents family or blood relatives, Tree and Child together can symbolize a descendant or child which is closely related to you. Again, it is more likely that this interpretation represents your own child if you do not already have children of your own. 

So, that is it for the best Lenormand combinations for pregnancy! On this site, I also have a free Lenormand for Beginners Guide. You can download that guide here

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What are the best Lenormand card combinations to indicate pregnancy? What are the cards for conception? Which Lenormand cards predict you’re having a baby?

Lenormand Combinations For Love

What are the best Lenormand card combinations for love? Which card combinations should you look for when performing Lenormand readings on relationships? Which Lenormand card combinations predict the best results for relationship outcomes? If you’re wanting answers to these questions, then read below! 

Below I have listed the best you can hope for when it comes to Lenormand card combinations for love readings. This is not an extensive list, but these ten Lenormand combinations will give you a good idea about what you should be looking for in a positive Lenormand love reading. 

Woman And Man Combination

In a love reading, the Woman and Man (Lady and Gentleman) card side by side is usually a positive omen. The Man and Woman card combination in a Lenormand relationship reading mean that you and your partner are committed to each other, and your partnership is a priority. 

However, there is an exception to this rule. If you’re performing a love reading and the Man and Woman cards appear back to back, this is not a good omen as it predicts that you and your lover are not, or will not be getting along in the future. The characters on the Woman and Man cards must be facing each other for the combination to be a lucky one for love. 

Tree And Heart Combination

Tree is a card of growth and stability and the Heart is a card of love and relationships. Therefore, it is pretty obvious that Tree and Heart combined can predict a ‘blossoming’ of your current partnership. 

Man (Or Woman) And Ring Combination

If you’re a woman performing a love reading and you get the Man and Ring combination, this is favorable as it predicts that your partner will be committed to you in the future. Similarly, if you’re a man and you receive the Woman and the Ring combination, this means that she is committed to you. 

Home And Anchor Combination

The Home (House) card and the Anchor card are desirable combinations to receive in Lenormand love readings because they represent both a stable and comfortable relationship.

Also, if you and your lover live together, you can expect to be together for a long time, as the Home and Anchor combination symbolizes a consistent living environment, implying that your partner is not going to move out any time soon! 

Key And Heart Combination

The Key and the Heart together is a good combination to receive in a love reading, because this combination predicts that the relationship will be one of significance in your life. The partnership which you are reading about holds a bit of weight. 

Obviously, we can have relationships that are significant to us, but which do not work out; the Heart and Key will appear together in these instances. However, you can be sure that the importance of your relationship is not in your head or just imaginary, and this is the start of a partnership which is more than a fleeting romance. 

Sun And Ring Combination

The Sun and the Ring is a standard good relationship combination. In Lenormand readings, the Sun and Ring predict success in commitments, so if you’re already in a partnership with the person you’re reading about, the Sun and Ring are a welcomed card combination. 

Clover And Stars Combination

For most types of readings, I read the Clover and Stars as a welcomed combination. However, when Clover and Stars appear as a combination in a love or relationship reading, I interpret this combo especially well. 

The Clover predicts that you will be lucky, and Stars predict that you will receive the things you want. Therefore, together in a love reading both Clover and Stars is a particularly lucky card combination representing fortune for your relationship.  

Bouquet And Ring Combination

Do you want to become engaged with your lover? Then the Bouquet and Ring means that you are in luck! If you get the Bouquet and Ring in a relationship reading, it can mean that your lover is about to surprise you with an engagement ring. 

Rider And Heart Combination

If you’re not already in a relationship with the person you’re reading about, then you should be hoping that you get the Rider and Heart combination in your Lenormand card. the Rider card can predict things coming into your life, and the Heart card is the card of love and romance. Therefore, if you receive the Rider and Heart combination in your love reading, you can look forward to an established partnership in the future. 

Anchor And Bouquet Combination

Reading an already established relationship? Is your partnership going great? Do you get treated well by your lover? If the answer is yes to all of these questions, then the Anchor and Bouquet is a very fortunate combination in a relationship reading. 

It is very common for relationships to start off on sound footing. Your partner will often try hard to impress you by taking you on dates, wooing you, and doing small thoughtful things in order to convince you that they are the one you should be with. However, as time goes on your partner may stop putting effort into the relationship.

If you receive the Anchor and Bouquet in a love reading, this predicts that how your partner shows your appreciation for you will be the same well into the future. Therefore, if your love is treating you right today and you have pulled the Anchor and Bouquet combination they will keep on treating you well tomorrow and the day after that, and the day after that. 

So, there you have it; the best Lenormand combinations for love or relationship readings. Be sure to check out my free Lenormand for beginner’s guide on this website!

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What are the best Lenormand combinations for love? Which card combinations should you look for when performing Lenormand readings on relationships?

Questions For Lenormand Cards

If you’re just learning how to read Lenormand cards, I recommend that you jump in and start making predictions as soon as possible. The only way to really learn how to read Lenormand is to get stuck in! One way which you can get used to the Lenormand system is to ask your cards simple questions, and make small, no pressure predictions. 

You should ask your Lenormand cards simple questions, interpret your answers and refer back at a later date. For the best results, I would ask my deck a mix of predictive questions, holistic questions, and questions that have both short and long-term outcomes. 

Below, I have written a beginner’s list of low-pressure questions that you can ask yourself, record the answers and look back on in the future. Once the future happens, you can compare and contrast your results with your predictions and see how you did!

However, so that you can measure their accuracy,  remember to record the answers to these questions after you perform your Lenormand reading! 

Plus! If you’re eagle-eyed enough, you can see that each of these questions is inspired by the corresponding Lenormand card (have a think about how the question fits the interpretation). Good luck! 

1. Who will be the next visitor to come to my house? 

2. What will be the next lucky event to happen to me? 

3. What country would my personality be most suited to? 

4. What is the character of the next family member I will bump into? 

5. What do the next six weeks hold for my health? 

6. Where in my life is my judgment impaired? 

7. Where will I next encounter an exotic animal? 

8. What will be the nature of my next illness? 

7. What will be the next gift I will receive? 

10. In my life, what is about to end? 

11. Will the team which I support win at their next match? 

12. What is the next exciting thing I will see on social media? 

13. Who will be the next child I will see? 

14. Which job would suit me the best? 

15. Will I stick to my next health kick? 

16. This is where I can inspire others.

17. Who in my life is going to get pregnant next? 

18. Which one of my friends will I next bump into? 

19. This is a club/organization/group which would be good for me. 

20. The date of the next event I get invited to will be….

21. What does my long-term future hold? 

22. What will be the nature of my next dilemma? 

23. This is the most stressful thing in my life….

24. What do the next six weeks hold for my love life? 

25. Who in my life will be next to walk down the aisle? 

26. Which subject matter should I devote myself to mastering? 

27. What time will the post arrive today? 

28. What do I look for in a partner? 

29. What does a partner look for in me? 

30. Will I retire? Should I?

31. The next major event to happen to me during the day is…..

32. The next major event to happen to me during the night is…..

33. This is the most important thing to me in my life. 

34. What will be my next unexpected purchase? 

35. I will find an item on my next beach stroll. What will it be? 

36. What do the next six weeks hold for my spirituality? 

That’s all for my list of questions for Lenormand cards! If you have enjoyed this post, feel free to download my 100% free Lenormand for Beginner’s guide.

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Infographic If you’re just learning how to read Lenormand cards, jump in and start making predictions as soon as possible. Here's 36 questions for Lenormand cards