The Lenormand Pyramid Spread

Do you want a Lenormand card spread which you can use for readings where the seeker does not reveal their question? Maybe you usually use a Grand Tableau but you do not have enough space or time to perform this massive reading? BUT you seeker is just sitting there not saying anything? That is what the Lenormand Pyramid Spread is for!

The Pyramid Spread is a ten-card spread that reveals any issues that are on your seeker’s mind. Not only will this spread reveal what your seeker is thinking, but it will also give them some advice and predictions for the future. So, let’s get to it!

Let’s pretend that we are reading an imaginary seeker Diageo at a psychic fair. Diageo has come to our table for a reading, but he is sitting there not saying anything. We only have ten minutes to wow Diageo, so we decide to perform a Pyramid Spread.

Example of a Lenormand Pyramid Spread

First of all, we would ask our ancestors to help us perform the best reading possible for Diageo. We would also make sure to ask them to make sure that our reading is not completely shit! Then, we would shuffle our cards as normal and lay them out in a Pyramid Spread as shown:

Example of a spread
Cards are Fox; Fish & Home; Stork & Birds & Tower; Ship & Crossroads & Sun & Anchor.

The first card on the top of our Pyramid shows the main life area which causes Diageo concern. The second section of cards (the two cards) gives Diageo advice on how to proceed. The third row of cards (the three cards) tells Diageo about any outside or unknown factors which he may or may not consciously be aware of. And, finally, the base of the Pyramid reveals the future of the matter).

So, let’s form our interpretation!

Diageo’s main area of concern is his work, as shown by the Fox card. According to this reading, he needs to look for employment which makes him more financially comfortable (Fish + Home). He does not know this yet, but changes are taking place due to talks between officials at his place of employment (Stork + Birds + Tower). In the future, he will move in an alternate direction and find something more stable (Ship + Crossroads + Sun + Anchor).

Therefore, we can predict that Diageo is going to leave his current place of employment. One of the reasons why is because changes are going to happen at his work which he does not yet know about, but they are coming from ‘high up’ so he will have no control over them. However, his current job does not offer him the financial security which his future job will so he will be happier with his new place of employment.

That is it for how to perform a reading using the Lenormand Pyramid Spread. If you perform this reading for yourself, let me know how you get on through social media:

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Want a Lenormand card spread you can use for readings with or without a question? That is what the Lenormand Pyramid Spread is for! Here is how to read one!