Develop Precognition Abilities

Precognition is the ability to see the future and predict events. Precognition is the skill that divination practitioners and fortune tellers use to foresee things that are about to happen. If you develop precognition abilities, you can better predict likely outcomes in your love life, business projects, even sporting events.

Many people are raised to believe that only very gifted psychics or gypsy fortune tellers like myself have precognition – this is not true! Like all psychic abilities, everyone has precognitive abilities, but some people are naturally stronger than others. However, everyone can work on their precognitive abilities.

Below, I have given you some exercises which you can try to help you develop your psychic abilities and precognition. Give them a go and see how you get on!

Tip One: When The Phone Rings, Try To Predict Who Is Calling

One very simple thing you can do to develop your precognitive abilities is to try to project who you think will be on the other end of the house phone. Or, if your phone goes off in your pocket try to ‘sense’ who you think is trying to contact you.

Practicing this exercise will help you to gauge the energy of different people in your life. Then, when you have funny feelings or sense that something is going to happen you will be able to pinpoint the feeling to a precise individual. So, instead of just saying, “Something is going to happen” you will be able to say, “Something is going to happen to June”.

Tip Two: Predict Your Timeline

This is a pretty fun exercise. Before you go to bed, write down what you think is going to be on your social media timeline when you wake up. Who is going to post first? What are they going to say? How many new friend requests/followers are you going to have?

Again, this exercise will help you to predict events surrounding people, but you will be projecting what is going to happen in the future, not just the present as you would with the telephone calls.

Tip Three: Practice Divination To Develop Precognitive Abilities

If anything is going to increase your precognitive abilities, practicing divination will. By its very nature, divination will encourage you to make predictions all of the time. Precognition is like a muscle, the more you use it the more you build it!

You do not have to be super psychic to practice divination, anyone can. I recommend that you start with Lenormand cards as these are very good for building intuition and predicting general events. Using Lenormand, you can make very detailed predictions about your love life, career, even your social media platforms! You can find a free ‘Lenormand for Beginners’ guide at the end of this post.

Tip Four: Pay Attention To Intrusive Thoughts

I am a natural precog and I make predictions a lot. I even teach other people how to make predictions! One thing which I really notice about me is that before something or someone becomes a major feature in my life, I ‘notice’ them or become aware of their presence.

For example, I noticed this girl’s name on my social media a few weeks ago. We were not friends but she was friends with an associate of mine whom I followed on Instagram and I seen her comment on a post. I felt really, really drawn to her and had a proper snoop on her account (don’t judge me). A couple of days later, my friend’s (a different friend) boyfriend had left her for the girl whose account I was snooping on and it caused a big who ha. I guess I was drawn to her because she became relevant in my life.

Another example, months ago I remembered a reader (another blogger) which I used to be friends with but fell out with years ago. Her name just popped into my head so I went and snooped on her Facebook account (I know I need to get off my phone). I go scrolling and come to find out she had been going onto my website and stealing my images for her adverts!

You might think that you’re just being nosey, but if you feel really drawn to a person there is usually a reason for it and they will become relevant in the future. So, if you want to develop your precognition abilities you should pay attention to (and possibly even keep a record of) those intrusive thoughts.

Tip Five: Trust Yourself While You Develop Precognitive Abilities

This next tip is so cheesy but it really makes the difference when you’re working on your psychic development, especially your precognitive abilities. You have to trust yourself.

It goes back to what I said about a lot of people thinking that they have to be super psychic in order to practice divination and predict events. ANYONE can use divination and make predictions.

If you really want to develop precognitive abilities, if you want to take action instead of just thinking that you ‘might’ develop, I recommend that you go onto Amazon, order a ‘Lenormand deck’ and start making predictions on your general life, love life and other life areas which matter to you.

That’s all for how you can develop your precognitive abilities! I also have a free Lenormand for Beginners Guide. You can download that guide here

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Precognition is the ability to see the future and predict events.If you develop precognition abilities, you can better predict likely outcomes in readings.
Illustration Precognition is the ability to see the future and predict events.If you develop precognition abilities, you can better predict likely outcomes in readings.

Honour Your Ancestors Through Spirituality

For us diviners, our ancestors are constantly on our minds. If being a diviner is part of your lifestyle, every day you will be conscious of the spirits of your ancestors and the role which they play in your psychic readings and spirituality in general. Here is how to honour your ancestors through spirituality. 

As a diviner (someone who practices divination) I am constantly aware of my ancestor’s spirits. They send me signs in my waking life and visit me in my dreams. I petition my spirits before every reading and they make sure that my divination is on point, my precognition is working and I give the best possible psychic reading every time.

So, today, I wanted to give some quick tips for things which you can do to ensure a connection with your ancestors, not just for your psychic readings, but for your spirituality in general. Here are my top tips for how to honour your ancestors through spirituality:

Step One: Notice The Signs Which They Send You

Your passed relatives will talk to you through signs, especially if you’re scared of ‘ghosts’ or apprehensive about working with spirit. One thing which I teach in my Psychic Course is how to work with signs and stop being scared of spirit.

The signs which your relatives will send you be something which you’re likely to notice. For example, if you keep on noticing a certain bird or animal outside your home, these could be signs from spirits.

A common misconception among newbies to spirituality is that signs and symbols are the same things, which they are not. The symbolic meaning of your sign does not matter. All that matters is that you are receiving signs and sprits are trying to make contact with you.

Noticing these signs is one way in which you can honour your ancestors because doing so means that you acknowledge their presence in your life. If you ignore the signs they send you, it is kind of like telling them you do not want to speak to them! So, to honour them you must appreciate the fact that they are initiating conversation.

Believe it or not, you can actually decide which sign you want your ancestors to send. However, ideally, it would be a sign which you would connect to them. For example, before my grandad died he made me hold a handful of bees so I connect bees with him; bees are our sign. You can ask spirit to send you a specific sign which you would associate with one of your relatives.

Step Two: Have Them Around

If you want to honour your ancestors, place their pictures or things which remind you of them around your house. I am a Romany Gypsy so I have lots of depictions of wagons around my home. I know a lot of people of Scottish descent who have thistle around their home.

I am lucky enough to have known many of my ancestors, such as my great grandparents and my grandparents personally. I have photographs of them around my house and I make a conscious effort to stop, pause and reflect everyday. Having images or things that remind me of them around the home keeps them as a part of my life, my daughter’s life and the other kids who come to the home.

Step Three: Ask Them For Dreams

Not only can you ask your ancestors for signs but you can also ask them for dreams. Before you go to bed, ask your spirits if they will make contact with you. You can ask for guidance or you can ask them how you can better honour them.

A few weeks ago, I asked my ancestors for guidance before I went to bed. I did not even know particularly what I was needing I just knew that I need some spiritual help. One of my relatives appeared to me in the guise of a teacher. He told me some things connected to my business which I had completely forgotten about. My business is now going in a totally new direction because of the guidance from that dream.

If you usually do not dream, try writing down whatever you can remember in the morning, even if it is only a small thing, a color or a word. Recording what you can remember trains your consciousness to remember even tiny little details.

Step Four: Talk About Them 

People must think I am insane, but I talk about my dead relatives all of the time. I am always sharing stories about my granddad, or telling people about things that happened when certain relatives were alive. I make sure that the younger generations know that my past relatives are a big part of how they got here.

Today, I want you to make a conscious effort to talk about your ancestors. Do not just think about doing so but get out your phone now and set a reminder to converse with someone about your relatives. Or, post your favourite story on Facebook or Instagram. You can honour your ancestors through spirituality, by spreading your love of them in real life.

Step Five: Perform A Reading

Next, I want you to try this exercise with either your Lenormand or Tarot cards. This is a good way to see if your ancestors have any guidance for you (and you can honour them by taking their advice!)

Grab your preferred deck. I want you to say out loud, “Ancestors, what are you trying to tell me?” And I want you to shuffle your cards while you say these words. When you feel intuitively ready, go through your deck and look for:

The High Priestess if using a Tarot deck.

The Lily card if using a Lenormand deck.

The cards which lay on the top and the bottom of these cards will be your message from your ancestors. I got the Child and the Tower card, which I would interpret as, “Stand out and have fun” which is just the type of attitude my family has towards everything!

So, that is all for how you can honour your ancestors through spirituality! If you try any of the tips from this post and you post about them on Instagram, be sure to tag us and we will share you in our Instagram stories!

I also have a free Lenormand for Beginners Guide. You can download that guide here

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Here is how to honor your ancestors through spirituality. Communicate with your ancestors for psychic development, divination and psychic reading.
Illustration Here is how to honor your ancestors through spirituality. Communicate with your ancestors for psychic development, divination and psychic reading.

Improve Your Lenormand Predictions

Are you wondering how you can improve your precognitive abilities through reading Lenormand? Do you want to improve your Lenormand predictions? Do you want to improve your psychic development so that you can give more accurate Lenormand card readings? If this sounds like you do not worry, I have you covered and this is something which we are going to be looking at today!

The idea of prediction is something that many psychic readers today seem to shy away from yet, at the same time, it is exactly what draws so many newbies into the world of cartomancy. Being able to peer into the future has been humanity’s life-long dream and the 21st-century person is no less inclined to give it a try than their counterpart in Ancient Egypt, three millennia ago. So, I am going to show you, in this post, how you can improve your Lenormand predictions.

Enter Lenormand

In a time when the study of Tarot appears to be shifting away from prediction and into the realm of self-help and spiritual development, another system has entered the picture to fill in the void. A pack of 36 cards Lenormand promises to allow us to tap into our innate talent for precognition and give us precise, accurate answers to all our burning questions. The only thing we have to do is activate our intuitive potential.

The Elusive Idea of Intuition 

Intuition is best described as an ability to know a fact without the use of logical reasoning. It bypasses the conscious mind and goes directly into the parts of our mind we have little control of. For some, dipping into the deep waters of intuition will be easy. For others, it may appear impossibly difficult. In fact, many will be led to believe that they simply do not possess it and that their logical mind is meant to rule their entire personality. This, however, isn’t true. The talent is available to everyone.

Develop Your Intuitive Potential With Lenormand

Lenormand is perhaps one of the most effective ways to unlock your potential for precognition. It is not only a tool for prediction but also a method you can use to open up your spiritual synapses in such a way so that all other paths of divination you decide to take will bring drastically better results. While not exactly a science, fortune-telling is an art that can be mastered.

Read It Like A Sentence 

At first, your rational mind is likely to stand in the way, prompting you to overanalyze the pictures on the cards. You need to remember that the individual images are nothing but keywords, simple tools to trigger your innate intuitive potential. The method is simple. Lenormand relies on a semantic structure, taking advantage of the left side of your brain to access your talents. Reading a string of Lenormand cards is like reading a sentence. Each image is a word, each series of images a phrase, each Grand Tableau a story.

Be Quick To Improve Your Lenormand Predictions

The first trick to get your precognition going is to be as quick as possible. Do not think too much. If you want to improve your Lenormand predictions, do not hold back. Simply say whatever comes to your mind first. Do not allow yourself the time to hesitate. Be bold and be blunt. The sheer speed of your delivery will prevent your rational mind from interfering and allow you to tap into the intuitive. The flurry of words will come out faster than you can filter them. They will be natural and emerge directly from your subconscious mind. More often than not, you will get it right – even the first few times you give it a try.

Be Funny

You might also want to try being ridiculous. Yes, keeping it silly and playful is perhaps one of the most potent keys to unlocking your intuitive potential. It helps you relax and take things as they come. Sometimes the most literate, the most mundane, the most hilarious predictions are the most accurate ones. The Bouquet can stand for the flowers in your garden, the Mountain a rock in your shoe, and the House coupled with Mice may be hinting at the fact that you have a rodent problem. No shame in admitting it.

Retain Your Innocence To Improve Your Lenormand Predictions

This sort of innocence and enthusiasm for fortune-telling is what keeps the best in the business going. It unlocks potential for precognition you never dreamed existed and makes every prediction you make not only more accurate but more fun to utter. There is no point in playing with the cards if you’re not enjoying it. Make it fun.

Practice Word Association 

This very down-to-earth, non-occult exercise can help you tremendously in becoming a better fortune-teller. Word association is a fun game involving an exchange of words. It is best played with a partner but you can also do it on your own, putting together endless strings of words that have something in common. Use your Lenormand cards as starting points. This will push you to expand your vocabulary and enable you to use a more diverse range of keywords in your readings. The better you can express your ideas, the more accurate your prediction is likely to be.

Guess The Card To Improve Your Lenormand Predictions

Another fun game you can play with your cards is trying to guess which one you’re holding. Turn them face down, shuffle them thoroughly, and pick one (or a few) without turning them over. Say the name of the first card that comes to your mind aloud. At first, you are likely to fail. Over time, with practice, you will begin to be pleasantly surprised at how often you will get it right.

Start a Psychic Journal 

Tracking your progress is important. Keeping a psychic journal can be an excellent way to do this. Write down the details of each reading you do. Then, after some time has passed, compare and see how much of your prediction has come true. It is a very scientific method – one that will allow you to measure the level of your accuracy and, eventually, take your precognition to the next level.

Take It Easy To Improve Your Lenormand Predictions

Always remember not to take yourself too seriously. Lenormand did, after all, start as a mere parlor game. It was and still is supposed to be fun and enjoyable. Being able to peer into the future and take full advantage of your precognition is a beautiful gift, one that should be indulged in with joy – and shared with others. Never push yourself too hard. Approach divination with ease and you will have much higher chances of succeeding.

That is all for how to improve your Lenormand predictions! I also have a free Lenormand for Beginners Guide. You can download that guide here

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Are you wondering how you can improve your precognitive psychic abilities through reading Lenormand? Do you to improve your Lenormand predictions?
Illustration Are you wondering how you can improve your precognitive psychic abilities through reading Lenormand? Do you to improve your Lenormand predictions?

Methods Of Fortune-Telling With Cards

What are all of the different methods of fortune-telling using cards? Would you like to know how you can use cards for divination? What are all of the similarities and differences between all of both common and uncommon methods of cartomancy?

As you probably already know, the correct name for fortune-telling using cards is cartomancy. Cartomancy is divination using cards. If you’re new to cartomancy, you may not have decided yet which method of cartomancy is right for you. Alternatively, if you want to learn another way of card reading, you might be looking for options. 

Below you can discover more about the different types of cartomancy. I hope this list helps you to make an informed choice about which method of reading is right for you. 

Methods of fortune telling with cards - Tarot Cards


Tarot is one of the most popular methods of fortune-telling with cards. It is pretty easy to purchase Tarot cards as they are available in most book stores and new age shops. Therefore, Tarot is often where most diviners begin their cartomancy journey as it is pretty easy to get started with Tarot reading.

There are seventy-eight cards in a Tarot deck; twenty-two of which are what are known as the Major Arcana and these include cards such as: The Fool, The Magician, The High Priestess, The Empress, The Emperor, The Hierophant, The Lovers, The Chariot, Strength, The Hermit, The Wheel of Fortune, Justice, The Hanged Man, Death, Temperance, The Tower, The Devil, The Star, The Moon, The Sun, Judgement, and The World

Other than The Major Arcana, the other fifty-six cards of Tarot are known as The Minor Arcana. The Minor Arcana are further divided into four suits (Wands, Cups, Swords, and Pentacles). Each of the four suits has cards numbered Ace to Ten and four Court cards. For example, the suit of Pentacles has cards numbered from Ace to Ten plus a Page of Pentacles, Knight of Pentacles, Queen of Pentacles, and King of Pentacles. 

Tarot is an excellent divination system for answering specific questions. Diviners read cards in spreads, and you can adapt a spread to serve pretty much any purpose. You can ask Tarot questions about your career, business, friendships, love life, the sky is the limit. 

If you’re just getting started with cartomancy, then Tarot is an excellent place to start because it is an accessible system and there is lots of information available on Tarot. However, because there are lots of Tarot card meanings to learn, it can take some people years to master the system. 

Methods of fortune telling with cards - Playing Cards Cartomancy

Playing Cards

You can use regular playing cards for divination. You do not require any special decks to divine with playing cards; just a regular deck will do. Sometimes, fortune tellers refer to playing card divination as just ‘cartomancy.’ 

As with Tarot, many diviners begin their cartomancy journey learning how to read playing cards. Reading fortunes with playing cards used to be a rather prevalent form a card reading, but it has fallen out of favor in recent years, possibly because of other systems (Tarot, Lenormand, and oracle cards) have more visually appealing decks. However, there are some pretty fine looking playing card decks currently on the market (such as the Alice in Wonderland one pictured).

Oracle Cards

Oracle Cards

In some countries, oracle card divination surpasses Tarot for popularity. As with Tarot, oracle cards are readily available for purchase in mainstream bookstores (such as Barnes and Noble or WHSmith). The vast majority of people who have an interest in spirituality have dabbled in oracle card reading. 

Unlike other methods of cartomancy, there is not a standard system for interpreting oracle cards because all oracle card decks are different. For example, one deck may include a card called Love Yourself and another deck might contain a card named after the planet Mercury. 

Oracle cards are typically used by diviners to answer self-help styled questions. For example, instead of asking your oracle cards a predictive question such as, “When is John coming back”? You would ask, “What steps can I take to get over John”?

Because they are easy to buy, a lot of diviners start with oracle cards, but they do pose their challenges. Every time you purchase an oracle deck, you have to start again with a new system; this can be off-putting, and many people do not delve too far into serious oracle card study. 

Kipper Cards

Kipper Cards

A lesser-known (and not very popular) method of cartomancy is Kipper divination. In some countries (such as Germany) it is easier to purchase a Kipper deck than it is in others. 

In recent years, there was an effort by the cartomancy communities to boost the public awareness of Kipper and bring it into the mainstream. New Kipper decks were designed and published by Tarot artists, and publishers translated books into English. 

Sadly, however, Kipper does not appear to have ‘caught on’ as a popular method of cartomancy. I am unsure why this is, but from what I can gather it is because the number of available decks, books, and instruction is off-putting to many diviners. Also, the system does not really provide anything which other card systems do not – if diviners want advice, they turn to their oracle cards, if they have specific questions, they turn to Tarot, and if they want to make predictions they start reading Lenormand cards.  

Lenormand Cards


Lenormand is another lesser-known, but a brilliant methods of fortune-telling with cards. While it is rare to find Lenormand cards for sale in bookstores or mind, body, spirit shops, sometimes you can get lucky. The vast majority of Lenormand readers purchase their decks online. 

A Lenormand card deck has thirty-six cards which are named after everyday objects such as mice, scythe, clouds, man, and woman. Each of these cards has a meaning which is parallel to its symbolism. For example, in Western culture, snakes are symbolic of enemies and temptation – this is also the interpretation for the Snake Lenormand card. Therefore, if you are already familiar with symbolism Lenormand will be easy for you to master. 

Lenormand is the ideal system for reading predictive styled readings. It is very, very easy to perform general readings with Lenormand, and most readings are done using a Grand Tableau spread. Each position of the Grand Tableau looks at different areas of your life, including everything from letters you will receive to who you’re going to fall in love with next. 

That’s all for the methods of fortune-telling with cards! You can discover how to read Lenormand cards on this website. In fact, you can learn the basics of Lenormand card reading by grabbing my free Lenormand for Beginner’s guide here

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What are all of the different methods of fortune-telling using cards? Would you like to know how you can use cards for divination?
Illustration What are all of the different methods of fortune-telling using cards? Would you like to know how you can use cards for divination?

Lenormand Card Readers

Are you a Lenormand card reader? Are you interested in learning some statistical facts about Lenormand card readers? Would you like to read some information about the gender, location, and professionalism of the Lenormand fortune-telling population? Are you a Lenormand card reader who is dying to know if your experiences as a Lenormand card reader are typical? 

If this sounds like you, read on! 

In August 2018, I conducted a survey of 947 divination practitioners and asked them about their likes, dislikes, and experiences. Lenormand made up a big part of the survey, and today I am going to reveal the results. 

So, here they are, statistical facts about Lenormand card readers: 

Where Do Lenormand Card Readers Live?

Lenormand readers are more likely to live in the US, Africa, India, and Islamic Asian countries than diviners who do not practice Lenormand. I think these results reflect the growing popularity of Lenormand.

Surprisingly, Lenormand readers are slightly less likely to live in the UK and other European countries when compared to other methods of divination (such as Tarot). I am still working out why this might be but I think it is quite a shocking find considering that it has been assumed by the Lenormand community that most readers are living in these parts of the world.

What Is Their Gender?

Lenormand readers are twice as likely to be male than readers who do not practice Lenormand. One of the reasons for this may be because many of the ‘flag wavers’ for Lenormand are male. A strong male presence in a niche divination community inspires other men to join the party – this is a theme which I have found to be true in not just the Lenormand community, but other divination niches such as the bone-casting community.  

Lenormand readers are also less likely to identify as being non-gendered, genderqueer, or gender-neutral – the more experienced someone is at reading Lenormand, the less likely they are to be such.

What’s Their Experience? 

A large percentage of Lenormand readers (21%) consider themselves to be advanced readers. This is another surprising statistic as it is assumed in the Lenormand community that practically all English speaking readers are beginners.

Lenormand readers are generally more experienced with divination than people who do not read Lenormand. Nearly one-third of Lenormand readers have been reading for over twenty years. 

It is not common for Lenormand to be a diviner’s first method of divination (more than half began their divination journey with Tarot.) The fact that Lenormand readers have often started with another method of divination means that most readers have a considerable amount of time between when they start reading and when they discover Lenormand – this is why Lenormand readers are more likely to have decades of experience with divination. 

What Types of Support Networks Do Lenormand Card Readers Have? 

Lenormand readers have stronger support networks. The friends and family members of Lenormand readers are more supportive than the rest of the general divination population’s friends and family are.

Lenormand readers are statistically less likely to have close relatives who are diviners, but more likely to have ancestors who practice divination.

Are They Professional Diviners? 

Lenormand readers are a lot more likely to be professional readers, and they are more likely to build sustainable businesses than diviners who do not read Lenormand. In fact, Lenormand readers are more than twice as likely to make a full-time living than readers who do not read Lenormand.

The Big Divination Survey found that 77% of all readers who make a full-time living from their readings are Lenormand readers, and 66% make at least a part-time living. 

It is possible that Lenormand readers make more money because they have supportive family members and family. There is a very strong correlation between peer support and success as a psychic reader. 

Another reason why Lenormand readers are more likely to run successful businesses is that they read for prediction; predictive divination is an extremely profitable skill set. 

Do Lenormand Card Readers Want To Improve Their Businesses? 

Despite being more successful, Lenormand readers are less likely to want to learn more about business. One of the reasons for this may be because they are already doing well so do not feel the need to learn more about these topics. They would rather spend their time learning more about how to improve their skills.

Is Lenormand Growing In Popularity? 

Yes! Lenormand has grown (and will continue to grow) in popularity. 

Only a few short years ago, there weren’t any Lenormand books or decks, and only a handful of Lenormand resources available in English. Now, Lenormand has boomed in popularity thanks to an increase in the public interest and English resources.  

Many readers are attracted to Lenormand’s ability to make specific and accurate predictions about love, career, and life. The Big Divination Survey revealed that 77% of diviners had a high interest in learning how to read Lenormand cards; that’s more than the number of diviners who were interested in Astrology, Numerology, or any of the methods of divination which use crystals. 

So, that is it for the statistical facts about Lenormand card readers! 

I also have a free Lenormand for Beginners Guide. You can download that guide here

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Illustration Are you a Lenormand card reader? Are you interested in learning some facts about Lenormand card readers? Here is their gender, reading experience and more!

Combine Lenormand And Oracle Cards

Are you wondering how I combine Lenormand and Oracle cards? Should you combine Lenormand and Oracle cards? Is it possible that your personal (and professional) readings will be more accurate if you use Lenormand and Oracle cards together? Today, I am going to answer these questions, and give you a sneak peek exactly how I combine Lenormand and Oracle cards! 

I previously talked about how I combine Lenormand and Tarot for readings. Essentially, I use my Lenormand Grand Tableau to make predictions about my life, and then I use my Tarot cards to get more detail on my areas of concern. 

Personally, I combine my Lenormand and Oracle cards when I want predictions and a bit of holistic healing. My Lenormand cards let me predict the future, and my Oracle cards calm my nerves or give me reassurance while I wait for tomorrow to come. 

Why Should You Combine Lenormand And Oracle Cards?

Lenormand and Oracle cards serve two similar but different purposes, and this is why I like to combine them. Why you choose to combine Lenormand and Oracle cards will depend on what you use Lenormand and Oracle cards for in your readings. 

I use Lenormand cards for general readings. General readings do not require a question, they predict the future of a particular life area, such as love, business, money, mail, and more; Lenormand looks at all of these places and that is why I like to use them. 

When it comes to Oracle cards, I use them to communicate with the spirits which are around me. I ask the spirits what (if any) guidance they have for me at a particular time or for a particular matter, then I pull a card and interpret their advice. 

You may not use Oracle cards to communicate with spirits. If you use Oracle cards for holistic, healing reasons, or even if you use them to talk to angels you will still benefit by combining them with Lenormand cards. 

As you can see, because I use my Lenormand and Tarot cards for very different purposes, it is not difficult for me to combine them together. Oracle cards add a new layer to my Lenormand card readings. 

Should You Combine Lenormand And Oracle Cards? 

Yes! As long as you are using your Lenormand and Oracle cards for different purposes you can combine them. What I mean by this, is that you must make sure that you are using your Lenormand cards for one thing and your Oracle cards for another. 

For example, I will ask my spirits to assist me in my Lenormand card readings, but I will only ask for my general fortune. Then, when it is time to perform my Oracle card readings, I will ask my spirits for guidance or for encouraging words that help me feel better. Using my cards for different things ensures that I am not just fishing for an answer from different divination systems! 

How Do You Combine Card Systems?

For my readings, I always start off my petitioning my ancestors to assist me. It doesn’t matter if I am reading myself or someone else, I am always right in there asking my spirits for guidance! I spend a minute doing this and then I light some incense. 

For some reason, if the matter is super important I always re-order my Lenormand cards back into their original order (RiderCross) and then re-shuffle them. While I am shuffling I think of my question and then I lay my Grand Tableau. 

If you are curious, I never re-order my Oracle card decks back into the order which they originally were in. I don’t know why this is, I think I am just this way because I know that Oracle cards never really have an order! 

I save my Oracle cards for the end of my reading. My Oracle cards are my spirits talking directly to me, so I like to keep them special. Usually, the Oracle card which I pull will give me advice or reassurance about something in my Lenormand reading which has been stressing me out (health problems, relationship confusion, etc). 

Also, because my Grand Tableaus are such massive readings I don’t do them too often for myself. However, I do find myself pulling my Oracle cards throughout the day when I am feeling anxious, as the added guidance calms me down. I find that Oracle cards are easier than other card systems to interpret if you’re reading yourself, which is another reason why I often rely on them more for ‘holistic’ readings than I do with Tarot or Lenormand. 

So, that’s It! There you have it, my process of combining my Oracle and Lenormand cards for a more meaningful reading! On this site, I also have a free Lenormand for Beginners Guide. You can download that guide here

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Illustration Do you want to know how you can combine Lenormand and Oracle cards? Here is how you can combine these systems into one psychic reading successfully!

Combine Lenormand And Tarot

How do you combine Lenormand and Tarot cards? Should you combine Lenormand and Tarot cards? Is it possible that your personal (and professional) readings will be more accurate if you use Lenormand and Tarot cards together? Today, I am going to answer these questions! 

Ever since I started to learn Lenormand, I have been combining it with Tarot cards. I am going to show you how to combine Lenormand and Tarot, because it can add to your divination practice. 

Why Combine Lenormand With Tarot?

You may want to combine Lenormand with Tarot cards if you use each of the systems for reading different areas. For example, I use Lenormand cards for general readings and use Tarot cards for specific questions. Other readers I know use Lenormand cards to make predictions because they struggle to predict with Tarot, and they use their Tarot cards to give advice. 

How you combine Lenormand and Tarot cards is completely up to you. However, I do recommend that you try your hand at combining these systems because both offer their own strengths and weaknesses. 

Lenormand cards can represent literal things; the Stork card can be a real stork or the House and Boat combined can symbolize a houseboat. Being able to read the cards literally is a strength that Lenormand offers which Tarot does not. 

By contrast, it is much easier to get a straight answer with Tarot cards than it is with Lenormand cards. This is especially true if you’re reading yourself or are emotionally invested in the situation. If you’re not just looking for your general life but want to read on a specific issue then Tarot is your tool. 

Should You Combine Tarot and Lenormand Cards?

In short, yes. BUT I should warn you that you will need to brace yourself for doing so. 

Many diviners fall into the trap of using diverse methods of divination and fortune-telling as a backhanded way of getting a different answer from the same question. Do not make this mistake!

To avoid asking the same question twice, before you even sit down to conduct your reading make sure that you have a set purpose for your Tarot cards and a set purpose for your Lenormand cards. If you know your strengths and weaknesses of using Lenormand cards and your strengths and weaknesses of Tarot cards, then you should be fine. 

If you have a ritual that you go through performing readings, it is much easier to combine Lenormand and Tarot cards while avoiding asking the same question twice. I have one, which I describe below. 

How Do You Combine Card Systems?

I have a ritual that I go through when I am performing readings. In a nutshell, I grab my Lenormand and Tarot cards, I light my incense, invoke my ancestors, and sit down to do the actual reading. 

When it comes to the actual reading, I always start with a Lenormand Grand Tableau first. The Grand Tableau does not require a question (and it is best if you do not ask one). The Grand Tableau has 36 positions that deal with pretty much every life area; love, career, money, business, home, children, health, mail, commitments, everything. 

I begin with a Grand Tableau because I do not have to ask my Lenormand cards a question. I read my Lenormand cards and that is pretty much it. My Grand Tableau reveals what is going to happen in the future within the time frame which I am reading; it doesn’t give an opinion or advice on a course of action. The Grand Tableau is there to reveal tomorrow as it is, without any padding or filler. 

It is important that you record anything which jumps out at you during your Grand Tableau reading. I recommend that you keep a journal so that you can later look back on your readings, remember them, and measure their accuracy, especially if you’re the type of person who easily forgets your readings.

Once I have read my Grand Tableau, I will perform a Tarot card reading. I only use my Tarot cards for specific questions. The spreads I use for my Tarot readings is a Horseshoe spread which is a semi-circle shaped spread of seven cards which tell me: the past of the situation; the present of the situation; positives in the situation; negatives in the situation; attitudes of other people; what to do; the outcome. 

I perform my Tarot reading after using Lenormand because my Tarot can tell me more specifics about my Lenormand reading. If something appears as an issue in my Lenormand reading, I can work through how to fix it or make it better using my Tarot cards. 

For example, one day I might perform a Lenormand Grand Tableau. I have a particular interest in my business, so even though I read all of the houses which jump out at me, I will give the ‘business’ houses (Fox, Moon, Star, Sun, Fish, etc.) my special attention, and perhaps a bit more time during the interpretation process. 

If during my glance at the business houses I see something wrong – such as a rouge employee – I will take note of it. Then, I will finish up my Grand Tableau and perform my Horseshoe Tarot Spread on me and my employee’s relationship, in the hope that it will reveal any tension between us, what is on my employee’s mind, and tell me what I should do to strengthen our relationship. 

Also, I should note that I also use Oracle cards, but I draw Oracle cards for the present. So, if I am waiting on a result (for example, progress in my business) but feeling anxious, I will pull an Oracle card because they make me feel better and give me reassurance. Therefore, in the example of my business my reading will look something like this: 

Step One: I perform a Lenormand reading which reveals my employee will go MIA in the future. 

Step Two: I perform a Tarot reading which gives me more detail on myself and my employee’s relationship. 

Step Three: I pull an Oracle card at the end of the reading which says something like, “All is as it should be in this situation” or something similar. 

Step Four: I journal my readings so that I can measure the accuracy of my predictions. 

So, That’s It! 

There you have it, my process of combining my Tarot and Lenormand cards for a more meaningful reading! On this site, I also have a free Lenormand for Beginners Guide. You can download that guide here

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Illustration Do you want to know how you can combine Lenormand and Tarot cards? Here is how you can combine these systems into one psychic reading successfully!

Lenormand For Beginners

There’s a fortune-telling system which you probably don’t know about. This system allows you to read the future, give literal interpretations and look at up to 36 different areas of a seeker’s life. In a flash, you can get a snapshot of someone’s love, career, and spirituality. The system which I speak of is Lenormand. This is how to read Lenormand for beginners! Let’s get learning!

Lenormand cards are similar to Tarot in that they are used for fortune-telling. However they are read in a different way. In my next post, I will discuss how Lenormand cards are read. In this post I will: give a quick history of Lenormand; I will provide an overview of how you can perform readings; and the general interpretations which I use for the cards. 

History of Lenormand For Beginners

Lenormand cards are a deck of 36 images of different things that you would come across in day to day life and nature such as a house, a child, and a fox. Lenormand cards were named after the fortune teller Mlle. Marie Anne Adelaide Lenormand. However, they were invented after her death from the 1850s and became popular in Germany and France. Originally they were used as both a game and also for fortune-telling.

How Lenormand Cards Are Read

Unlike Tarot cards, Lenormand cards do not have multitudes of spreads associated with them. Typically, they are read in ‘strings’ of 3,5 or 7 cards, in a table of 3×3 which uses nine cards and in something called a Grand Tableau which uses all of the cards in the deck. The interpretations of 2 cards or more cards are combined to form one detailed interpretation.

After you learn the interpretations, you will have the skills to be able to read a Grand Tableau for yourself (which is the most complex spread).

Meanings of Lenormand For Beginners

Lenormand For Beginners - Learn how to read Lenormand
My Lenormand deck – The Diviner’s Lenormand.

Here are the interpretations I use for each card. As everyone has their style of readings, you can build on these using your impressions of the cards to make them personal to you; this is the best way to learn. Just as I have my interpretations, other fortune-tellers may have different ideas of how they should read the cards. In these posts, I will refer to the person getting the reading as the seeker.

1 Rider: Diviners association the Rider with messages and news. Sometimes, the rider can represent a person, a messenger who will come into or leave the seeker’s life.

(Lenormand for beginners tip: Do not confuse the Lenormand Rider with the Knights in Tarot as they are not the same thing!)

2 Clover: The Clover is associated with luck (see how easy this is!). It can mean anything where the outcome will be in the seeker’s favor, especially good investments and gamblings — also, things happening by fate and destiny; such as a chance meeting with a future lover.

3 Ship: The Ship symbolizes travels. These can be trips abroad or even trips back to the seeker’s place of origin. The Ship can also show anything long distant, such as in love and work and also anything which is foreign. The ship can also bring new opportunities.

4 Home: The Home/House is associated with the home and family. On a more personal level, it is what makes the seeker feel secure. It can also mean structures as in real-estate.

5 Tree: Usually The Tree is associated with health but also family and traditions. Tree can also symbolize personal growth and growth of businesses and relationships.

6 Clouds: The Clouds are anything that causes your seeker uncertainty and confusion. In a Grand Tableau, the reason why the seeker has visited a fortune teller can usually be found in the house of the clouds.

7 Snake: The Snake is quite a devious card and represents anyone in the seeker’s life who has a manipulative nature, is two-faced or wishes evil on them. Usually, it is not who they think it is. The Snake is also associated with sexualization and sometimes ‘the other woman.’

8 Coffin: The Coffin is anything that has or will soon come to an end. The end of this may cause sadness. In some cases, it can symbolize a real death. This card usually is anything that has come to an end slowly (there’s another card for when it happens quickly).

9 Bouquet: The Bouquet basically appreciation. It can be an appreciation from others, or the seeker may be the recipient of the appreciation. In relationships, it can be receiving the little, simple things which make a relationship special.

10 Scythe: Usually The Scythe symbolizes anything which comes to an end quickly and fast decisions. The Scythe can also be a warning of something which needs your attention and should be dealt with. In the literal sense, it can be surgery, cuts, and accidents.

11 Whip: The Whip is anything that seems to happen repeatedly in your life and patterns you go through. It can also signal discussions, arguments, and at worst abuse. This can be abuse from others or abuse or self-abuse. The whip is anything that causes the seeker stress.

12 Birds: The Birds are communications that seem to spread quickly such as gossip and small talk. In the modern world, these communications can represent social networking like Twitter and Facebook but also online dating and forums. In the family, it can represent an older couple, twins, and siblings.

13 Child: The Child can be either children or the seeker’s childhood. The positive aspects of this can be anything small, fun, young or innocent but negatively it can reflect a childish and stroppy attitude.

14 Fox: The Fox can symbolize cunning. Positively it can be someone who can rise above others and stand out in the workplace. Their commitment to the job at hand comes before any emotional attachments to people. The Fox represents anything that is unconventional in some way. Negatively, it can represent there are lies and trickery at play in the seeker’s life.

15 Bear: The Bear symbolizes personal finances. In other aspects, it can be associated with authority figures, such as bosses, teachers and sometimes parents.

16 Stars: The Stars are associated with the seeker’s hopes and dreams. It may also be where they ‘shine’ and also where they can do with some encouragement.

(Lenormand for beginners tip: Do not confuse the Lenormand Stars with The Star in Tarot!)

17 Stork: The Stork symbolizes changes and sometimes travel, movement and where the seeker finds comfort. The Stork is a good omen for questions related to expanding the family.

18 Dog: It is evident that the dog represents friends. In other aspects, it can represent loyalty and where the seeker keeps their loyalty. Sometimes it can symbolize family pets.

19 Tower: If you’re learning how to read Lenormand for beginners (and are coming to Lenormand from Tarot) you should know that unlike in the Tarot, The Tower in Lenormand is firm and stable. The Tower represents protection and also where our ambitions lie. Sometimes it can represent the government and official matters; the seeker may need to get their formal affairs in order, or they may work for an official body.

20 Garden: The Garden signals social events, parties, networking and places where people meet. It can also represent parks, barbecues, and real gardens. The Garden can reflect our place in society and any social groups we may be apart of.

21 Mountains: The Mountains reflect any long-term problems which are a challenge to overcome. In readings, they can represent delays to our plans. In the literal sense, they can represent real mountains.

22 Crossroads: Sometimes called ‘Ways’ this card reflects decisions which the seeker may have to face. These choices can be many things, and the path may be uncertain. In the literal sense, they can represent someone who is active and goal orientated.

23 Mice: The Mice represents anything that is causing the seeker stress. They also represent anything that is being ‘eaten away at’ overtime. A mouse can nibble an entire home given enough time to do so. Sometimes mice can be a warning of loss and theft.

24 Heart: The Heart is pretty self-explanatory. It represents, love, relationships, and romance. Other times, it represents anything which the seeker has put their heart into such as their children or career.

25 Ring: The Ring symbolizes commitments. These are engagements but can also be contracts, agreements, and mortgages. In the literal sense, The Ring represents jewelry and anything small but of monetary or sentimental value.

26 Book: Book represents education, skills, and lessons which the seeker is or must learn. Usually, books reveal secrets and knowledge which may or may not be known to the seeker.

27 Letter: The Letter card symbolizes letter-like forms of communication, and also news. These can appear as a physical letter, document, package and also in modern terms emails and electronic type messages.

28 Man: In Lenormand, The Man can represent the seeker themselves if they are male. For a woman, The Man can be a husband, boyfriend, son, male friend, etc.*

29 Lady: The Lady can represent the seeker if they are female. For a male seeker, it can represent a wife, a girlfriend, daughter, female friend. *

30 Lily: The Lily represents the seeker’s family but also sex and the seeker’s sexual drive. In some cases, it can represent an older male but also the seeker’s retirement.

31 Sun: The Sun is a good omen for success. The Sun card can represent anything that has been accomplished and also the seeker’s happiness. (When learning how to read Lenormand for beginners, remember that the Sun in Lenormand is different from The Sun in Tarot).

32 Moon: Moon represents the seeker’s reputation and the image which they put out to others, basically where they find fame. Another interpretation of the moon is that it reflects the seeker’s emotions and also intuition. (When learning how to read Lenormand for beginners, remember that the Moon in Lenormand is different from The Moon in Tarot).

33 The Key:  Key can flag up anything which is important in a reading and needs the seeker’s attention. It can be anything which they must concentrate on. The Key also represents what not only needs unlocked within themselves but also where they shut themselves off from others.

34 Fish:  Fish represents the seeker’s finances, resources, and business. The Fish are related to anything to do with money and how the seeker gets money. In the literal sense, it can represent lakes, canals, and oceans. Watch out for common cards surrounding the fish; the seeker may enjoy drinking like one!

35 Anchor:  Anchor represents anything in the seeker’s life that is both long-term and stable. It can represent their commitments which they are tied to. In the literal, day to day since it can represent trips to the beach.

36 Cross: Usually, Cross represents burdens which the seeker carries. These strains may cause the seeker pain either physically and emotionally. Sometimes, it can represent the seeker’s fate and destiny and also the influence of established religion within their childhood home.

** If the seeker is homosexual there are several things which you can do to represent their lover. Firstly, you can have two Man or two Lady cards from different decks, but I find this confusing. Personally, I just keep it as it is and use the Lady or Man to represent the seeker’s man or woman. It is up to personal preference, though.

That is it for my guide on how to read Lenormand for beginners! You can grab a full Lenormand for Beginner’s guide on this website which includes meanings, spreads and combinations here.

You can also get more divination tips on my social media platforms:

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Lenormand for beginners art illustration. How to Read Lenormand for beginners. How do you read Lenormand cards?

Why Your Tarot Stopped Working

Why have your Tarot cards stopped working? How can your Tarot just magically not work for you anymore? Are your Tarot cards not accurate, or do they not make any sense? Are you struggling to make detailed predictions with your Tarot cards? Then this post is for you! 

Despite the fact I have practiced Tarot nearly my entire life, I haven’t always been good at it. Divination is a skill that you must constantly level up and improve on; otherwise, you can fall short. The expert or would-be expert diviner must always be adapting, always pushing to do better.

Unlike other types of skills, the ability to divine is something that can come and go for no obvious reason. There have been times when I have ‘lost’ my ability to practice Tarot. Seemly overnight my cards have stopped working for me, and I have found it hard to make predictions or give readings.

About four years ago, after 15 years of practice, I randomly lost my ability to read Tarot. The worst part was, I realized while I was at a paying client’s house performing a reading. I knew the meanings of the card, but they stopped speaking to me, and I couldn’t nail the reading. 

It was a nightmare

At the time, I didn’t know what it was which caused me to lose my Tarot reading capability, but it scared the shit out of me. Not only was I freaked out but I lived with both the fear and shame of having lost my abilities. It just did not make sense. 

If you have been reading for a long time, or you’re a professional, you may not want to go posting around Facebook groups for help. Or if you’re brand new, you might not understand why your Tarot cards aren’t gelling with you and not know where you can turn for help.

Don’t fear; I have some tips for what you can do if a method of divination isn’t working for you. Get divining and give these a bash!

Why your Tarot cards have stopped working - Rider Waite Smith deck
Although you may love Tarot, it may have stopped working because it is not right for you.

Tarot Stopped Working Because It Is Not Right For You

Sorry to break it to you, but you’re not going to be able to practice every method of divination. There will be some types of fortune-telling you will rock and others which will not even let you get your foot in the door; Tarot may be one of them.

If you’re a newbie to a type of reading and feel blocked every time you sit at your reading table, then it could be a sign that the type of divination you’re trying to master isn’t right for you.

I truly believe that everyone can perform divination. However, because we all think differently, have separate talents and abilities, not everyone can do every type of  fortune-telling. You may find you’re practically amazing at Lenormand but suck at Tarot.

So, what should you do? In these situations, I recommend you stick with your chosen method for a little while. However, if you’re finding you’re not making progress, then it may be time to move on to another method more fitting for your personal talents. Don’t worry; there are literally hundreds of methods of divination, you’re sure to find a good half dozen you’re killer at.  

Lenormand is a card reading method which is similar to Tarot, but there are not as many cards to remember (Lenormand only has 36). Plus, if you’re into symbolism, can easily put things together and consider yourself quite an intuitive person, Lenormand may be more fitting to you than Tarot. 

Your Tarot Stopped Working Because It’s Time To Move On

Believe it or not, this is what happened to me. I truly believe my Tarot stopped working because I was destined to learn Lenormand.     

Not long after the incident where I forgot how to read Tarot, I was scheduled for a job interview at a psychic shop. Part of the interview involved reading the owner. I. Was. Shitting. Myself.

Knowing fine well I couldn’t read Tarot anymore, I mentally began to go through the other methods of divination I knew but, to be honest, I felt kind of blocked with them as well. So here I was, about to be tested and had no clue what the hell I was doing.

Two days before the interview, I hit Google. I was on Wikipedia looking up methods of divination I could quickly learn and perform for the meeting. Sacrificing goats for their liver or setting bonfires was out of the question. One by one, I crossed each method off my list. Time slipped away.

As luck would have it, I was addicted to Facebook groups at the time. Trying to escape my problems, I was in some spiritual development group where a couple of German-born American readers were talking about Lenormand. Up until this point, I never heard of Lenormand; it didn’t even appear on my extensive Wikipedia search (which was a big thing because, back then, Wikipedia was life).

Seeing the crazy amounts of detail which readers could get from Lenormand influenced me enough to learn before the interview. Believe it or not, the method clicked into place so easily for me; I mastered the system in 2 days. AND I got the job. Not long after this incident, my ability to read with Tarot magically came back.

If almost overnight, you begin to struggle with a method of divination, you could be in a similar situation to the one I was in back when my Tarot reading didn’t make sense. Perhaps your spirits, the universe, etc. are pushing you towards mastering a new type of reading. Therefore, experiment with different fortune-telling systems and see if that makes a difference to your reading ability.

You Don’t Know The Meanings

When I teach divination, I have three pillars I like to work on. If a student is struggling with a method of divination, usually it is because one of those pillars is off balance and needs to be worked on. The first pillar is the meanings pillar.

Let’s be honest, most types of divination are made up of meanings and interpretations. If you don’t know the meanings and interpretations, then you’re going to struggle with the method of reading. You have to get the foundations down.

Struggling with an interpretation or two (or 10) can put a block on your ability to practice a method of divination. If you’re praying to God that this card doesn’t come up, or that thing isn’t mentioned, it adds too much-unneeded stress to an already stressful situation. You could essentially be putting your intuition on lockdown.

Why your Tarot cards have stopped working - Lenormand deck
Lenormand has many symbols that you can find in your day-to-day life such as the sun, children and storks.

Everyone has that one Tarot card meaning they struggle with interpreting. That symbol which fills them with dread. Those two Tarot cards which they struggle telling apart. It is human nature to stumble when trying to digest tonnes of information. Swallowing thousands of year’s worth of interpretations is never easy and the more detailed the system you’re trying to conquer, the harder it gets. (If you’re curious, Justice was my ‘problem’ card, I always confuse Jupiter and Saturn and am forever struggling to interpret the meaning of ducks and yet, duck dreams seem to always come up for me, unbelievable).

 If there are meanings you just don’t get, then one of the reasons why could be because the meanings you’re trying to learn just aren’t gelling for you. Also, in Tarot, there are lots of cards to remember (78!), so learning can take years for some people, making predictions difficult. 

Your Techniques Are Lacking

Another ‘pillar’ which I teach, is techniques. In most methods of divination, how you read and get more detail is just as important as how you interpret.

If your issue is that you can perform a method of divination, BUT you feel as though you have hit a wall, then your reading techniques may need to be worked on. For example, in Tarot, you can use significators to get more details in your Tarot reading as opposed to wasting your life googling more and more interpretations. Therefore, if you’re struggling with the level of detail in your reading, work on your reading ability.

Your Spiritual Development Needs Work

A lack of good and proper spiritual development is probably the number one reason why most diviners struggle with their divination, that is why spiritual development is pillar number three I am about to discuss.

Divination is not a stand-alone practice.  If you want to be a good diviner, the development of your precognitive, psychic, intuitive and spiritual abilities are essential; otherwise, you’ll be like a headless chicken continually wondering what the hell you’re doing.

If Tarot has stopped working for you, it could be because your psychic abilities are blocked in some way.

One thing you can do to remedy this is to pray to an ancestral spirit to assist you in your divination. It doesn’t have to be a spirit you remember meeting, and you don’t even need to feel like you have had a relationship with them. The first spirit who pops into your head, even if you thought of the words “great-grandma” will do. Pray to them for help with your readings, and see what happens. 

Tarot Stopped Working Because It Is Not Right For The Job

A lot of readers cannot make predictions with Tarot cards; their readings are confusing, inaccurate and do not make sense.  If you fall into this category, the reason why could be because you are trying to achieve things which you personally just cannot with Tarot. 

It is a sad fact, but many Tarot cards limit their Tarot abilities from early on in their journey. It is possible that you have conditioned yourself to not predict with Tarot, especially if you have become accustomed to holistic readings. Some readers just cannot help but fall into the self-help trap. 

If you try a new method of card divination, such as Lenormand, you can teach yourself to break out of your Tarot healing rut. Lenormand focuses heavily on giving predictions for love, business, money, family, health – a total of at least 36 life areas. In fact, Lenormand is mainly concerned with giving predictions and detail orientated, accurate readings. 

So, What Can You Do?

Learn Lenormand! Learning Lenormand is super easy, fun and stress-free if you get the right guidance from the beginning. You can cruise this site and start reading Lenormand today! 

So, that is why your Tarot stopped working! If you want Lenormand reading tips directly in your inbox, feel free to sign up below for weekly advice, guidance and Lenormand how-tos (and you’ll be reading Lenormand in no time!). PLUS, as a super special subscriber, you’ll get the free beginner, 16-page Starting with Lenormand PDF which is downloadable on mobile, tablet and computer! Grab your copy here.

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Why Your Tarot Cards Have Stopped working