List of Lenormand Cards

List of Lenormand Cards

If you are brand, spanking new to reading Lenormand cards, you probably do not know which cards should be in your Lenormand card deck and what it is you should be learning. Therefore, I am including a list of cards which should be in your Lenormand card deck plus special notes about these cards so that you know which 36 cards are the true Lenormand cards, and which ones are extras. 

It’s a sad fact, but I have had to write this list of Lenormand cards because most modern Lenormand deck creators like to include extra cards with their Lenormand decks. I don’t want to stamp on anyone’s creativity, but as a teacher, I have discovered over the years that including extra cards in your Lenormand or Tarot decks (or renaming the cards different things) is the fast track to confusion for beginners. 

And, if your customers are confused, they won’t use your deck. 

Anyroad, here is the list of Lenormand cards which should be in your Lenormand deck with a little extra information plus any additional names this card has. Hopefully, this card will be the Sun to your Cloud of Lenormand confusion: 

List of Lenormand Cards

01. Rider – Also known as The Cavalier or The Horseman; it represents messengers. 

02. Clover – Represents luck and good fortune. 

03. Ship – Also known as Boat; it represents travel. 

04. Home – Also known as House; it represents the home. 

05. Tree – Represents health and blood relations. 

06. Clouds – Represents confusions. 

07. Snake – Represents enemies. 

08. Coffin – Represents slow endings. 

09. Bouquet – Also known as Flowers; it represents appreciation. 

10. Scythe – Represents quick endings. 

11. Whip – Represents things that happen repeatedly. 

12. Birds – Represents gossip. 

13. Child – Also known as Children; it represents children. 

14. Fox – Represents work. 

15. Bear – Represents authority figures. 

16. Stars – Represents what you will become known for. 

17. Stork – Represents change and fertility. 

18. Dog – Represents friends. 

19. Tower – Represents the government. 

20. Garden – Represents how you socialize. 

21. Mountain – Represents long-term problems. 

22. Crossroads – Represents choices. 

23. Mice – Represents stress and things that are deteriorating. 

24. Heart – Represents love. 

25. Ring – Represents commitment. 

26. Book – Represents secrets. 

27. Letter – Represents paper. 

28. Man – Also known as Gentleman; represents the seeker or the most important man in their life. 

29. Woman – Also known as Lady; represents the seeker or the most important woman in their life.

30. Lily – Represents peace. 

31. Sun – Represents success. 

32. Moon – Represents emotions. 

33. Key – Represents what is important. 

34. Fish – Represents money and business. 

35. Anchor – Represents what is stable. 

36. Cross – Represents burdens. 

How Many Cards Should Be In My Deck?

There should be a total of 36 cards in your Lenormand deck; you do not need the extra cards. If you’re just learning how to read Lenormand, I recommend that you remove the extra cards and only work with the 36 which are listed above. 

Extra Woman And Man Lenormand Cards

In modern Lenormand decks, it is very common for you to get two Woman and Man cards in your deck. However, you’re only meant to read with one Lady and one Man card. Therefore, for your Lenormand readings, you should remove the extra cards which you do not need and only read with the original 36. 

When choosing which Woman or Man Lenormand cards to keep, be sure you pick ones which have the figures on the cards looking in opposite directions of each other. The directions which the Woman and Man look will impact things like the past, present, future, and whether or not your significators are in agreement or not. 

If your Lady and Man cards appear on a Grand Tableau facing each other they are getting along in real life; if they are back to back they are in conflict in real life. You can only tell this if the significators (these two cards) look in opposite directions, so it is best if you use significators which face different ways. 

Can I Use The Extra Cards?

Once you feel confident with reading Lenormand, then yes you can use the extra cards in your Lenormand card for readings. But, to begin with, I recommend you first learn how to read your standard Lenormand cards which appear on the list above, then see how you get on. 

That’s all for my list of Lenormand cards that should be in your Lenormand deck! On this site, I also have a free Lenormand for Beginners Guide. You can download that guide here

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