Lenormand Sun Card Meaning

Lenormand Sun Card Meaning

Do you want to know the Lenormand Sun card meaning? Are you curious about what the Sun beginner interpretation might be? Here, you can discover how to read the Lenormand Sun card! Includes Lenormand Sun meanings for love, timing, the card as a person and more!

Below are the interpretations and meanings of the Sun Lenormand card. On this Lenormand Oracle site, I also have Sun card combinations, feel free to check that out too!

Sun – 31

Keywords: Success, achievements, accomplishments, triumphs, nice weather, masculine, holidays, summertime.

General Lenormand Sun Meaning

The Sun in Lenormand is pretty much The Sun in Tarot. Just like in Tarot, this Sun represents success and achievements. If you are craving a positive outcome, you should hope for Sun. Not only does it symbolize your accomplishments, but in general it is reflective of the happiness which is yet to come.

If you’re worried about something working out or going your way this card is a positive omen. Because Sun is masculine, it is especially useful for competitions. Are you going up against another business? Yours will be the one to thrive. The interview for that job? You’ll get it. Eyeing up that hot guy on Instagram? He’s interested. It is very rare for the Sun not to be a good sign.

It is needless to say that literally, this card can be the real sun. Therefore, the Sun is the card of summertime, holidays, good weather and warm destinations.

Lenormand Sun Meaning - Sun Tarot Card
The Sun card is from Pixie’s Astounding Oracle Lenormand deck and The Sun is from the Rider Waite Smith Tarot deck, Centennial edition which you can check out here.

Specific Lenormand Sun Meaning

Sun Love Meaning: In love readings, Sun is a good sign as it shows there is happiness in the relationship and that it is on good ground. If you’re looking for love, Sun means that you are about to meet the person who answers all of your prayers. 

Sun Career Meaning: The Sun is probably most favorable for career and business as it represents success in these areas.  

Sun Business Meaning: The Sun is a fantastic card for business. It usually means that your company or project is going to be successful. 

Sun Positive Meaning: The Sun card is mostly welcomed representing happiness, triumph, success and all the things you’re hoping for. 

Sun Negative Meaning: The Sun cannot be too brutal. However, if it is the only card to come up in a bad reading, it could be a sign that any success you achieve will be short-lived. Sometimes the Sun in both Lenormand and Tarot can mean that the sun is blinding you to the truth of a situation: you’re more optimistic than realistic.

Sun as a Person: Sun can symbolize a happy person, a positive person, or someone who is successful. Sometimes, Sun represents a masculine individual. 

Sun Timing Meaning: Sun means that something is going to take place during Summertime.

So, that’s it for Lenormand Sun card meanings! You can see more Lenormand card meanings and Lenormand Sun combinations on this website.

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