Lenormand Ship Combinations

Lenormand Ship Combinations Boat

Welcome to the Lenormand Ship combinations! Today, you can learn how to combine the Lenormand Ship card for general, love, business, money, health and other types of readings. Here is how to combine it with the House, Book, Moon, Stork and other cards from your deck.

(In some decks, the Lenormand Ship is called Boat, but the combinations remain the same).

And, if you would like to learn the card meanings of the Ship card, check out the Lenormand Ship Meanings post!

I do not recommend that you memorize these card combinations. Their purpose is to let you see what is possible when it comes to combining Lenormand cards. The best way to learn is to practice with your own combinations and see what you can come up with! However, if you get stuck, you can always refer to this list:

Lenormand Ship Combinations

Ship and Rider Combination: Foreign messenger; Approach seas; Actively exploring. 

Ship and Clover Combination: Trip to Ireland; Brief flight; Carefree holiday.

Ship and Home Combination: Move overseas; Trip to a familiar place; Houseboat.

Ship and Tree Combination: Exotic tree; Extended drive and motivation; Memorable holiday.

Ship and Clouds Combination: Torrential rain; Uncertain motives; Troubled waters.

Ship and Snake Combination: Enemy from overseas; A nemesis of a foreign background; Suspicious stranger.

Ship and Coffin Combination: Death overseas; Final movement; Completed journey.

Ship and Bouquet Combination: An exotic gift; Charming stranger; Enjoying your vacation.

Ship and Scythe Combination: Plans cut short; Dangerous journeys; Quick trip; Car accident; Plane crash.

Ship and Whip Combination: Frequent trips; Multiple people from foreigner backgrounds; Persuasive stranger.

Ship and Birds Combination: Couple’s trip; Exploration of a social media platform; Communicate in a different manner.

Ship and Child Combination: Small country; Beginning of a vacation; Simple trip. 

Ship and Fox Combination: Job on a boat; Cunning stranger; The wrong route is taken.

Ship and Bear Combination: Foreign parents; Foreign boss; Overwhelming motivation. 

Ship and Stars Combination: Northern star; Divine guidance; Hoping to explore.

Ship and Stork Combination: Emigration overseas; Change of travel plans; Return of something which once went away.

Ship and Dog Combination: An exotic friend; Faithful traveler; Trustworthy foreigner. 

Ship and Tower Combination: International government; Lonely traveler; Legal trades.

Ship and Garden Combination: Party by the sea; Traveling in a group; Other people in the same boat as you.

Ship and Mountain Combination: Progression of a persistent problem; Delayed travel; The border of another country.

Ship and Crossroads Combination: Moving forward with choices; Alternative vacation; Exploring an unusual place, country, etc.

Ship and Mice Combination: Stressful travel; Rush hour; Reduction in Journeys.

Ship and Heart Combination: Travel for love; Traveling to a place with sentimental value; Attracted to a stranger.

Ship and Ring Combination: Progression of relationship; Committed and motivated; Promises someone you will go on a journey with them.

Ship and Book Combination: Learning a different language; Educating yourself on an exotic location; Secret trips or visits.

Ship and Letter Combination: Letter from overseas; Advertising travel; Send someone on vacation.

Ship and Man Combination: Foreign man; Well-travelled gentleman; Strange man. 

Ship and Woman Combination: Foreign woman; Well-travelled lady; Strange woman.

Ship and Lily Combination: Peaceful progress; Discreet vacation; Journey to a cold place.

Ship and Sun Combination: A holiday; Daily travel; Happy to be making progress.

Ship and Moon Combination: Travel at night; Monthly journeys; A well-known person from a foreign background.

Ship and Key Combination: Key to a ship; Important boat; Notable progress.

Ship and Fish Combination: International trade; Fishing trip; Traveling with the Marines or Army.

Ship and Anchor Combination: The seaside; Beach; Reliable strangers.

Ship and Cross Combination: Sickness abroad; Religious journey; Spiritual traditions from a background that is not your own.

That is all for the Lenormand Ship combinations! Be sure to check out more Lenormand combinations and the Lenormand Ship meanings on this website.

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