Lenormand Playing Card Inserts?

What are Lenormand playing card inserts? Should you use Lenormand playing card inserts? In short, no I do not believe that you should use Lenormand playing card inserts and do not believe that you have to use them in order to consider yourself a Lenormand card reader. It is perfectly possible for you to be an amazing playing card reader without having to waste your time mastering card inserts. 

If you’re wondering, playing card inserts are the little images of playing cards that appear on the corner of your Lenormand cards. Some decks have them, some don’t. 

Personally, I never use Lenormand playing card inserts; not now not ever. I am adamant in my belief that you do not need to use playing card inserts to be considered an amazing Lenormand card reader. 

Below, I have listed the reasons why I do not use playing card inserts. Have a read, and hopefully, it will convince you that you do not need to waste your time with playing card inserts!

You Have To Memorize Playing Card Inserts

Whether their decks have them or not, playing card advocates still use the playing card correspondences. Therefore, they have taken the time to learn the playing card correspondences plus what they mean. I feel that your time could be better spent on learning other parts of the Lenormand system. 

Not All Lenormand Decks Have Playing Card Inserts

There is a level of effort involved in learning which playing card corresponds to which Lenormand card; this is something you have to know if you decide to use playing card correspondences in your Lenormand practice. 

Not all decks include playing card inserts. If you use inserts you either have to memorize all of the playing card inserts and their meanings, or only buy Lenormand decks which do have playing card inserts. Therefore, playing card inserts can limit your options. 

Lenormand And Playing Cards Are Different Systems

I think that playing card inserts are to Lenormand what astrology is to Tarot; they are a completely different system which is slightly alike, but not the same. And yet, like astrology and Tarot, many playing card insert advocates insist that you use them even though their interpretations do not match, get along or make sense. 

I do believe that correspondences can help you to learn meanings quicker, but there is a limit. You have to respect Lenormand and playing cards as their own individual methods of fortune-telling otherwise you end up with a mish-mash of ideas and a whole lot of confusion. Which brings me to my next point: 

The Crossover Causes Difficulty

Believe it or not, making the crossover from playing card divination to Lenormand cards could actually be made more difficult if you can read playing cards and you begin to associate the playing cards with Lenormand cards. The reason why is because you can end up accidentally reading Lenormand cards as you would playing cards. As I pointed out above, they are not the same, they are different types of divination, so reading them the same. 

You can see the same issues with diviners who learn how to read Tarot before they learn Lenormand; many end up accidentally confusing the Lenormand Tower with the Tarot Tower, the Lenormand Moon with the Tarot Moon, and so on. 

If you can already read playing cards, it is best that you keep the systems separate as this will prevent you from falling into the playing card trap every time you read your Lenormand cards. Give the playing card inserts the boot. 

They Don’t Make Sense

In most cases, the playing card and Lenormand correspondences are nowhere near alike each other so it is difficult to combine their meanings. For some readings this is okay, but what happens if you want to interpret your reading but you cannot marry the playing card and Lenormand meanings together? 

For example, let’s say you’re performing a business reading and you pull the Clover card and the Ship; I would interpret this combination to symbolize fortune made from international trade, shipping overseas, etc. 

On Lenormand cards, the playing card insert for the Clover is the Six of Diamonds and the playing card insert for the Ship is the Ten of Spades. The interpretation for these playing card inserts are: 

The Ten of Spades (Ship): The Ten of Spades is the worst card in the pack; it represents betrayal, divorce, bankruptcy, illness, and even death. 

The Six of Diamonds (Clover): The Six of Diamonds is a love card that predicts a second marriage after the failure of your first. Some cartomancers believe that the Six of Diamonds predict a second marriage which (like the first) will not go well. 

The above interpretations obviously do not match the regular Lenormand meanings. Marrying these meanings is difficult, and the effort needed to do so can interfere with your intuition. Therefore, it is best to forego the playing card inserts. 

There you have it, why I believe you do not need to use playing card inserts meaningful Lenormand reading! On this site, I also have a free Lenormand for Beginners Guide. You can download that guide here

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