Grand Tableau House Meanings

Are you trying to read a Lenormand Grand Tableau but do not know what the houses mean? Are all of the spread positions in this large layout overwhelming you? If so, don’t worry! I am going to explain the Lenormand Grand Tableau house meanings and list them in detail. 

In Lenormand, the most advanced (and fun) type of reading you can perform, is a Lenormand Grand Tableau spread. The Grand Tableau  involves using all 36 cards in a rectangle spread to read you or your client’s fortune on a verity of areas such as love, career, friendships, and more!

If you’re new to reading Lenormand cards, you may think that it is going to be challenging to remember what all 36 of the Lenormand houses mean, but this is not the case. Each house (or spread position) corresponds to each card. Position one has the same meaning as card number one, The Rider. Position two represents the same things as card two, The Clover and so on. 

Therefore, the card which falls in House One – The House of Rider – symbolizes any news or messages which you or your seeker will receive. 

Below, I am going to list the Grand Tableau House/Position meanings in more detail, so that you can refer back to this list for guidance as needed.

The House of Rider Meaning: The first on our list of Grand Tableau house meanings, is the Rider house. In The House of Rider, you will find information about news, messages, and visitors to your home. Usually, the House of Rider will speak of things you’re told, not written letters as there are other houses in the Grand Tableau for that, but not always. 

The House of Clover Meaning: The House of Clover will predict where your luck, fortunes, and wins lie. The House of Clover will represent what is going to happen with regards to your favorable fate. 

The House of Ship Meaning: In The Grand Tableau, you can find information about travel, journeys, adventures, and movement all in the third house, The House of Ship. 

The House of Home Meaning: The 4th House in The Lenormand Grand Tableau is The House of Home or House of House. Obviously, this house symbolizes your immediate surroundings and your home life.

The House of Tree Meaning: In a Grand Tableau, The House of Tree can represent two things, depending on how you interpret this house. Both your health but also your family matters can pop up in this position. Also, some readers understand this house to symbolize what is stable and sturdy in your life. 

The House of Clouds Meaning: The Meaning of The House of Clouds is pretty straight forward in that it represents an area of your life in which you’re going to experience uncertainty and confusion. 

The House of Snake Meaning: Your enemies, backstabbers, competitors and people who cannot be trusted can be found in House seven of your Grand Tableau. 

The House of Coffin Meaning: In a Lenormand Grand Tableau reading, house eight (The House of Coffin) symbolizes deaths and major illnesses. It is also common for this house to include things in your life which are slowly coming to an end, such as relationships, contracts or friendships. 

The House of Bouquet Meaning: The House of Bouquet can contain several things related to beauty, depending on what you have going on in your life at the time. For example, if you’re decorating your home or environment, information about this will appear in The House of Bouquet/Flowers. Or, if you have a beauty treatment, this will pop up in house nine. Alternatively, this house will show where in your life you feel appreciated. 

The House of Scythe Meaning: In The House of Scythe, you will find information about anything which will quickly be removed from your life. Sometimes, the House of Scythe will represent 

The House of Whip Meaning: Like some other house positions in The Grand Tableau, The House of Whip has two meanings. On the one hand, Whip can be slightly negative symbolizing abuse and arguments. However, The House of Whip can also predict things in your life which will repeatedly happen, which can be positive or negative depending on what it is that keeps popping up. 

The House of Birds Meaning: The House of Birds will predict gossip, conversations and chit chat. In modern times, The House of Birds will predict what is going to happen with regards to your social media accounts. 

The House of Child Meaning: In The Grand Tableau, you can find information about children, youngsters, and babies all in the thirteenth house, The House of Child.

The House of Fox Meaning: The 14th House in The Lenormand Grand Tableau is The House of Fox. Some people interpret the House of Fox to represent work and career (I am one of these people!) However, some people read the Fox card rather negatively and read the Fox House to symbolize con artists and double-dealers. 

The House of Bear Meaning: In a Grand Tableau, The House of Bear can represent two things, depending on how you read this card and spread position. Mainly, this house looks at authority figures such as your mother or boss. However, some of us Lenormand readers also take it to symbolize weight loss, fitness, and lifestyle. 

The House of Stars Meaning: The House of Stars predicts information about where you find inspiration, your blessings, hopes and wishes for the future. 

The House of Stork Meaning: Like other houses, The House of Stork can hold two meanings. How you interpret this Grand Tableau house will depend on how you interpret the Stork card or the life stage which you/your seeker is at. For example, if you’re likely to get pregnant then this position represents pregnancy. However, for most people, this house position predicts matters related to change, metamorphosis, and transfers. 

The House of Dog Meaning: The House of Dog represents your friendships, followers, and confidants. Information about your pets can also pop up in this position. 

The House of Tower Meaning: The House of Tower is one of the more straightforward houses of the Grand Tableau. It symbolizes anything related to the government, councils or associations you’re involved in now, or in the future. 

The House of Garden Meaning: The Garden is another simple Grand Tableau house. The House of Garden predicts information about your social circle, events, and parties that you will attend. Sometimes, The House of Garden can reflect the society you live in as a whole, but this is rare. 

The House of Mountain Meaning: You can make predictions about any long-term obstacles using The House of Mountain. For example, you will discover if your problems are getting better or worst by reading this spread position.  

The House of Crossroads Meaning: The House of Crossroads, or House of Ways, reveals information about the choices, dilemmas or decisions you’re going to have to make in the future. 

The House of Mice Meaning: Just like the Mice card, The House of Mice has a rather sinister interpretation. In The House of Mice, you can find information about what in your life is deteriorating and slowly breaking down. Sometimes, thefts and losses can also appear in this Grand Tableau house. 

The House of Heart Meaning: The House of Heart is very straight forward. Predictions about your love life, romances and relationships will all appear in this house. 

The House of Ring Meaning: If you wish to know whether or not your partner is going to commit to you, you can discover this information from The House of Ring. Alternatively, this position of The Grand Tableau will discuss contracts, commitments and promises you will make in the future. 

The House of Book Meaning: In Lenormand, the Book card has two main meanings, as does The House of Book. Firstly, this house symbolizes the status of your secrets. In addition to secrets, information about your education can be found in The House of Book. 

The House of Letter Meaning: Letters, documents, paper products, certificates, contracts, or anything which will be put into writing will pop up in The House of Letter. 

The House of Man Meaning: If your lover (or a potential lover) is male, then their priorities, main focus, and concerns are going to appear in The House of Man. However, if you’re a man, then your main focus, priorities, and concerns will appear in this house. 

The House of Woman Meaning: If your lover (or a potential lover) is female, then their priorities, main focus, and concerns are going to appear in The House of Woman. However, if you’re a woman, then your main focus, priorities, and concerns will appear in this house.

The House of Lily Meaning: The House of Lily is pretty straight-forward in that it predicts information about your sense of calmness, peace, and well-being. However, sometimes The House of Lily can give you information about your retirement. 

The House of Sun Meaning: The House of Sun will tell you about your successes, triumphs  and life wins. If you’re working towards a goal, this House will reveal whether or not you will achieve it in the future. 

The House of Moon Meaning: Just like the Moon card, The House of Moon has two meanings in the Grand Tableau. On one hand, this House represents your reputation, recognition, honor, and influence. On the other hand, The House of Moon can tell you a lot about your intuition and psychic ability. 

The House of Key Meaning: In the Grand Tableau, The House of Key will reveal anything in your future which is going to be important, urgent or that which needs your attention. 

The House of Fish Meaning: The House of Fish is pretty straightforward – it is the money House! All that is related to your money will be found here. Also, things of value will appear in The House of Fish, so from this house, you can make predictions about property, stocks, shares, and assets. If you’re in business, the health of your company can be read from this position.  

The House of Anchor Meaning: The state of anything which is stable or long-term will be revealed in The House of Anchor. The House of Mountain also contains anything which is long-term, but that position is generally more negative than The House of Anchor. The House of Anchor is a neutral house.

The House of Cross Meaning: Finally, any pain, suffering or sacrifices you have to make will pop up in The House of Cross. The House of Cross will tell you if your martyrdoms are going to be worth it in the end. 

So, that’s it for the Lenormand Grand Tableau Houses! I hope you enjoyed this post, be sure to check out The Grand Tableau post! I also have a free Lenormand for Beginner’s guide on this website, you can grab that guide here.

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