Combine Lenormand And Oracle Cards

Are you wondering how I combine Lenormand and Oracle cards? Should you combine Lenormand and Oracle cards? Is it possible that your personal (and professional) readings will be more accurate if you use Lenormand and Oracle cards together? Today, I am going to answer these questions, and give you a sneak peek exactly how I combine Lenormand and Oracle cards! 

I previously talked about how I combine Lenormand and Tarot for readings. Essentially, I use my Lenormand Grand Tableau to make predictions about my life, and then I use my Tarot cards to get more detail on my areas of concern. 

Personally, I combine my Lenormand and Oracle cards when I want predictions and a bit of holistic healing. My Lenormand cards let me predict the future, and my Oracle cards calm my nerves or give me reassurance while I wait for tomorrow to come. 

Why Should You Combine Lenormand And Oracle Cards?

Lenormand and Oracle cards serve two similar but different purposes, and this is why I like to combine them. Why you choose to combine Lenormand and Oracle cards will depend on what you use Lenormand and Oracle cards for in your readings. 

I use Lenormand cards for general readings. General readings do not require a question, they predict the future of a particular life area, such as love, business, money, mail, and more; Lenormand looks at all of these places and that is why I like to use them. 

When it comes to Oracle cards, I use them to communicate with the spirits which are around me. I ask the spirits what (if any) guidance they have for me at a particular time or for a particular matter, then I pull a card and interpret their advice. 

You may not use Oracle cards to communicate with spirits. If you use Oracle cards for holistic, healing reasons, or even if you use them to talk to angels you will still benefit by combining them with Lenormand cards. 

As you can see, because I use my Lenormand and Tarot cards for very different purposes, it is not difficult for me to combine them together. Oracle cards add a new layer to my Lenormand card readings. 

Should You Combine Lenormand And Oracle Cards? 

Yes! As long as you are using your Lenormand and Oracle cards for different purposes you can combine them. What I mean by this, is that you must make sure that you are using your Lenormand cards for one thing and your Oracle cards for another. 

For example, I will ask my spirits to assist me in my Lenormand card readings, but I will only ask for my general fortune. Then, when it is time to perform my Oracle card readings, I will ask my spirits for guidance or for encouraging words that help me feel better. Using my cards for different things ensures that I am not just fishing for an answer from different divination systems! 

How Do You Combine Card Systems?

For my readings, I always start off my petitioning my ancestors to assist me. It doesn’t matter if I am reading myself or someone else, I am always right in there asking my spirits for guidance! I spend a minute doing this and then I light some incense. 

For some reason, if the matter is super important I always re-order my Lenormand cards back into their original order (RiderCross) and then re-shuffle them. While I am shuffling I think of my question and then I lay my Grand Tableau. 

If you are curious, I never re-order my Oracle card decks back into the order which they originally were in. I don’t know why this is, I think I am just this way because I know that Oracle cards never really have an order! 

I save my Oracle cards for the end of my reading. My Oracle cards are my spirits talking directly to me, so I like to keep them special. Usually, the Oracle card which I pull will give me advice or reassurance about something in my Lenormand reading which has been stressing me out (health problems, relationship confusion, etc). 

Also, because my Grand Tableaus are such massive readings I don’t do them too often for myself. However, I do find myself pulling my Oracle cards throughout the day when I am feeling anxious, as the added guidance calms me down. I find that Oracle cards are easier than other card systems to interpret if you’re reading yourself, which is another reason why I often rely on them more for ‘holistic’ readings than I do with Tarot or Lenormand. 

So, that’s It! There you have it, my process of combining my Oracle and Lenormand cards for a more meaningful reading! On this site, I also have a free Lenormand for Beginners Guide. You can download that guide here

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