Is This My Intuition or Imagination?

Intuition or Imagination

It may be hard to know if you are experiencing intuition or imagination. Even for seasoned psychic readers, it is hard for them to tell the difference between intuition and another emotion like fear. There are a few ways in which you can tell the difference between your intuition and thoughts in your head, and I … Read more

Signs that Your Psychic Abilities Are Developing

Signs psychic abilities developing

Do you want to know what the signs are that you are developing your psychic abilities? Are you suddenly feeling more psychic? Is your psychic awareness developing? My name is Lisa Boswell, and I teach divination, fortune-telling, and psychic development professionally and full-time. My specialty is teaching psychic readers how they can perform, improve, and … Read more

Apantomancy: Using Signs for Divination

Apantomancy Divination

Not everyone knows what Apantomancy divination is, and yet, millions of people worldwide practice it. In the UK, you practice Apantomancy every time you avoid a black cat, magpie, or refer to Doreen Virtues “Angel Numbers” guidebook. So, what is Apantomancy? Apantomancy is divination by omens you come across by chance. Apantomancy is a form of divination … Read more

Work with Deities, Archetypes and Mythological Figures in Tarot

Working with Deities, Archetypes and Mythological Figures in Tarot Readings

How can we work with mythological figures in Tarot? When we ask the tarot a question, who are we really asking? From where do we seek our guidance and wisdom? Who’s really telling us the answers, the wisdom, the guidance? The wisdom, guidance and information received from tarot can come from different sources; sometimes we … Read more

Develop Precognition Abilities

Develop Precognition Abilities

Precognition is the ability to see the future and predict events. Precognition is the skill that divination practitioners and fortune tellers use to foresee things that are about to happen. If you develop precognition abilities, you can better predict likely outcomes in your love life, business projects, even sporting events. Many people are raised to … Read more