List of Lenormand Cards

List of Lenormand Cards

If you are brand, spanking new to reading Lenormand cards, you probably do not know which cards should be in your Lenormand card deck and what it is you should be learning. Therefore, I am including a list of cards which should be in your Lenormand card deck plus special notes about these cards so … Read more

Lenormand Time Frames And Dates

Lenormand Time Frames And Dates

In Lenormand reading, there are specific time frames and dates associated with each card. Sometimes these Lenormand time frames and dates can be literal (precisely one day, exactly one week) or symbolic (soon, quickly, etc.) but timing events are generally much more straightforward and simple with Lenormand than it is with other divination systems, such … Read more

Lenormand Meanings and Combinations

Lenormand Meanings and combinations

Do you want to know what all 36 Lenormand cards mean? Well, welcome to Lenormand Oracle’s  list of Lenormand fortune-telling card meanings and combinations! Below, you can find links to all of the Lenormand card meanings and combinations for divination on matters of love, career and more! Not only can you find links to all … Read more

Grand Tableau Spread

Lenormand Grand Tableau spread

How do you read Lenormand Grand Tableau Spread? In this blog post, we look at how to interpret this Lenormand divination spread for beginners, including the house meanings. This 36 card layout is suitable for beginners, and fortune-tellers who are experienced in reading with this thirty-six-card reading system. Grand Tableau spreads are Mount Everests of … Read more

Lenormand String Spreads

Lenormand String Spreads for beginners

String readings are the most basic form of Lenormand spreads and what you will typically learn when you begin to perform readings. Once you attempt the Lenormand String spread, you will know if learning Lenormand is something you are going to stick to because you can gauge how quickly you will master bigger layouts, such … Read more

Nine-Card Lenormand Spread

Nine-Card Lenormand Spreads

How do you read a nine-card Lenormand spread, also known as 3 x 3s? In this blog post, we look at how to interpret this Lenormand spread for beginners. This nine-card layout is suitable for beginners, and fortune-tellers who are experienced in this nine-card reading system.  These squares, I believe, are the best way to … Read more

Lenormand For Beginners

How To Read Lenormand For Beginners Deck

There’s a fortune-telling system which you probably don’t know about. This system allows you to read the future, give literal interpretations and look at up to 36 different areas of a seeker’s life. In a flash, you can get a snapshot of someone’s love, career, and spirituality. The system which I speak of is Lenormand. … Read more