Animals in Divination

Animals in Divination

There are animals in divination. No matter the method of divination. No matter the fortune-telling tools used. Animals and animal symbols are an essential feature. In fact, animals for a the key to learning multiple divination methods quickly. If you can master animal symbolism, you can master fortune-telling. Why Learn About Animals in Divination? Just … Read more

62 Methods of Divination

Methods of divination

What are the different methods of divination? What are the different types of fortune-telling? Which kinds of psychic reading tools were practiced by diviners in both historical and modern times? If you’d like to know the most common and uncommon, both easy and hard methods of predicting the future, look no further!  Below is an … Read more

Methods Of Fortune-Telling With Cards

Methods of Fortune-Telling with Cards

What are all of the different methods of fortune-telling using cards? Would you like to know how you can use cards for divination? What are all of the similarities and differences between all of both common and uncommon methods of cartomancy? As you probably already know, the correct name for fortune-telling using cards is cartomancy. … Read more