Real Gypsy Fortune-Telling

Gypsy Beliefs Regarding Fortune Telling

There are a lot of misconceptions around Gypsy beliefs and fortune-telling. Someone messaged me yesterday and asked me if Tarot was a ‘closed practice’ among Gypsies. I want to take a minute to discuss this because I am getting tired of fake Gypsies spreading misconceptions about Romany Gypsy culture within the Tarot and divination communities. 

In Gypsy culture, we do not have a concept of a closed spiritual practice. Contrary to popular belief, we don’t have secret, arcane knowledge. This stereotype was started by gorgers (non-Gypsies). It is similar to the stereotype of the curse-happy Voodoo practitioner. These beliefs are entertaining for Hollywood, but they are inaccurate. 

Divination is not a Closed Spiritual Practice

The concept of a closed spiritual practice is a gorger one. We do not mix with gorgers, so our ideas about spirituality are completely different. Our culture is closed, but not because we have valuable, secret knowledge. 

In our culture, we don’t even have things like alters or prayer stations. We believe that spirits, God, etc. are everywhere – this is a very common belief among nomadic and tribal people. Most Gypsies cannot read or write, so we do not even share knowledge through spellbooks or diaries.  

So, when you see these movies with Gypsy fortune-tellers attending to their alters or sharing spellbooks, this is bullshit. I believe that having a set place to pray or talk to God and the spirits is a good thing. But that is my own personal opinion, it is not one of my people’s. In fact, if I told a relative that they had to have a set place in their home for spirits they would think I was insane. They would suspect that I had been spending too much time with gorgers. 

Gypsy Rules Regarding Fortune-Telling

With regard to divination, a relative may teach their child how to use a particular method, but this is not something we view as being open to some and closed to others. 

For us, divination is a past-time, hobby, or talent just like playing football or an instrument. In gorger culture, people practice divination because they are special, but we practice divination only if we want to. We have virtually no rules around divination. You can start at any age and read how you want. 

Gorgers have a lot of rules for reading Tarot. It is quite common for gorgers to believe that it is morally wrong to read people without their consent or to charge money for readings. After I started mixing with gorger readers online, I told my family about these beliefs. They couldn’t understand why gorgers would believe those things.

Romany Gypsy Tarot
Gorgers seem to have a lot of rules regarding reading Tarot – Gypsies do not feel this is appropriate because we do not view fortune-telling the same way as gorgers do.

A lot of gorger’s beliefs around divination stem from Christianity. In the Bible, Simony is the sin of charging money for spiritual services. Gypsies don’t believe that taking money for psychic readings is wrong. From observing my family, I realize that Gypsies believe in the transfer of energy. In some cases, it is wrong not to charge money for readings. 

If my mum buys granny milk, my granny will make her take the money for it, even if she doesn’t want to. They do this because they believe that if you’re indebted to someone, something else can be taken from you as a way to balance the energy of that debt. Debt can lead to bad luck. 

Maintaining spiritual balance is a belief that is so ingrained in our culture we don’t even discuss it. We don’t view it as a spiritual belief, but as a literal fact. When we were children, we were even warned not to laugh too much because something would happen to make us cry. If we find money, we believe that it is lucky to give that money to someone else, because this way it will come back to you. Favours are always returned, in one way or the other, as this maintains balance. 

If someone performs a reading for you and you do not pay, you have tipped the balance. You have gained something without payment (even if that payment is only a penny) so something else will be taken from you. Gypsies believe that taking payment for readings is not only in their best interest but also their seekers. This belief is separate from Christianity and organised religions, so it is different from what gorgers believe. 

Similarly, the belief that God knows all and sees all is a trait of organised religions. Some Gypsies may also believe that this is true, but because we do not view divination as a strictly spiritual practice, we don’t view diviners as being God-like. Diviners can’t play God. We firmly believe that everything happens for a reason. You cannot reveal things in your divination that you’re not ‘meant’ to know. Diviners are not Gods who can predict anything that they want. Because you can only predict what you’re meant to see, it is not wrong to read other people without their permission – because if you weren’t meant to know, you wouldn’t be able to make predictions on the matter. 

Our Spiritual Beliefs Revolve Around Cleaning

The idea that we would have closed spiritual practices is inaccurate because we need to pass our beliefs from generation to generation in order for them to survive. Plus, Gypsies just do not view divination and fortune-telling this way. Again, it is viewed as a hobby, so there is no reason to keep it as a secret. 

Most of our spiritual beliefs are related to mundane matters such as staying clean. For example, we are superstitious about washing dishes in a certain order or we don’t say certain ‘dirty’ words out loud. But, again, for us, these are facts of life, facts of the universe. They are what make our world safe and the gorger world chaotic. We believe that these rules are what make us Gypsies. We do not view them as spiritual, even though they underpin Gypsy spirituality. 

Gypsies must follow our cleanliness laws if they want to be accepted as part of the family. If a Gypsy was to act or think too much like a gorger, we would label them as one. We were often ostracised as children to ensure that we followed our family’s rules. If I was washing dishes and used the wrong cloth, for example, everyone would gang up on me and say stuff like, “You’re spending too much time with the gorgers, you are one now cause you can’t even use a cloth.” Acts like this are used as a way to shame the person into behaving correctly. It sounds sick but they are necessary to guarantee the continuation of our culture. 

Gypsy Tarot, crystal ball and tea leaf reading
Most of our spiritual beliefs revolve around cleanliness and dirtiness, not fortune telling.

These beliefs are not unique to Gypsies living in Britain or the U.S. Romany people have the same language, culture, and beliefs whether they are living in the U.K, Romania, Brazil, or Iran. We are also all related to each other, and follow these beliefs regardless of where we live. So, we all Romany as long as 1. Ethnically and biologically, we are Romany Gypsy and 2. We follow our cultural rules. 

It is Not Enough to be Ethnically Romany

Someone can be ethnically Romany Gypsy but not be considered one by other Gypsies if they are too influenced by gorgers and their culture. This has consequences on who they can befriend or even marry because families do not want their descendants to mix with outsiders. 

As time goes on, if people drift apart from their family, they can begin to relax their beliefs and their rules until they are no longer considered to be one of us. So, ethnically, they can be Gypsies but if they were not raised with our traditions we would view them as gorgers. 

And if they were not raised as Gypsies they know nothing about our culture.  In turn, they know nothing about our symbolism, or how we practice divination. 

There are plenty of people on the internet who claim to be Gypsies and who speak for us, but we would never consider them to be one of us. They go on Instagram or TikTok and think that it is okay for them to spread beliefs about our culture because their granny (or whoever) was a Gypsy.  When, in reality, they weren’t even raised in our culture so they wouldn’t know what we believe. And we know if someone is one of us just based on how they act, talk, and behave. 

Trust me, There’s a Lot of Gypsy Fakes in the Fortune-Telling industry

Gypsies would never tell someone that they cannot read Tarot or crystal balls because it is ‘appropriating their culture’. Because, again, divination is just a past time and nothing to get narked over. But, we do take issue with people who claim to be Gypsies when they are not. And, trust me, it is very common for gorgers to claim to be Gypsies as a marketing ploy to sell readings. In reality, we don’t even consider a lot of ethnic Gypsies to be Gypsies if they do not follow our rules. 

Our culture is closed to outsiders. Not because we have secret knowledge about divination, but because our culture is based on continuing our traditions. We believe that there is our world and the gorger world. If you’re a Gypsy you’re part of our world, but being ethnically Gypsy is not enough. 

Romany Gypsy divination and fortune telling
The only real ‘secret’ we have regarding divination, is how we interpret symbols. The way in which we interpret symbols, such as that of a horse, is impacted by our upbringing, culture and traditions. For example, in Gypsy culture we interpret horses the same way as gorger readers would interpret a dog. But, in reality, this is not a secret in the traditional sense of the word.

You have to follow our cultural rules which are passed from elders to children. If you break away from our norms, your children will not learn the rules. In turn, they will be cut off from the group and be considered gorgers. I’ve seen Gypsies be ex-communicated for allowing a dog to lick their hand. It may seem extreme to gorgers but this is how our culture has survived 1,000 years. 

I’m 30-years-old and there are certain things I cannot do online because if my family found out they would be ashamed and they would chastise me for acting like a gorger. For example, I cannot say certain words or discuss certain subjects. Just from glancing at someone’s profile, I can tell if they were raised in our culture based on the things they say. 

We wouldn’t post pictures of ourselves with a member of the opposite gender in a bedroom. Or, women wouldn’t post about hormonal changes. We wouldn’t even post pictures of certain animals on our profiles. My family once went ballistic at me for pointing out a picture of a monkey. Because I used an unlucky word, monkey, while my uncle was driving it would cause bad luck. These are things which only we know because it is how we have been raised, and we look for these things in other people to assess if they are or aren’t really Gypsies. 

Gypsy Symbolism and Divination

Because our culture is different, how we interpret certain symbols are different. That is the true ‘secret’ to our divination. And because we do not mix with gorgers they are unaware of our symbolism. But, our interpretations themselves are not a secret. My family knows that I teach divination and fortune-telling online to gorgers. My family is very supportive of my career as long as: 

  1. I am not telling gorgers they can be Gypsies. 
  2. I am not allowing my students to market their own courses as being ‘Gypsy’ methods. 

Gypsies usually do not like to talk about their culture as openly as I am here because gorgers can use this against us. I know that there are going to be Romany people reading this who think that me even posting here is shameful. Gorgers are interested in us and our divination – this draws attention to us which can open us up to criticism and cause shame. This is the real reason why we do not talk about our beliefs. It has nothing to do with hoarding arcane secrets. 

We live in fear of persecution, harassment, and racism. We stay secretive as a way to keep ourselves and our family’s safe. I have friends and family who do not even want me to share pictures of them online. But, at this point, there are so many faux-Gypsies posting crap about our culture online I had to make this post before what they’re saying becomes ‘common knowledge’. It is not knowledge. They are just posting misconceptions when they cannot speak for us because they are not even a part of our culture. Never mind knowing enough to post the ‘truth’ about Gypsy fortune-telling.

My Family Have Always Been Supportive

In my real life, my partner, his family, all of my friends and family are also Romany Gypsies. However, the vast majority of my students are gorgers. A lot of my advanced students have gone on to teach divination. I’ve actually found that gorger families are less supportive of their family members teaching divination than what my family are of my career. My students have had issues with their family’s not supporting them. This is insane to me because, in my culture, fortune-telling is just a hobby and is nothing to be for or against. 

While I do believe that divination is a spiritual practice, for us, everything and nothing in particular is a spiritual practice because spirit is everywhere all of the time. I might see a sign while I am walking down the street. That doesn’t mean that walking is morally right or wrong or only open to certain people, just as divination is not only open to certain people.  Anyone can practice divination if they want to. 

The true ‘secret’ to Gypsy fortune-telling is that we interpret signs and symbols based on how our culture views that sign or symbol. And you have to be raised on our culture to interpret a symbol through the lens of Romany Gypsy culture. However, all cultures do this. I will interpret a snake very differently from how a Palo practitioner like Ambrozine LeGare would interpret a snake because we come from completely different cultures (you should follow her if you want to know more about Afro-American spirituality, she’s a great teacher and a great person). But that is okay! 

Everyone has their own culture. You should be proud of yourself and your culture. Even if you feel that your culture is plain or boring, you should take pride in it and your ancestors. You don’t have to pretend to be something you’re not to be able to sell readings or have people like you. 

So, beware that anyone can claim to be anything online. Take everything, even the things I am saying, with a pinch of salt, do your research and take everything at face value. (And, if you do want to learn more about Gypsy culture, I recommend that you read We Are The Romani People, it is the most accurate book regarding our culture.)

Have a great day, and happy divining, 


If you’re interested in learning more from me, I have a free e-book on this website which is an introduction to fortune-telling with a card system known as Lenormand. Feel free to download it here: 

Free Lenormand For Beginner’s Guide

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    P.S. I understand that a lot of Romany people do not like to use the word ‘Gypsy’ and some people consider it a slur. I’ll be 100% honest, I have to use that word otherwise gorgers will not know who I am talking about. I wish I didn’t have to, but sadly that is the way the world is.

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    The truth about Romany Gypsy fortune telling and divination.
    The truth about romany gypsy divination and fortune telling. Including Tarot, crystal ball reading and similar.

    Pixie’s Astounding Lenormand

    Pixie's Astounding Lenormand

    Today, I wanted to share with you all a review of one of my Lenormand card decks. The deck which I am going to focus on today is the Pixie’s Astounding Lenormand Deck. This Lenormand card deck was created by Edmund Zebrowski and published by U.S. Games. I’m excited to share this deck! I am sure that Tarot readers will love it as much as I do. 

    Jump to Review

    I believe that the Pixie’s Astounding Lenormand is the best Lenormand deck for Tarot readers. You can grab your copy here

    Pixies Astounding Lenormand Review - examples of some cards
    As you can see, the artwork on the Pixie’s Astounding Lenormand deck is detailed but not too ‘busy’ for a Lenormand card deck.

    The art featured in this Lenormand deck is based on artwork created by Pamela (Pixie) Colman Smith. Smith is the artist behind the Rider Waite Smith Tarot. I think that this concept behind the deck is extraordinarily cleaver. If you love your Rider Waite Smith Tarot deck, you may want to add this deck to your Lenormand collection.

    The card stock of this deck is rather good. In fact, it is superior to most Lenormand decks. I am not usually a weirdo when it comes to card stock. However, even I noticed that the stock of his deck is rather exceptional. This is especially true when compared to other decks.

    The deck which I got comes in a tin. I am not too fond of this to be honest. This is my first ‘tin’ deck. I usually prefer my decks to come in a box. However, I understand that this is a personal preference. There is a little bit of room in the tin so if you like to put herbs or other small objects in your tin you can, especially if you remove the book which comes with the deck.

    Pixie’s Astounding Lenormand: Great For Tarot Readers

    A lot of the artwork in the Pixie’s Astounding Lenormand is very similar to the Rider Waite Smith Tarot deck. The artwork will be familiar to Tarot readers. The deck is fun to look at because you can start to play a game of, “What card did that come from?” For example, we have the same Sun from the Rider Waite Smith Sun card on the Lenormand Sun.

    Full Review

    For some cards, I do not think that the addition of similar symbols between the two decks was a good idea. But, I see why the deck creator made these choices. For example the star on the Rider Waite Smith Star card is the same as the star on the Stars card – this may give the wrong impression to people who are coming from Tarot to Lenormand. Despite this, I would still say that this was a excellent beginner’s deck.

    Pixies Astounding Lenormand Review - Cards in the deck
    As you can see, the elements between the Pixie’s Astounding Lenormand deck and the Rider Waite Smith Tarot deck are very similar on some cards. (Pictured is the Centennial edition of the Rider Waite Smith Tarot which has softer colors and lines when compared to the usual versions of this deck).

    One thing which I hate, is when Lenormand cards are marketed as beginners decks but are not the traditional ‘Lenormand’ size – this is not the case with Pixie’s Astounding Lenormand. I then have to spend a lot of time explaining to people that poker size is the traditional Lenormand size! These cards are the right size for a Lenormand deck, so that is a plus in my book!

    Also, the deck does not include any extra cards which (again) makes it a very good deck for beginners. Extra cards can often cause confusion among newbies – Pixie’s Astounding Lenormand contains none which is good. Obviously, if you like additional cards this may put you off.

    Another thing which makes me think that this is a beginner’s deck, is the fact that it contains playing card inserts, but they are not obvious. In fact, I had been using the deck for weeks before I noticed them! Playing card inserts are not often used by beginners. Although I am an experienced Lenormand card reader, I do not use playing card inserts so this does not bother me but it might bother you if you like to use them.

    The artwork chosen for the deck is clear enough that you know exactly what each card is suppose to represent – this is a major concern not just for beginners but for experienced readers also. The deck is interesting without being too busy.

    My only criticism with the artwork, is the Letter card (pictured below). I understand that the creator only had Smith’s artwork to work with, but I really wish that there was not a person on the Letter card (when I first observed this card I thought it was the Lady). However, that is my only real criticism of the deck, everything else from the card stock to the images and even the book are all well done.

    There is a little book which comes with the deck and it is more of a small book as opposed to the little white books which you get inside Tarot decks.

    Pixies Astounding Lenormand Review - Letter Card
    As you can see, Pixie’s Astounding Lenormand comes in a tin and includes a small, well-written guidebook. Also photographed is the Letter card from the deck.

    From reading the book, I get the feeling that the author had a lot more to say than he had space for, which is a shame! The book is large enough that he properly explain the card meanings but not large enough that he can properly explain the Grand Tableau. For this reason, I wish the book was larger.

    I also wish the book was larger because he gives good tips for what it means when a card is next to another card. He only does this for some of the cards, such as the Mountain, which although interesting may be confusing for some beginners.

    So, in some ways the deck is good for newbies but the guidebook makes more sense if you already have experience in Lenormand. Some of the things he said in the book were quite interesting and (I do not say this often) but he should really write a full Lenormand book. I got the impression that he really knows what he is talking about when it comes to Lenormand – this deck was more than a ‘money-making’ project for the creator. 

    Finally, I got a good reaction to the deck when I posted pictures of it to my Instagram and Facebook accounts. So, if you often share your readings online you can rest assure that this deck will be a hit!

    That is my review of Pixie’s Astounding Oracle deck! You can purchase this deck here and the Waite Smith Tarot (Centennial edition) here.

    Or, you can download a free Lenormand for Beginners PDF guide. It is fun, free and instantly downloadable on mobile, tablet or computer. Grab it here. 

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    Lenormand Cross Spread

    Are you looking for an alternative Lenormand card spread? Well, The Cross Spread is for you! The Lenormand Cross Spread is a spin on a traditional spread shape usually used for Tarot and playing card divination. I have adopted this spread especially for you. 

    If you have enjoyed this spread, be sure to give it a try. And, if you like the look of the deck I am using in this post, you can check that deck out here

    The challenging part about creating Lenormand spreads is that Lenormand cards must be combined. When designing Lenormand spreads, you have to ensure that each card is combined with at least one other card otherwise your reading will not make sense. We do not have this issue with the Lenormand Cross Spread because all positions combine easily. 

    Here are the positions of the Lenormand Cross Spread: 

    The Past: Card positions 1, 3 and 5 reveal the past of the situation. 

    Obstacles: Cards 1, 2 and 5 reveal any obstacles in the seekers path. 

    Advantages: Cards 1, 4 and 5 reveal any advantages the seeker has. 

    Near Future: Cards 2, 3 and 4 reveal the near future for the next few weeks. 

    Distant Future:  Cards 6, 7 and 8 reveals the more distant future. 

    So, let’s say that we have an imaginary seeker called Moira. Moira does not get along with her family – she suspects that this estrangement has been exacerbated by her brother, Bart. Moira has fallen out with her brother and wishes to know more about the relationship. We have performed a Lenormand Cross Spread using our Lenormand cards. Here are the results: 

    Lenormand Cross Spread Example

    A past rivalry with Moira’s brother Bart has cost her dearly because Bart has played with Moira’s emotions (Fish, Snake, Moon). Bart is counting on Moira’s estrangement from the family becoming official – she has placed a lot of emotional energy into this thought and this is causing further tension in her relationships (Fish, Tower, Moon). An advantage of the situation is that Moira is invested in keeping her emotions to herself (Fish, Book, Moon). 

    In the near future, Bart will control his jealousy and keep it under wraps (Tower, Snake, Book). This may offer Moira some short-term relief, but that does not mean that their relationship will improve. There is no hope in the long-term future; a notable action will severe the relationship (Key, Ship, Scythe).  

    This spread was relatively easy to perform because all cards are combined in different ways. Because all cards are combined, this makes continuing the ‘story’ of the spread a breeze. 

    So that it is for the Lenormand Cross Spread! Feel free to try it out for yourself. 

    And, if you’re looking for a Lenormand deck, you should check out the Pixie’s Astounding Lenormand. This is a beautiful deck based on the artwork of Pamela Colman Smith, the artist behind the Rider Waite Tarot deck. If you already read Tarot, this deck will be an excellent addition to your Lenormand practice. Grab yours here

    In other news, sometime soon I am opening spaces in my Divination & Fortune Telling school for my course, The Lenormand Course (just in time for Fall!) You can find out more and register your interest here.

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    Lenormand Combinations For The Return Of An Ex

    Is your ex coming back? Which Lenormand cards would predict the return of an ex-lover? Or, which combinations hint at the hope of a reconciliation? In this post, you’re going to learn the Lenormand combinations for the return of an ex!

    As a full-time Lenormand teacher, I often get asked what the best cards are to predict the return of a lover. There are several Lenormand card combinations which hint that your ex-lover may return, however, I have narrowed down my top three combinations below.

    Coffin And Birds

    If you have separated from your ex a long time ago, then you should hope that you receive the Coffin card. This card on its own is a very good indication that something from your past is going to return in the present.

    With the above interpretation in mind, I often take Coffin and the Birds card as a good combination to receive if you hand your ex to come back into your life. The Coffin symbolizes someone from the past, while the Birds represent the communication channels opening.

    Heart And Stork

    In these types of readings, the Heart card obviously symbolizes the person who you love (such as your ex). The Stork card represents this person returning into your life, so together they make a good combination.

    However, in some cases, the Heart and Stork together can predict a change of heart. So, either you and your ex-lover are going to reconcile, or you are going to swiftly move on from them at some point in the future – both are these scenarios are positive signs for you.

    Man/Woman And Rider

    Finally, we have the Man or Woman card and the Rider card. The Significator cards represent either the seeker or the most important person in a seeker’s life. When combined with the Rider, this can mean that this person is going to quickly re-enter your life.

    However, sometimes the significator cards can represent someone who is going to be important to you in the future. If this is the case, you will fall in love with someone who is not your ex in the future – they are galloping into your life as we speak. So, again, either way, these two cards predict a positive outcome.

    That is all for the best Lenormand combinations which predict the return of an ex or a reconciliation!

    I also have a free Lenormand for Beginners Guide. You can download that guide here

    Feel free to follow me on your favourite social media platform for more divination goodness:

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    illustration Is your ex coming back? What are the Lenormand combinations for the return of an ex? Or, which combinations hint at the hope of a reconciliation?
    Is your ex coming back? What are the Lenormand combinations for the return of an ex? Or, which combinations hint at the hope of a reconciliation?

    Develop Precognition Abilities

    Precognition is the ability to see the future and predict events. Precognition is the skill that divination practitioners and fortune tellers use to foresee things that are about to happen. If you develop precognition abilities, you can better predict likely outcomes in your love life, business projects, even sporting events.

    Many people are raised to believe that only very gifted psychics or gypsy fortune tellers like myself have precognition – this is not true! Like all psychic abilities, everyone has precognitive abilities, but some people are naturally stronger than others. However, everyone can work on their precognitive abilities.

    Below, I have given you some exercises which you can try to help you develop your psychic abilities and precognition. Give them a go and see how you get on!

    Tip One: When The Phone Rings, Try To Predict Who Is Calling

    One very simple thing you can do to develop your precognitive abilities is to try to project who you think will be on the other end of the house phone. Or, if your phone goes off in your pocket try to ‘sense’ who you think is trying to contact you.

    Practicing this exercise will help you to gauge the energy of different people in your life. Then, when you have funny feelings or sense that something is going to happen you will be able to pinpoint the feeling to a precise individual. So, instead of just saying, “Something is going to happen” you will be able to say, “Something is going to happen to June”.

    Tip Two: Predict Your Timeline

    This is a pretty fun exercise. Before you go to bed, write down what you think is going to be on your social media timeline when you wake up. Who is going to post first? What are they going to say? How many new friend requests/followers are you going to have?

    Again, this exercise will help you to predict events surrounding people, but you will be projecting what is going to happen in the future, not just the present as you would with the telephone calls.

    Tip Three: Practice Divination To Develop Precognitive Abilities

    If anything is going to increase your precognitive abilities, practicing divination will. By its very nature, divination will encourage you to make predictions all of the time. Precognition is like a muscle, the more you use it the more you build it!

    You do not have to be super psychic to practice divination, anyone can. I recommend that you start with Lenormand cards as these are very good for building intuition and predicting general events. Using Lenormand, you can make very detailed predictions about your love life, career, even your social media platforms! You can find a free ‘Lenormand for Beginners’ guide at the end of this post.

    Tip Four: Pay Attention To Intrusive Thoughts

    I am a natural precog and I make predictions a lot. I even teach other people how to make predictions! One thing which I really notice about me is that before something or someone becomes a major feature in my life, I ‘notice’ them or become aware of their presence.

    For example, I noticed this girl’s name on my social media a few weeks ago. We were not friends but she was friends with an associate of mine whom I followed on Instagram and I seen her comment on a post. I felt really, really drawn to her and had a proper snoop on her account (don’t judge me). A couple of days later, my friend’s (a different friend) boyfriend had left her for the girl whose account I was snooping on and it caused a big who ha. I guess I was drawn to her because she became relevant in my life.

    Another example, months ago I remembered a reader (another blogger) which I used to be friends with but fell out with years ago. Her name just popped into my head so I went and snooped on her Facebook account (I know I need to get off my phone). I go scrolling and come to find out she had been going onto my website and stealing my images for her adverts!

    You might think that you’re just being nosey, but if you feel really drawn to a person there is usually a reason for it and they will become relevant in the future. So, if you want to develop your precognition abilities you should pay attention to (and possibly even keep a record of) those intrusive thoughts.

    Tip Five: Trust Yourself While You Develop Precognitive Abilities

    This next tip is so cheesy but it really makes the difference when you’re working on your psychic development, especially your precognitive abilities. You have to trust yourself.

    It goes back to what I said about a lot of people thinking that they have to be super psychic in order to practice divination and predict events. ANYONE can use divination and make predictions.

    If you really want to develop precognitive abilities, if you want to take action instead of just thinking that you ‘might’ develop, I recommend that you go onto Amazon, order a ‘Lenormand deck’ and start making predictions on your general life, love life and other life areas which matter to you.

    That’s all for how you can develop your precognitive abilities! I also have a free Lenormand for Beginners Guide. You can download that guide here

    Feel free to follow me on your favourite social media platform for more divination goodness:

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    Precognition is the ability to see the future and predict events.If you develop precognition abilities, you can better predict likely outcomes in readings.
    Illustration Precognition is the ability to see the future and predict events.If you develop precognition abilities, you can better predict likely outcomes in readings.

    Gypsy Spreads With Lenormand

    Hi diviners! In today’s post, we are going to do something a little different. I have not done many posts with Lenormand spreads so I thought I would show you how to perform Gypsy spreads with Lenormand cards. 

    Being a Romany Gypsy fortune teller myself, I love a good Gypsy spread! I have a very particular way which I do my Gypsy spreads so I am going to adapt this for a Lenormand reading. Keep in mind that there are other ways to read Gypsy spreads and the way which I do mine for Tarot is different, but I want to show you how I would read one using Lenormand. 

    Now, first things first, I am going to explain the difference between a column and a row. Because I didn’t listen in school and do not know which is horizontal and which is vertical, I am going to assume you were a rebel too and call them columns and rows instead! Rows go along the way, and columns go up and down. 

    Usually, when I perform a Gypsy spread I would use twenty-five cards, but here I am only going to use fifteen because I feel that doing so makes it easier to highlight my point. So, I am going to put my cards out in five rows of three columns as shown. 

    The cards are interpreted along the way in strings. Each row has its own meaning. The first represents work. The second row represents love. The third row represents family. The fourth row symbolizes friends and the final row represents spirituality.

    This is a predictive reading, so the cards which appear in these rows are going to predict what is going to happen in these life areas. 

    Example of Gypsy Spreads with Lenormand

    If I was performing a real reading, I would first ask my ancestral spirits if they would help me to get the best results possible for my reading. Sometimes I am like, “PLEASE HELP ME INTERPRET THIS”! Haha 

    Then, I would shuffle my cards and lay them out as shown (but in real life I would do five rows of five). I would then form my interpretation. My interpretation for this particular reading would be: 

    Work: Lifestyle changes will help me finish my book (this is relevant to me because I was at the gym today and worried that going every day would mean I did not have the energy to get a certain project finished). 

    Love: In my love life, I will socialize with an authoritative man (no idea what this is about!)

    Family: A negative person will cause me long term problems (this applies to me as there are a lot of people in my family who are super negative). 

    Friends: Good fortune in health will be experienced by a false friend (I have an idea what this is about because an ex-friend who I no longer speak to recently had a health scare. This predicts that it was a false alarm).  

    Spirituality: Signs will be more consistent if discussed with other people (For personal reasons, I often interpret lilies as signs from spirits. Working with signs is a big part of my spirituality and one I teach in my psychic development courses. I have been discussing this more in my real life and on social media, so I see how this interpretation applies to both the present and the future). 

    This reading was kind of interesting and I now wish that I had done the five rows with five columns! But performing the reading this way makes it easier to understand. If you would like to perform this Gypsy spread with five rows of five, try it and let us know how you get on!  

    So, that is how you can read Gypsy Spreads with Lenormand cards!

    I also have a free Lenormand for Beginners Guide. You can download that guide here

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    Learn how to perform Gypsy spreads with Lenormand cards. If you're looking for a spread that predicts your general fortune (other than the Grand Tableau)

    The Lenormand Pyramid Spread

    Do you want a Lenormand card spread which you can use for readings where the seeker does not reveal their question? Maybe you usually use a Grand Tableau but you do not have enough space or time to perform this massive reading? BUT you seeker is just sitting there not saying anything? That is what the Lenormand Pyramid Spread is for!

    The Pyramid Spread is a ten-card spread that reveals any issues that are on your seeker’s mind. Not only will this spread reveal what your seeker is thinking, but it will also give them some advice and predictions for the future. So, let’s get to it!

    Let’s pretend that we are reading an imaginary seeker Diageo at a psychic fair. Diageo has come to our table for a reading, but he is sitting there not saying anything. We only have ten minutes to wow Diageo, so we decide to perform a Pyramid Spread.

    Example of a Lenormand Pyramid Spread

    First of all, we would ask our ancestors to help us perform the best reading possible for Diageo. We would also make sure to ask them to make sure that our reading is not completely shit! Then, we would shuffle our cards as normal and lay them out in a Pyramid Spread as shown:

    Example of a spread
    Cards are Fox; Fish & Home; Stork & Birds & Tower; Ship & Crossroads & Sun & Anchor.

    The first card on the top of our Pyramid shows the main life area which causes Diageo concern. The second section of cards (the two cards) gives Diageo advice on how to proceed. The third row of cards (the three cards) tells Diageo about any outside or unknown factors which he may or may not consciously be aware of. And, finally, the base of the Pyramid reveals the future of the matter).

    So, let’s form our interpretation!

    Diageo’s main area of concern is his work, as shown by the Fox card. According to this reading, he needs to look for employment which makes him more financially comfortable (Fish + Home). He does not know this yet, but changes are taking place due to talks between officials at his place of employment (Stork + Birds + Tower). In the future, he will move in an alternate direction and find something more stable (Ship + Crossroads + Sun + Anchor).

    Therefore, we can predict that Diageo is going to leave his current place of employment. One of the reasons why is because changes are going to happen at his work which he does not yet know about, but they are coming from ‘high up’ so he will have no control over them. However, his current job does not offer him the financial security which his future job will so he will be happier with his new place of employment.

    That is it for how to perform a reading using the Lenormand Pyramid Spread. If you perform this reading for yourself, let me know how you get on through social media:

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    Want a Lenormand card spread you can use for readings with or without a question? That is what the Lenormand Pyramid Spread is for! Here is how to read one!

    Gain Confidence As A Psychic Reader

    How can you gain confidence as a psychic reader? Having anxiety before giving a psychic reading is perfectly normal. In fact, I would be worried if you weren’t anxious. Fear shows that you are excited, nervous, and eager to go in and do a good job. You want to please your clients; you pray that their reading fills them with hope for the future and happiness. Experiencing nerves before a reading is a positive sign. 

    Sometimes, however, your nerves can be crippling. You may suffer from imposter syndrome and, ironically, dread doing what you love. In that case, I have compiled a list of tips for things you can try if self-doubt has frozen you into inaction. 

    Relate To Others

    I have been reading most of my life and for over 20 years. I am a Gypsy; my family are famous fortune tellers, and my gifts were encouraged when I was growing up. I have read celebrities, politicians, sportspeople, and had seekers from all over the world. At 24, I won an international award, Young Tarosophist of the Year, and I have been on the radio, in magazines, and on TV. 

    I also shit myself before every reading. 

    Yes, some would say that I have everything going for me. Most readers believe that I should be rolling in self-assurance. The reality is, that I still get that niggle of anxiety before every reading. Pretty certificates hanging on my wall do not shield me from self-doubt. At one point, I too struggle horribly and didn’t know how to gain confidence as a psychic reader.

    I welcome my anxiety because I know it is a sign that I care about what I do, that I am connecting with my seeker, with spirit, etc. However, my anxiety has reduced with time, experience, and knowledge because I know that other readers have the same feelings I do. 

    One way to ease your anxiety is to talk about it with other readers; I guarantee that they will relate and make you feel better.  Hearing the stories of other psychics, mediums and fortune tellers can help not just beginners but more advanced readers with their confidence. 

    Realize That You Care

    “Do not fear that you are doing a bad job. If you were doing a bad job, you would not care enough to worry about it. Anyone who does do a bad job usually always thinks that they are amazing. Anyone who is great at this often thinks that they are shit.”

    Early in my career, these words were said to me by a fantastic Scottish medium. The medium, Gordon, explained that readers who stress about their readings are the types of readers who care about satisfying their clients. If you’re getting nervous, it means that you’re passionate about what you do and should be in this industry. 

    Know Yourself To Gain Confidence As a Psychic Reader

    When I was younger, I had a lot of reader anxiety, which (I now know) stemmed from the fact that I didn’t know who I was, what type of reader I was, or anything. Being unaware of my strengths and weaknesses caused me to feel chaotic because I didn’t know what to expect from a reading, how to advertise myself, and how I managed to ‘perform.’ I literally just went in there, connected to something, and began reading. 

    As I got older, I pinpointed my reading style and worked out which spirits I connected with during readings. I increased my spiritual awareness by forming a personal relationship with spirit and mastered a form of divination, which was perfect for predictive, spirit-driven readings (Lenormand). 

    If you do not know yourself, then it’s hard to read someone else. Part of you senses that something is ‘off’ in a way, and this causes anxiety. Define your style and work on that, your strengths, and your weaknesses, and this will increase your confidence and bring your readings under control. 

    Meet Yourself To Gain Confidence As a Psychic Reader

    A lot of reader anxiety comes from self-doubt. You may have ‘performed’ well a million times, but that doesn’t stop you from telling yourself that this time, you will fail. Every reading feels like a new reading and you’re stuck because you do not know how to gain confidence as a psychic reader.

    In essence, this is a pretty flawed way to think. As a reader, you probably know this but just cannot break the habit of thinking this way. I recently read something, however, which gave me something to consider.

    The book theorized that there are three layers of the self. There is your outer layer which you project to others, your inner fears and self-doubt (which is a result of criticisms) and your core, which is your true self, which is deep inside of you. 

    The true self is said to be where all of your strengths and positives lie and which you can utilize. When applied to psychic readings, there is an interesting question which you can ask yourself to discover your true reading skill level:

    “What kind of reader are you when nobody is watching and judging you?”

    Probably a good one! You’ve had psychic experiences. You live for Lenormand Tarot, astrology, mediumship, etc., not just when reading but when in the shower and after dropping the kids off at school or while walking to the shops. You may have a Tarot journal and enjoy making entries. You have many books and most likely have purchased your fair share of decks. You love spirituality. 

    Once you align your true self with your everyday self and get rid of any self-doubt, nothing is stopping you from being this confident reader constantly. In fact, nothing is stopping you from being amazing; deep down, you are already amazing! You just need tools to help you increase in confidence. Here is a visualization for aligning with your true, confident self:

    1. Imagine what your true self is like. They are a confident, knowledgeable reader who can handle any situation which is thrown at them.

    2. Imagine your true self is in front of you. Sense their calm and lack of reader anxiety.

    3. Step into your true self. Become them. Feel their confidence, their self-belief, and any other positives that they display so naturally.

    Try this visualization every day until you feel that you have truly become your true self.

    Know That You Love What You Do

    In the book “Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother,” the author (Amy Chua) makes the interesting point that no one likes anything until they are not good at it. I don’t necessarily believe this in all cases, but I do believe this point:

    “No one loves anything which they are terrible at.”

    Do you love reading? I mean, do you love it? You do, or you wouldn’t put so much pressure on yourself to do well. Therefore, you must have some ability; otherwise, why would you love doing something you were terrible at executing? 

    Give Yourself Credit 

    In the spiritual industry, there seems to be an air of negativity attached to thinking that you are good at something. It is more fashionable to point out your weaknesses than your strengths. The need to be overtly humble traps readers into feeling guilty about taking any pleasure from being praised. 

    Don’t worry; you’re not going to turn into a raving narcissist by acknowledging you’re a half-decent reader. After all, people who have an inflamed self-image do not worry about having one. Those who do not see fault in themselves are not self-critical; if you’re worried about becoming big-headed, that’s a sign that you’re not! 

    It is entirely fine for positive feedback to build your confidence. When you do something right, give yourself a pat on the back. Tell people about the excellent review you got, advertise yourself. Let others praise you for your hard work. 

    Note Your Achievements 

    You should keep a diary or notebook to remind yourself of all of the good things you have achieved. Got a great review? Write that down. Does someone makes a great comment? Write that down. Did you overcome your fears, and it wasn’t that bad? Take note of that. 

    Anytime you find yourself falling into the trap of worrying about giving a reading, take out your Achievement Folder and remind yourself of all of the positive things you have done and praise you have got. Even if they are just little comments someone makes, they can mean a lot when your confidence is at a low and you’re reading in 10 minutes. Reminding yourself of your strengths will help you to gain confidence as a psychic reader.

    Control Your Empathy To Gain Confidence As a Psychic Reader

    Many readers consider themselves in tune with other people’s emotions but do not consider that they may be picking up on the seeker’s anxiety. Have you ever thought that some of the anxiety which you feel is coming from the person receiving the reading as opposed to your own feelings? 

    I notice that when I travel to some places, my anxiety increases unexplainably. I live in West Lothian (Scotland) but also extremely close to the capital of Edinburgh. It is relatively uncommon in Edinburgh to let a reader into your home, many people who live there visit the reader’s homes or centers. 

    Those who have never had a reader come into their home are more anxious about letting a reader into their personal space for various reasons; one of the reasons being safety. I have realized that in these cases, my anxiety increases because I have empathized with the seeker.

    It is, therefore, a good idea to try some blocking exercises before you meet a seeker. If you’re an empath, try to block their energy until the actual reading begins; it helps to elevate a lot of the stress associated with giving readings to strangers.

    It also can be comforting to know that they are just afraid of you as you are of them! Remind yourself of this if you start to become self-critical. 

    That is how you can gain confidence as a psychic reader. It is important to note that reader anxiety does elevate with experience. I wish the best of luck to anyone who tries any of these strategies.

    If you’re interested, I also have a free Lenormand for Beginners Guide. You can download that guide here

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    Illustration How can you gain confidence as a psychic reader? Having anxiety before giving a psychic reading is perfectly norma, but here is how to move past the fear.
    How can you gain confidence as a psychic reader? Having anxiety before giving a psychic reading is perfectly norma, but here is how to move past the fear.

    Honour Your Ancestors Through Spirituality

    For us diviners, our ancestors are constantly on our minds. If being a diviner is part of your lifestyle, every day you will be conscious of the spirits of your ancestors and the role which they play in your psychic readings and spirituality in general. Here is how to honour your ancestors through spirituality. 

    As a diviner (someone who practices divination) I am constantly aware of my ancestor’s spirits. They send me signs in my waking life and visit me in my dreams. I petition my spirits before every reading and they make sure that my divination is on point, my precognition is working and I give the best possible psychic reading every time.

    So, today, I wanted to give some quick tips for things which you can do to ensure a connection with your ancestors, not just for your psychic readings, but for your spirituality in general. Here are my top tips for how to honour your ancestors through spirituality:

    Step One: Notice The Signs Which They Send You

    Your passed relatives will talk to you through signs, especially if you’re scared of ‘ghosts’ or apprehensive about working with spirit. One thing which I teach in my Psychic Course is how to work with signs and stop being scared of spirit.

    The signs which your relatives will send you be something which you’re likely to notice. For example, if you keep on noticing a certain bird or animal outside your home, these could be signs from spirits.

    A common misconception among newbies to spirituality is that signs and symbols are the same things, which they are not. The symbolic meaning of your sign does not matter. All that matters is that you are receiving signs and sprits are trying to make contact with you.

    Noticing these signs is one way in which you can honour your ancestors because doing so means that you acknowledge their presence in your life. If you ignore the signs they send you, it is kind of like telling them you do not want to speak to them! So, to honour them you must appreciate the fact that they are initiating conversation.

    Believe it or not, you can actually decide which sign you want your ancestors to send. However, ideally, it would be a sign which you would connect to them. For example, before my grandad died he made me hold a handful of bees so I connect bees with him; bees are our sign. You can ask spirit to send you a specific sign which you would associate with one of your relatives.

    Step Two: Have Them Around

    If you want to honour your ancestors, place their pictures or things which remind you of them around your house. I am a Romany Gypsy so I have lots of depictions of wagons around my home. I know a lot of people of Scottish descent who have thistle around their home.

    I am lucky enough to have known many of my ancestors, such as my great grandparents and my grandparents personally. I have photographs of them around my house and I make a conscious effort to stop, pause and reflect everyday. Having images or things that remind me of them around the home keeps them as a part of my life, my daughter’s life and the other kids who come to the home.

    Step Three: Ask Them For Dreams

    Not only can you ask your ancestors for signs but you can also ask them for dreams. Before you go to bed, ask your spirits if they will make contact with you. You can ask for guidance or you can ask them how you can better honour them.

    A few weeks ago, I asked my ancestors for guidance before I went to bed. I did not even know particularly what I was needing I just knew that I need some spiritual help. One of my relatives appeared to me in the guise of a teacher. He told me some things connected to my business which I had completely forgotten about. My business is now going in a totally new direction because of the guidance from that dream.

    If you usually do not dream, try writing down whatever you can remember in the morning, even if it is only a small thing, a color or a word. Recording what you can remember trains your consciousness to remember even tiny little details.

    Step Four: Talk About Them 

    People must think I am insane, but I talk about my dead relatives all of the time. I am always sharing stories about my granddad, or telling people about things that happened when certain relatives were alive. I make sure that the younger generations know that my past relatives are a big part of how they got here.

    Today, I want you to make a conscious effort to talk about your ancestors. Do not just think about doing so but get out your phone now and set a reminder to converse with someone about your relatives. Or, post your favourite story on Facebook or Instagram. You can honour your ancestors through spirituality, by spreading your love of them in real life.

    Step Five: Perform A Reading

    Next, I want you to try this exercise with either your Lenormand or Tarot cards. This is a good way to see if your ancestors have any guidance for you (and you can honour them by taking their advice!)

    Grab your preferred deck. I want you to say out loud, “Ancestors, what are you trying to tell me?” And I want you to shuffle your cards while you say these words. When you feel intuitively ready, go through your deck and look for:

    The High Priestess if using a Tarot deck.

    The Lily card if using a Lenormand deck.

    The cards which lay on the top and the bottom of these cards will be your message from your ancestors. I got the Child and the Tower card, which I would interpret as, “Stand out and have fun” which is just the type of attitude my family has towards everything!

    So, that is all for how you can honour your ancestors through spirituality! If you try any of the tips from this post and you post about them on Instagram, be sure to tag us and we will share you in our Instagram stories!

    I also have a free Lenormand for Beginners Guide. You can download that guide here

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    Here is how to honor your ancestors through spirituality. Communicate with your ancestors for psychic development, divination and psychic reading.
    Illustration Here is how to honor your ancestors through spirituality. Communicate with your ancestors for psychic development, divination and psychic reading.

    How To Develop Your Psychic Abilities

    As a full-time divination and fortune-telling teacher, I often get asked, “What is the best way to develop my psychic abilities?” Psychic development is a hot topic and lots of people want to know how they can develop whether that be their clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience or claircognizance abilities. 

    Today, I am going to tell you how you can develop all of your psychic abilities using Lenormand cards. By using Lenormand, you can tap into all of your ‘clairs’ and encourage their growth. So, let’s get started!

    What Are Lenormand Cards?

    Lenormand cards are thirty-six cards that have symbols on them which you would see in your everyday life (such as a tree or a man) or cards that are more symbolic (such as a heart). You can use the Lenormand cards to predict events and using them will help to develop your psychic abilities. 

    Anyone at any point in their development journey can use Lenormand cards – and the sooner you start using them, the better. You can download a free absolute beginner’s guide here

    Usually, you would use Lenormand cards to perform readings as you would with crystal balls or Tarot cards. However, today we are going to use Lenormand cards to help us develop our psychic abilities!


    Clairvoyance is the ability to see things that other people cannot. For example, people who can see spirit have clairvoyance abilities. Clairvoyance is one of the most desirable and well-known psychic senses. 

    One way in which you can develop clairvoyance is by observing signs. I go over how to work with signs in my Ancestral Work 101 Course (which comes as a free bonus with my Lenormand Course) but essentially you will observe the signs which spirits send you. 

    Observing signs signals to spirt that you are not afraid and are open to contact. If you keep observing physical signs and strengthening your clairvoyance this way, eventually spirit will manifest to you. 

    Exercise: Here is an exercise which you can try. Get your Lenormand card deck and shuffle them. While shuffling ask your spirits, “Which sign would you like me to observe”? Then pull a card. Whichever card you receive, whether it is the Lily, the Clover, etc. try to be aware and look for that sign during the day. 

    You can see your signs in different forms, so always be aware. For example, if you got the Lily card you might see the actual flowers or see lilies on a painting. All that matters is that you physically see your sign. 


    Clairaudience is the ability to hear spirit. People who have strong clairaudience will hear things which spirit tells them. Clairaudient people can hear things that other people cannot. 

    There is another phenomenon linked to clairaudience which is known as cledonism, which means divination through sound. Just as you would through observing signs, you can develop your psychic abilities using cledonism. 

    Exercise: After you have your ‘sign’ from the Lenormand exercise which we did in the clairvoyance section, it is time to go out looking for this sign. However, you are not going to just look for the sign with your eyes, you are going to look for the sign with your ears!

    So, if you got the Lily card in the first exercise, you are now going to try to hear the word, Lily. It does not matter how you hear it. Someone could speak the word ‘lily’, someone could shout the name Lily, or you might even hear someone talk about lily flowers on the TV. However you hear it, you are trying to hear your sign. 


    Clairsentience is the ability to feel things without being told. For example, you might sense that someone in your family is in destress despite being millions of miles away. 

    One night last year I got taken to hospital with a kidney infection and my twin sister woke up from her sleep because she knew something was wrong. We are both Romany Gypsy fortune tellers so we have a strong psychic awareness, but even people who have never worked on their psychic development may have had similar experiences, especially if they are gifted in this area. 

    You can develop your clairsentience abilities by trying to ‘feel’ what someone else is feeling or by gauging what they are doing. 

    Exercise: For this exercise, you will need a volunteer! Sit across from each other and ask your volunteer to hold the Lenormand cards. As they observe the card, ask them to try to tune into an emotion from that card (without giving you any clues). So, if they get the Heart card they will think about love and try to feel love. Your job is to try and gauge which card they have based on the emotions which they are projecting. Practice this exercise over the coming weeks and see if your ability to pick up the card improves. 


    Claircognizance means, ‘clear-knowing’. People who have strong claircognizance know things without being told and can easily predict events. Claircognizants often have very strong pre-cognition and can predict events either through their dreams or through the use of divination, such as Lenormand cards, Tarot cards, or even things in nature (such as the shape of clouds). 

    Personally, I have very strong claircognizance and precognitive abilities because I have been practicing divination and fortune-telling since I was seven. I use my abilities every day, not just in my readings but also in my business. I even now teach psychic development courses. I believe that claircognizance ability is the most useful psychic skill as you can apply it to everyday life. 

    Anyone can develop claircognizance abilities and one way to do so is to practice divination. I recommend that you try your hand at reading Lenormand cards. As I said earlier, I have a free guide for absolute beginners here

    Exercise: Once you purchase your Lenormand cards, you can strengthen your claircognizance abilities by pulling ‘cards of the day’. At the start of each day, you can pull two cards and try to predict the events of that day. Be sure to photograph your cards with your iPhone, share them on Instagram or write them in your psychic journal so that you remember them. 

    That is all for how you can develop your psychic abilities! If you’re interested in reading Lenormand, be sure to check out my How to Read Lenormand post or download my free Lenormand for Beginner’s guide here.

    Feel free to follow me on your favourite social media platform for more divination goodness:

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    How to develop your psychic abilities. Here is how you can grow your clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience or claircognizance reading skills.
    Illustration: How to develop your psychic abilities. Here is how you can grow your clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience or claircognizance reading skills.