Lenormand cards will give you the level of detail in your readings which, until now, you have only dreamed about. The future of 36 life areas? Lenormand will tell you that. Exact details of your destined career, lover, and pets? Lenormand will tell you that. Whether or not your sister is a bitch, your business plan is ace, or your boyfriend is a piece of shit? Lenormand will tell you that.


Howdie! My name is Lisa Boswell, and I am the owner and creator of this website, Read Lenormand. My Lenormand journey started nearly five years ago, somewhat by accident.

As I am a Romany Gypsy, I had plenty of family members around me who were fortune-tellers. At a very young age, I became a diviner. Crystal balls, Tarot cards, and dream interpretation were my thing. Life was great.

In 2014 I was invited to perform a test reading for a psychic shop in Edinburgh, Scotland. I was excited, but I had an issue; despite being a professional reader, my other forms of divination had randomly decided to stop working for me! Don’t ask me why, but I literally woke up one day and couldn’t read Tarot. My intuition stopped working; my cards stopped speaking to me, everything was a mess.

And I had two days till the psychic test.

I went online first looking for a cure, then looking for a different method of fortune-telling other than the ones I had already used. To my horror, none of the types of divination I read about could be practiced in the small room provided by the psychic shop (I couldn’t be setting fires in the middle of the store or any other crazy shit like that).

I was about to give up (or had given up) so I did what any normal person under insane amounts of pressure does; I scrolled through Facebook, ignoring my problems. Suddenly, a recommended group popped up.


I didn’t know what Lenormand was so I joined the group and then went Googling. One look at the system and I was hooked! I ordered a deck, and hit the books (or Google and Facebook) hard and learned how to read Lenormand in only two days. I used Lenormand to perform my test reading, got the job and the rest is history!

So, if you’re wanting a detailed method of divination which you can learn in record time from only a small amount of resources, Lenormand is for you! (But make sure your resource is Read Lenormand otherwise I’ll freak out).

AND if you would like some Lisa Boswell trivia – and need convinced you should learn from me – here are some facts:

Fun Facts…

1. Other than this pretty website here, I also run the Tarot site Divination & Fortune-Telling. My Divination & Fortune-Telling website teaches Tarot to over 200,000 diviners per month, despite the fact my spelling is terrible.

2. My spelling is terrible.

3. I hadn’t even done a practice reading with my first Lenormand deck. In fact, I took the shrink wrap off on the bus on the way to my test reading! I had caught the delivery man just in time when I was leaving to go to my reading and practically wrestled my package off him.

4. I have a daughter called Candyce. Most people ask me if she has an interest in divination as I did as a child. I would say, not really, but I can always dream!

5. I am allllll against overcomplicating divination. There are some techniques most teachers teach which you do not really need, especially for Tarot and Lenormand. As a teacher, I only focus on what you really have to know and leave the rest.

6. My first Lenormand deck was Lo Scarabeo’s Lenormand deck.

7. I am an award-winning divination teacher and blogger. In 2014, I won Tarosophy’s Young Tarosophist of the Year Award.

8. I have been blogging about Lenormand since I began reading Lenormand. Some of the blog posts on this website are edited, more detailed versions of posts I had on my first ever website.

9. Lenormand is my go-to method of divination for one-on-one readings. If I am reading strangers or performing a general reading, I always use a Lenormand Grand Tableau.

10. I am pro predictive divination; 100% #TeamPrediction 

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